Onna-no Kimono 女の着物Onna-no Kimono 女の着物Tight tradition

Fabulous kimonos on young girls.

Avatar girl is: Ume Monogatari item #148782


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04 days agoBloempjeBloempje Hunting my grails
011 months agoBloempjeBloempje Hunting my grails
Orderd Yuzuruha ^^ item #330951
11 year ago (1 year ago)DanteMagicaDanteMagica
All Kimono lovers please check out my latest post, it will make my day to get your approval lol
01 year agoBloempjeBloempje Hunting my grails
Eccmy (1 year ago) #6045799Bloempje, here are two potential additions to the club's list:
item #142040
item #204052

Thanks, linked :)
01 year agoEccmyEccmy
Bloempje, here are two potential additions to the club's list:
item #142040
item #204052
03 years agolulugirl122lulugirl122
Please add
item #132403
04 years agoTsunami3kTsunami3k
Woah, I just noticed that the club icon of Shiki is my photo of her. Sweet!

Onna-no Kimono 女の着物


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