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A club dedicated to all fans of Aisaka Taiga.


Thanks for joining!!

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01 year agokaname1304kaname1304
I just felt much obliged to join the club :3
02 years agomaximimonmaximimon Has gone Maverick
nice club i didnt know it existed!!
02 years agoKaichiKaichi ☆☆☆
Thanks for linking the photos!!
02 years agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
I linked many photos :) hope it helps ^^

anyone who ordered the nendos? I ordered the normal version and the sailor suit :)
02 years agoKaichiKaichi ☆☆☆
It seems we are going to have 3 versions of taiga nendoroid
standard: item #75278
dengeki exclusive smiling item #78415
chara hobby exclusive with sailor fuku item #78369
02 years agoAdamHeroKidAdamHeroKid
Thank you for the invite!
02 years agoMan-ThingMan-Thing
Thanks for the invitation. Taiga is one of my favorite heroines and the best role of seiyuu Rie Kugimiya.
02 years agogattsgatts
Taiga is the best!! <3
02 years agoSukiSuki
Thanks for the invite ^0^!!
Nice club, i love Taiga too <3
02 years agoKaichiKaichi ☆☆☆
Thank you all for joining!!!

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