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Hi I started this club so that people could discuss the shops and sites they use to buy figures. Please add a new discussion for the shop/site you want to talk about since it will make it easier for other people to find information on this shop/site in the future.

Please leave appropriate feedback for stores here:

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This club is dedicated to web based anime/figure ...ect shops for physical ("brick and mortar") stores please visit Local Shopping Guides

Update: We are updating/editing all first posts on threads to provide more uniform/detailed information on each entry featured and removing the poll section as feedback can now be left for each shop in our MFC shop section. (mfc link)

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014 days agodarkmieldarkmiel
Can anyone living in asia tell me if it's worth paying a small amount more for air small packet vs using reg SAL? I used to use EMS but the increase in price + currency exchange right now is really hurting my wallet. SAL is disgustingly slow to me (too spoiled by ems >_>) and air packet is only like a dollar+ more for shorter shipping time (so says amiami). Any comments?
027 days ago (27 days ago)Porgo0Porgo0
If someone can send me a sh figuarts Omegamon + shf Wargreymon for ~110€( inclusive shipping to Germany) please contact me
Would prefer a eBay transaction...
01 month ago (1 month ago)HoppouHoppou
Question answered, thanks!
01 month ago (1 month ago)SekhmetSekhmet Probably a Fangirl
How can I leave feedback for a proxy service? Place is zenmarket. They don't have a slot under the stores list like some other proxies do and I don't know if they should go there/how to add them or if they should just have a thread dedicated to them in the forums.
Derp on me. Never mind...
01 month agoPorgo0Porgo0
Anyone knows some action figure shop's in Italy (Jesolo)?
01 month agoYoakeYoake
I was wondering if BBTS gets the usual 1-3 month delay on their GSC products. I notice they note the delay for things from Alter and other companies, but have the GSC estimated release month on GSC products. Thank you!
01 month agoPorgo0Porgo0
BloodFlower (1 month ago) #11001949Does anyone know if Big Bad Toy Store are able to undervalue packages? I know they have a gift option but can't find anything on undervaluing.

Well I asked them and No :/

"Thank you for contacting us! Several international customers request their items be shipped as a 'gift' to lessen the burden of import tax. There is a setting in your BBTS account where you can instruct us to ship your items declared as a 'Gift' for customs purposes. While this may help to minimize customs taxes and duties, some customs offices and countries will still add taxes to the box even if it is labeled as a gift. Please check with your local post office or government center for exact information on the tax rates and the rules they use to apply taxes in your country. We do apologize for any taxes incurred by ordering from BBTS, but we also are not liable for them so please do be prepared to pay import taxes. By law, we are required to declare the actual value of the products purchased on all customs paperwork and therefore we are not be able to under declare any shipments."
01 month agoadmiral_Kikanadmiral_Kikan
Never signed up to getchu, but tried today. I keep getting an error which i presume has to do with my name. Can anyone help? Haven't run into any issues beforw with other sites. >_>
01 month agoNanohaForeverNanohaForever
4Arnd (1 month ago) #11121313Never done Mandarake auctions, but if there is anything to go by from their shops, sometimes it can take a few days to get a response from them. May be worth posting the question in the actual Mandarake thread too. (mfc link)

Thanks, I actually received a response from them a few hours later thankfully.
01 month agoKirito-donoKirito-dono
Hi guys,
please PM me if you are selling Nanase Haruka Bath Defo, with pictures and price.
Thank you very much! :)

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