The Shunya/Koto Bishoujo ClubThe Shunya/Koto Bishoujo ClubFor fans of Shunya Yamashita and Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Figures!

Welcome to the club for fans of Shunya Yamashita's series of bishoujo styled figures!

It all started with some Marvel heroines, then some from DC, and has now expanded to other realms such as movies and video games!

Join us as we celebrate Shunya Yamashita's amazing drawings and watch the awesome Kotobukiya turn them into 3D figures!

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01 month agoJetJockeyJetJockey
jessicoooooooo (2 months ago) #3518390REALLY hunting these for these bishoujos right now. (mfc link)
I'm looking to buy any of those for under $100, so if you're selling, I WILL BUY, IT'S A PROMISE!

Except for the two new ones, many of those are the early more expensive ones. Best bet is to hope for a re-release for many of them. Or find other statue collectors groups on Facebook that do trades from what I understand.
02 months agojessicoooooooojessicoooooooo
REALLY hunting these for these bishoujos right now. (mfc link)
I'm looking to buy any of those for under $100, so if you're selling, I WILL BUY, IT'S A PROMISE!
24 months ago (4 months ago)SkayeSkaye
Spider-Gwen confirmed for the bishoujo line on Koto's FB! Item: item #326916

Just take all my money already Koto geez
14 months agomintbunnymintbunny The Geeky Bunny
Glad to see new Bishoujo! Definitely looking forward to the new Harley Quinn!
05 months agoAstrid87Astrid87
If you want you can vote here your favorite MARVEL bishoujo :D (mfc link)
16 months ago (6 months ago)OffshoreKaijuOffshoreKaiju
[/img] Another 2 awesome bishoujos added to my collection! :)
08 months ago (5 months ago)jessicoooooooojessicoooooooo
I am IN LOVE with the koto bishoujo figures. I just bought my first, Shepard, and I'm so excited. Hopefully it's the first of many! \♥/ If anyone knows where I can get Mara Jade, Jaina Solo, or Liara let me know!
08 months agoseyrenwseyrenw
Nobody would like a line of Bishoujo - The King of Fighters ? I would love that!
09 months ago (9 months ago)SkayeSkaye
Lady Deadpool bishoujo teased on Koto's Facebook page (ext link). item #286579
011 months agomedusoidmedusoid
Pon_de_Julia (1 year ago) #2429511Hey everyone, I'm new here (to the club and MFC, though I've been lurking around before deciding to get an actual account).
I actually work for Kotobukiya (though I'm still a newb at the office). I actually set up this account for private use because I'm starting to get more into figure collecting (my poor wallet...).
Anyhow, I try to pass on all the messages, comments, concerns, critiques to the "boss" when I can.

Welcome! :)

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