Pretty with Pink HairPretty with Pink Hairn/a

For fans of girls with pink hair! :D

Maybe you like the color pink or maybe you just think it looks nice on characters! ^_^

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02 years agoKawaiiCandyKawaiiCandy
THIS is where I belong! I love collecting any character with pink but especially pink haired figures!
02 years agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Ahh totally forgot about this xlub.

Damn where do I start? First off all my louises XD then i got pangya lucia and lineage dwarf plus kanAki aria (tho she leans more to rouge or orange)
Megachu fauna as well
04 years ago (4 years ago)DJnickbetaDJnickbeta
Just got this pink-haired beauty in the post a few days ago. I think she definitely fits the bill for this club!
05 years agojd-collectionjd-collection
item #91344

what about her? ^^
05 years agoitsame00itsame00
Bitches! Y u no put Inori?!

Yuzuriha Inori - item #78618
05 years agoitsame00itsame00
AOS-omfg..... Yuno Gasai....

Where mothafucka?!
05 years agoZawaZawa
Pink hair is awesome :3
05 years agoJitterroJitterro
AOS-omfg..... Yuno Gasai....

They'd better make figures of her @_@
05 years ago (5 years ago)SagaOtakuSagaOtaku
I think These belong in this club ^^
Milhiore F. Biscotti:


Miyuki Takara:


Yutaka Kobayakawa:

Mizuho Kazami:

Kono Harumi:



Also Join Ö3Ö I love pink hair
06 years agoStalkingStalking Loli hunter
Okay, I have a lot of things to add here:
item #39543
item #10897
item #22230
item #738
item #5362

And so many more e.e

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Pretty with Pink Hair


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