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07 years agomememomememo Sale Hunter
LOL i knew that there was a WF club

foobarbaz has some great pictures of WF [ext link ]
08 years agosavesave
Less than 24 hours till WF, just got confirmation that I will have a dealer pass!!! Whoo Hoo!!! If there are any members from here that are going PM me and let's meet up.
08 years agoyakumoyakumo You said Nendo?
8 days left

im so exited ^_^
08 years ago (8 years ago)savesave
11 days till WF!!!!
08 years agoitachi377itachi377
Can't wait to see what new figures will be unveiled this summer.
08 years agoyakumoyakumo You said Nendo?
@Save: lucky you that you can enter earlier

so you also can cut in line haha
08 years ago (8 years ago)KaichiKaichi ☆☆☆
Thanks ~

I live in Japan but is my first year here.

And, I'm 13 years old.

Can I enter?
08 years agosavesave
Yakumo, usually Good Smile only let you buy two figures if they are exclusive you can how ever line up as many times as you want until they are all sold out.

I'll be attending, I can go with you to make sure you get there no problem usually I will have a press or dealers pass and will be inside about an hour before it starts.

Yeah I'll be on the hunt for items people usually request.

Not sure if you can buy it online. If you are coming to WF I can pick it up for you before you get here.
08 years agoKaichiKaichi ☆☆☆
I want to go this year.

Where I can buy the catalog online? ~
08 years ago (8 years ago)yakumoyakumo You said Nendo?
thanx for the answers save

so I might round up with no exclusives at all?
normally you see everyone leave with 1 to 4 pieces

im not into kits gladly

are you attending Wonfes?
maybe an idea to go together to wait in line?
(if you also hunt for Nendo/Figma limiteds that is)
08 years agosavesave
WF response part 2.

- Is there a dealer room?
There will be hundreds of garage kit tables, big company booths Kaiyodo, Megahouse, Good Smile (Bandai never attends WF) and there will also be large flea market area.

Bring water, comfortable summer cloths, fan and a small towel it is going to be really hot and humid. Many of the attendees will smell bad so beware.

If you plan to buy exclusive figures or toys be in line by at least 7am. If you are going to buy garage kits you should be in line the night before.

It is a every man for himself environment so don't be afraid to push through the crowd or bump into others without saying excuse me.

You can find more information on the event over at the site I work on.
[url=][ext link ][/url]
08 years ago (8 years ago)savesave
For yakumo ,

Here are my answers to your questions.

- Where is it held this year? (totally forgot the place)
It will be held for the first time at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, about a 40 min train ride from Tokyo station.

- Do you need to buy a ticket before the festival and if so where?
The ticket is actually a catalog that has maps, dealers, product and garage kit information for the event. I advise you to buy this book as soon as you get to Tokyo. You can buy it in Akihabara at most major hobby shops. If you buy it at the event it will be sold at the front of the entrance line which will at least be a mile long. There will be no line for the book but you will waste time walking back to the end of the line to get in, if you have the book already you can line up to enter as soon as you get off the train.

End of part 1 response see part 2.
08 years agoZetsubo-sanZetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do...
Good luck Yakumo nii-san! :D
Post pics of the stuff that you get.
08 years agoyakumoyakumo You said Nendo?
yeah im there for almost 4 weeks
im going to Tokyo for 3 weeks and to Kyoto for 1 week

and I hope I can get the Limited Nendoroid and figma that they are selling there this year
08 years agokumasanmkkumasanmk
I changed the name to make it fit the next events ^^;
So you'll go to Japan next summer, that's great.
08 years agoyakumoyakumo You said Nendo?
Hey everybody,

Im a noob when it comes to conventions
and I have a few questions because coming july I will attend Wonderfest

here are my questions.

- Where is it held this year? (totally forgot the place)

- Do you need to buy a ticket before the festival and if so where?

- Is there a dealer room?

thanx in advance

if some people also have questions you can post them also here

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