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This club is for everyone who likes mixing nendoroid parts in order to make a completely new character.
Please feel free to share photos of your nendo mixes.
Leave the rest to your imagination :)

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!Attention! If you want your photos to be posted here please post links in discussion below

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06 months ago-Panda--Panda-
It's going to be expensive but...I'd do one of these for the hair... item #27638 item #549368 item #206809 item #396891 I'd say merge the bangs, and the hair but their not close enough colors so you pick out what hair you think is best for the eye's I'd use item #42028 item #59217 I think her eye's look really close I'd use this for her skirt... item #198350 I'd use this for her shirt item #72490 and if possible I'd use one of these for her legs (mfc link) here's the figure item #225343 or item #464639 well that's all bye!!
06 months agocjwine14cjwine14
I want to make a Kyouko Kirigiri nendoroid. anyone have any advice???? :)
01 year ago (1 year ago)crocatootcrocatoot
has anyone made Undertale characters? I want to Make Chara but am having trouble finding pieces, I already have the face but the rest i cant seem to find in a way that can be done with paint only which is odd given how simple chara looks
31 year agoWaterWater
warriorofdream (2 years ago) #5095077I want to ask sth is there any problem by mixing face plates from older nendoroid for example number 50-100 and put it into a new one like recent nendoroids? is it the same?

Everything from Nendoroid 300 forwards have a different head model, which requires an additional piece for the neck to stay in place. You can sometimes find pieces that will fit together old and new but it requires a little force and I'd hate for you to misshape your hairpiece and not be able to use it.
11 year agoFoolyDoolyFoolyDooly
Made this today! picture #1457745
02 years agoStarlightLoticeStarlightLotice
scandic_mist (2 years ago) #5453911Maybe Kogitsunemaru's face plate will work?

Not too sure as it's a more male like face. Thanks for the suggestion though!
22 years ago (2 years ago)scandic_mistscandic_mist
Since i dont have much nendos and nendo parts yet that's my little mix of what I have
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02 years agoscandic_mistscandic_mist
StarlightLotice (2 years ago) #5055634Hello everyone!
Does anyone know the best face plate for creating an Albino character?
I noticed a few characters with red eyes and white hair, but not very very pale skin (I guess one of the Kancolle characters may work but...I am sure I don't need glowing red eyes). A face with unique characteristics would be fantastic (as long as I can get a few that match the skin colour and eyes).
I am also thinking about a unique uniform for this albino.
Any advice? :3
P.S: Any faceplace of the "Love Eyes" and "Drooling Mouth" anywhere to be bought?

Maybe Kogitsunemaru's face plate will work?
02 years agowarriorofdreamwarriorofdream
I want to ask sth is there any problem by mixing face plates from older nendoroid for example number 50-100 and put it into a new one like recent nendoroids? is it the same?

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