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What is a group order?
A group order is literally what it sounds like: a group of people order things from a store together(usually one that we need to use a proxy to buy from, or one that has flat or expensive international shipping). By ordering in a group, we can save money, whether it's on proxy fees or shipping costs or other costly things.

What is a box split?
Some figures/phone charms/keychains/etc. are only sold in boxes together, and can't be bought individually. In a box split, the split host orders a box of such items, and then divides the items up for other people to take. That way, you don't have to buy a whole box of 12 characters when you really only wanted 1.

And it's so much cheaper to do it this way than buying them individually on eBay or at a convention for $20 a piece :P

What is "Group Orders!"?
Essentially, GO! is the place to go to if you want to host your own splits, split/sell boxes of items you already own, and/or order with others to reduce shipping costs.


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02 hours agoaaronthebearinaaronthebearin
already entered a go order, just need a invite
06 hours agoKingKing
may i have an invite? B-)
08 hours agoCorrupted-MirrorCorrupted-Mirror
Just curious because I'm hearing about these a lot lately but, what are group orders? It's probably a really dumb question to ask lol but I appreciate it if anyone can answer that for me 8)
01 day agoSaichiSaichi
Hi welcome to the club. :)
01 day agogreenbeangreenbean
Hi there! I'd be interested in joining the club.
02 days agoNightchangerNightchanger
Hey i am new the the forums here. how do Make my own forum to start up a split?

planning to do a magical girls soul gem split
04 days ago692718692718
Infell (4 days ago) #2634465Looking for a GO for these ^^
encyclopedia #77582

Try posting here (mfc link) :)
04 days agoInfellInfell
Looking for a GO for these ^^
encyclopedia #77582
011 days agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Anyone who has a strap of a tsundere character? Im most likely interested (no kirino tho!)
012 days agoSekhmetSekhmet Probably a Fangirl
Ruritto (12 days ago) #2616122Hi! Pretty new here so I cant be sure but I think it would be better if you posted on this thread about it
(mfc link)

Thanks! Just copied and pasted it there ^.^

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Group Orders!


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