The Shunya/Koto Bishoujo ClubThe Shunya/Koto Bishoujo ClubFor fans of Shunya Yamashita and Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Figures!

Welcome to the club for fans of Shunya Yamashita's series of bishoujo styled figures!

It all started with some Marvel heroines, then some from DC, and has now expanded to other realms such as movies and video games!

Join us as we celebrate Shunya Yamashita's amazing drawings and watch the awesome Kotobukiya turn them into 3D figures!

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01 day agoTurtle_TurtleTurtle_Turtle
(ext link)

New Tekken fighter!
Perfect for a bishoujo!
015 days agoOffshoreKaijuOffshoreKaiju
If koto. ever gets into the soul caliber series for this line, I'm going to have to get a bank loan!
01 month agohiyelohiyelo
Dazzler. Dazzler. DAZZLER!!!
01 month agovinnvannvinnvann
Turtle_Turtle (1 month ago) #2295025Which costume?
And would you want her to look sexy? Or really sexy?

of course this one
(ext link)

i dont really like her being ms marvel :p

and i want her look really sexy :p
01 month agoTurtle_TurtleTurtle_Turtle
vinnvann (1 month ago) #2294376koto please make a bishoujo of moonstone from thunderbolts ._.

Which costume?

And would you want her to look sexy? Or really sexy?
01 month agovinnvannvinnvann
koto please make a bishoujo of moonstone from thunderbolts ._.
01 month agoTurtle_TurtleTurtle_Turtle
Stormtrooper confirmed!!

I added a figure entry. First time doing that.
Hope I did it right: item #236326
01 month agoTurtle_TurtleTurtle_Turtle
Apparently there is a female stormtrooper bishoujo on the way. I'm down.

(ext link)
(ext link)
01 month agomintbunnymintbunny The Geeky Bunny
Turtle_Turtle (2 months ago) #2262154Poison from Street Fighter just revealed/announced! (item #235290)

And a variant Chun-Li! AHHH, Koto stop!!
02 months agoOffshoreKaijuOffshoreKaiju
Hello. I was just wondering about the limited edition Emma Frost diamond form figure I got. The figure itself is authentic, but the box it came in is the one the regular one comes in and does not have the limited edition status on it. It was N.I.B. and sealed, and I saw a review on YouTube that was the same as the one I got. I was just wondering why this is, and if anyone knows why some have the limited edition status on the box and others don't? Thanks

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