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Do you prefer being a Split Host or a Split Participant?

  • 6.35%
    Split Host
  • 52.38%
    Split Participant
  • 14.29%
  • Neither!
  • 26.98%
    Don't care, as long as I can get my parts!

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4 years ago
and Jellie, for the Army-tan nendoroid, is her pre-order still open? *3* if she is, i'm interested in her hat, although it'll be conditional depending on the price. :)

She's still open for order at a few places, so a split is still doable, just not sure there would be enough takers to cover all the parts as of yet.
As for the price, it would be a tad more expensive than the regular release nendos because of being a proxy order and exclusive...

Is anyone interested in a Yoshika Miyafuji split? item #3143
I only want her hat. ^_^;

I actually really wanted to split her Swimsuit Ver. eventually item #30529,
but for obvious reasons I can see that split being entirely too lopsided :/
Don't think she has her hat in that version either...
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