Armored GirlsArmored GirlsBeauty within the shell

For the fans of beautiful girls clad in armours, wearing shield and helmets, Saber-like armour dresses and sexy tiny armours.

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15 years agoWhiteIndexWhiteIndex
erza from fairy tail guild.
15 years agoVisualFanfareVisualFanfare Macross Fanatic
Here's another one: item #105036
05 years agoSeleniaSelenia
Hey, I finished an armor girl recently :) (mfc link)
06 years ago (4 years ago)-Sia--Sia-
06 years agoAOS-AOS-
Gift's Saber Lily and Solidworks' Alter Saber.


06 years agoDimitryDimitry
О! Отличная идея и тема для клуба! 8)
Wow! Excellent idea and theme for the club!
06 years agogeckosgeckos
Welcome to the club!
Links to related items would be appreciated ^^

Armored Girls


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