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Ooh there are so many things out there! There are other hooks but they're kinda clunky and they aren't removable normally :P I prefer the 3M :D
Urgh! Too bad you can't lock Luke up! D: I would hate to have someone staying in my room unsupervised. My friend and her kids come in here but they know not to touch my stuff unless I say it's okay!!

Oh that's good! I didn't know about where you are but I think that's a similar case here. It's a really serious problem.

Yeh... I thought maybe about $20 or so but ugh, $35 for some light box and an extra strap tucked in??? That's ridiculous. Then again, if that's the only way to get stuff... T_T
Oddly enough the EMS was cheapest at $15, while SAL was the most expensive at $27... wtf? I hate the usage fee though, and i have no idea what the bank transfer fee was for, since Paypal converts it and I get billed for that too. And the usage fee is rather dumb, since I already paid for it with the actual items' prices. It was about $10 or so for their ground shipping to their company for both items... bleh. That's understood, but it does all add up.
I've yet to see any other Asch listed though and I've heard them going for $70 or more, so even though it cost an arm and a leg, if it arrives here safely, I'll be happy enough. I'll have to sell off the Vol 2 if I can though, but there are more popular characters in that box so maybe it won't be too much of a hassle.

Oh no!! I hope it stays up and running for a while longer!!!

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