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014 days agowlagnerwlagner
Hello, I'm looking for three boxes: Revoltech Yamaguchi 100 (eva 01) Revoltech Yamaguchi 106 (mark.06) and Revoltech Yamaguchi SP (eva 04) I would love to have them individually since I purchased the two packs and they look odd in my shelf. I'm just looking for the boxes, not the blisters.
015 days agoMonkeynekobuttMonkeynekobutt
I am looking for Good Smile Company Lucy Heartfilia's box and blister, I want it really bad because I bought the figure without and I adore figure boxes XD (will pay a bit more if necessary)
01 month agoAgent_JAgent_J
In an attempt to regain control of the workshop side of my garage (mfc link) I bought some steel office cupboards. I took the figurine box out of the shipping box & put it in the cupboard/s & trashed the shipping boxes.
(mfc link)
(mfc link)
(mfc link)
(mfc link)
06 months agoDekaShunDekaShun
Thanks for the invite; I haven't been on much lately, but this seems like an interesting club. I don't know if I like boxes themselves, but I definitely prefer them w/my figures to complete the experience.
07 months agoNaku-ChanNaku-Chan
Anyone have a Higurahi Angel mort rena box?
08 months agobakaidiotbakaidiot
Anyone selling the Figma saber lily or Figma black rock shooter (original) box?
Message me! :)
010 months agoakosikelvinakosikelvin
How do you take care of MISB collection? is it really get sticky and oily by time? or you can prevent it? Thanks in advance.
01 year agoHeroQuestHeroQuest
I sell my collection, pm for info.
11 year agoAstearicaAstearica
I keep every single one of my boxes in my room! I put them inside cabinets/cardboxes to avoid dusts.. I even clean the boxes regularly XD
01 year agoDavid_McnabDavid_Mcnab
I used to keep every one of my boxes, but ever since the massive clean-out, I have started to keep only the ones I really like. Some are just too bland and some way too big, but others went together with the figures I threw away - am I a murderer? :P

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