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02 months ago (2 months ago)ipwnboyzipwnboyz
Hi guys! I'm currently looking to buy those figure boxes.
item #42230
item #46174
item #107499
item #1318
Please send me a PM if you are selling them. Thanks! :)
04 months agowlagnerwlagner
Hello, I'm looking for three boxes: Revoltech Yamaguchi 100 (eva 01) Revoltech Yamaguchi 106 (mark.06) and Revoltech Yamaguchi SP (eva 04) I would love to have them individually since I purchased the two packs and they look odd in my shelf. I'm just looking for the boxes, not the blisters.
04 months agoMonkeynekobuttMonkeynekobutt
I am looking for Good Smile Company Lucy Heartfilia's box and blister, I want it really bad because I bought the figure without and I adore figure boxes XD (will pay a bit more if necessary)
05 months agoAgent_JAgent_J
In an attempt to regain control of the workshop side of my garage (mfc link) I bought some steel office cupboards. I took the figurine box out of the shipping box & put it in the cupboard/s & trashed the shipping boxes.
(mfc link)
(mfc link)
(mfc link)
(mfc link)
010 months agoDekaShunDekaShun
Thanks for the invite; I haven't been on much lately, but this seems like an interesting club. I don't know if I like boxes themselves, but I definitely prefer them w/my figures to complete the experience.
011 months agoNaku-ChanNaku-Chan
Anyone have a Higurahi Angel mort rena box?
01 year agobakaidiotbakaidiot
Anyone selling the Figma saber lily or Figma black rock shooter (original) box?
Message me! :)
01 year agoakosikelvinakosikelvin
How do you take care of MISB collection? is it really get sticky and oily by time? or you can prevent it? Thanks in advance.
01 year agoHeroQuestHeroQuest
I sell my collection, pm for info.
11 year agoAstearicaAstearica
I keep every single one of my boxes in my room! I put them inside cabinets/cardboxes to avoid dusts.. I even clean the boxes regularly XD

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