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5 years ago
After finally getting a chance to start watching a few shows this weekend, I can at least put up a small list:

Watching (alphabetical (I think?) order):
Haiyore! (Oh man this show, manages to make Lovecraft appeal again after my becoming a complete scaredy cat)
Legend of Korra (technically not anime but if Ohno is counting it so am I :B)
Nichibros (rushing through when I have a chance because I missed it last season :x)
Shining Bread (Hearts) (YAY BREAD)
Smile Precure (It always counts)

Almost everything else, eventually, maybe.

Heartcatch, Persona 4 (as BDs are released), iDOLM@STER (as BDs are released), Nadesico (still the best anime featuring robots), Azumanga Daioh

Every carry over show from last season.

On Hold:
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