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08 months agoMieziMiezi
Sakamoto-san and Hakase my favourite Characters!
I love the Scene with the Super Glue xDD
05 years agoeviljackspicereviljackspicer
I really, REALLY hope that this anime gets picked up.
05 years agotwo_handtwo_hand
ditto XD

Nayachi (5 years ago) #918839I want Yukko and Mai nendo .__.
05 years agoZukin-ManZukin-Man
No complaints here, Nano was awesome. I even bought that blue OBK shirt she wore in the series from FAKKU!
05 years ago (5 years ago)MuppizMuppiz
Is it just me, or is Nano getting all the figures first? I mean, there's already a nendoroid, petanko and sega figure... (it'sprobablybecauseshe'sawesomejhjgjhghhj)
05 years agoMuppizMuppiz
Nayachi (5 years ago) #918839I want Yukko and Mai nendo .__.
What about Mio? XD
05 years agoNayachiNayachi
I want Yukko and Mai nendo .__.
05 years agoHenu-kunHenu-kun
nano nendoroid ordered 8D <3 can't wait when hakase comes <3
05 years agoKazeNoBlastKazeNoBlast
Can't stop watching part 65 from episode 16 X^D
05 years agoMuntoeMuntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・人・...
Thanks for the invite, Hakase is the cutest <3

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