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Favorite BRS series?

  • 30.21%
    Black Rock Shooter OVA
  • 8.33%
    Black Rock Shooter manga
  • 7.29%
    Black Rock Shooter PSP
  • 30.21%
    Black Rock Shooter anime
  • 23.96%
    All of the above

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5 years ago
The veil and the glasses were added. Just to give her more personality I guess.

I'm conflicted because TV did give more lore and back story to the other world, but I still don't get how yuu/strength aged this whole time.
Also kohachi was completely underutilized yet is on all the LE artwork.

My favorite part overall would have to be the OVA when they actually just meet and hang out for a year.

Also, you all should read black rock-chan, a 4-koma about black rock and strength being chibi and deadmaster looks after them.

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