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010 days agosangwhoopssangwhoops
Im looking for Kaito's Nendoroid ice cream peice!
010 days ago (10 days ago)blkmagik73blkmagik73
blkmagik73 (19 days ago) #17266967 BUMP
Hello Looking for following part from Macross Robotech Revoltech #084 VF1J. From the USA
Item # 21663 Only searching for the close fists

Thanks in advance
011 days ago (11 days ago)DribzDribz
Hello everyone! I'm not sure exactly how to go about this; if a comment will do, or if I need to make a post in the forums (I went ahead and made a forum post too). Anyway! I'm looking for Figma Satsuki's standard, unsheathed sword.

item #198355

I recently discovered the tip of the sword horribly bent (I suspect someone took her down off her shelf and dropped her), and I would be elated if I could get a replacement. I know this one's a bit more rare, so my chances are slim, but hey! If you're out there and willing to part with it, do let me know! Of course, I'm willing to pay for the replacement. Thank you!
014 days agotheend12theend12
item #61332
Hi does anyone that has used her for a custom or damaged her somehow have her green bracelet that you would be willing to part with. I lost it when I had a fire at my house last year and had to clean out the place very quickly.
015 days agoSunnyStagedSunnyStaged
Hello guys, I'm buying an extra pair of Ogre Arms if anyone's willing to part with them.US buyer.

item #144322
019 days agoNyaaa-Nyaaa-
My Lineage 2 Elf nendoroid item #54252 came with a missing L piece [ext link ]

BigInJapan says they don't have a replacement part. They say they contacted Orchid Seed and apparently they also don't have a replacement part.

Can someone here help me out?
019 days agoblkmagik73blkmagik73
Hello Looking for following part from Macross Robotech Revoltech #084 VF1J. From the USA

Item # 21663 Only searching for the close fists

Thanks in advance
026 days agofishupiefishupie
Hello! I'm looking for the following parts from NENDOROID PETITS! Please PM me if you have any of the following :) I am from Malaysia.

Item #98879 Everything except the face plate
Item #78291 Face plate, skirt and legs
Item #75955 Hair
Item #41793 Face plate
Item #167041 Glasses
Item #13784 Body

Thank you!
02 months agoLolimaiLolimai
In Search Of the following. Provided examples but willing to take anything with similarities.
Please PM me with pics or links of item listings you have =) I am in the USA.

Open mouth expression face plates

Unique hand poses (peace, pointing, holding cards, etc.)
item #160994
item #74006
- item #27613
[Bow and Arrow + hands]
- (mfc link)
- item #24824
- item #117907
- item #227038
[Sabers Sword]
- item #172
[Book Accessories & Hands]
- item #42036
Katanas & Swords w/ holster & hands
- item #287737
- item #3133
Kan'u Staff
- item #913
03 months ago (3 months ago)admiral_Kikanadmiral_Kikan
The other day i noticed my item #90185 nendoroids stands arm broke.I'm not even sure how it broke either. If anyone has a spare arm for the stand hit me up.

[ext link ]

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