Group Orders!Group Orders!Let's buy together! Also, Box Splits~

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*** Anyone is free to host a group order/split. Create a new thread for each one you plan to host in this format:

[1][2] 3
- 1. The country you're from. Use an abbreviation if possible. If you're willing to ship internationally, put an * after it.
- 2. Your username on mfc/tsuki-board.
- 3. The store you're ordering from, or the items you're ordering. Whatever's more appropriate.

An example: [USA*] [lilylace] figma Support Miku

*** You can hold a group order/split for anything you like and any site you like. Try and keep it related to this site, though.

*** It's okay to split a box of something you already own.

*** The rules of each order are to be determined by the person hosting. Be sure to read all of their rules before applying for a spot!

When creating your own set of rules, be sure to talk about applying for slots, the payment process, shipping, customs, and the like. Also, it might be a good idea to provide eBay feedback or something similar if you have it.

PLEASE make sure to post ALL applicable information (such as the possibility of additional customs costs, lost packages, etc.) Things are often out of our control, but communication is highly appreciated, as no one likes hidden costs or bad surprises.

*** When joining an order or split, please subscribe to the thread. It makes it a lot easier to communicate.

*** Respect other members and have fun! c:
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