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View spoilerHide spoilerShirotsume Souwa -Episode of the Clovers- 2002/07/05

Quartett! 2004/04/23

Littlewitch Romanesque 2005/07/29

Rondo Leaflet 2007/01/26

Period 2007/12/21
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Seiken no Fairies 2009/03/27
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Sugar Coat Freaks 2010/01/29
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Eiyuu Senki Spring 2012
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01 year agoNana_ChigusaNana_Chigusa
I'm searching for Oyari Ashito Stuff. Doujin, Artbooks and Stuff. If you want to get rid of anything please contact me!
02 years agolaurenk418laurenk418
item #148632 needs adding.
02 years agolaurenk418laurenk418
HeroQuest (2 years ago) #1381873I sell my collection, pm for info.
Why on earth would you post that here? you have absolutely nothing oyari ashito related whatsoever in your collection. Wrong place to advertise, buddy.
02 years agoHeroQuestHeroQuest
I sell my collection, pm for info.
02 years agolaurenk418laurenk418
so does item #142749
02 years agolaurenk418laurenk418
item #143065 needs adding
02 years agoTaralenTaralen Sinbad Hoarder
Fans of Oyari Ashito, I just wanted to let you guys know that he has a DeviantArt page: (ext link)

Send any compliments or wishes to him there! 8)
02 years agolaurenk418laurenk418
item #141135 + item #141136 need adding.

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