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Hi I started this club so that people could discuss the shops and sites they use to buy figures. Please add a new discussion for the shop/site you want to talk about since it will make it easier for other people to find information on this shop/site in the future.

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03 days agoSekhmetSekhmet Probably a Fangirl
I saw someone else had asked this question but there was no answer so I thought I'd ask here instead. For animate JP, how do they handle an order with in stock items and pre-order items? Are they like amiami (keep until all are in stock) or do they ship the items as they are available?
04 days agoReizumoReizumo
Weeacvnt (8 days ago) #6325624Big in Japan isn't replying to any of my e-mails.
Does anyone else have this problem?

I decided to cancel all my orders with BiJ before Christmas and requested that they close my account.
It took 4 emails, keep trying is all I can say!
08 days agoWeeacvntWeeacvnt Redhead Enthusiast
Big in Japan isn't replying to any of my e-mails.

Does anyone else have this problem?
09 days ago (9 days ago)SerpentyleTorcSerpentyleTorc
Does anyone know this shop? (ext link)
I don't know whether it's safe to use.
023 days agoyuebingyuebing
Hi, a question for my fellow collectors, do any of you know if there's a reputable proxy service for American shops?
029 days agovash109vash109
Hello fellow collectors I do understand that there is a shop post with information about the different shops but I was unable to find this one and they have a figure on stock that I wanted, my question would be do you think that is a legit shop? would I be scammed shopping on it? I do need your awesome experience feedback, thank you very much beforehand!!!

The shop in question is as follows: (ext link)
01 month agomegatonabombmegatonabomb
FoolishConnor (2 months ago) #4837896Anyone heard of Is it reliable, and do they ship to the US? (Everything's in Japanese and even with page translation it's still very confusing.)

Just looking at the info on scamadvisor, I'd say it's definitely not legit. The site owner is "asd df" with a street address of "dfds dfd dfdf, dfsd dsfsd"... (ext link)
02 months agobrightapplebrightapple
Hi, does anyone know when you receive money through PayPal under friends and families, will you be charged for PayPal fees on selling items? Mine is a Singapore PayPal account and I wanted to recieve money from an Europe user.
Also, will the currencies auto convert to USD or will it be in the currencies you received?
Thank you!
02 months ago (2 months ago)amy616amy616 Let's DANCE
FoolishConnor (2 months ago) #4902006

If they're fake site they will probably steal your credit card info and not send you anything...
02 months agoFoolishConnorFoolishConnor
amy616 (2 months ago) #4901915I was searching for some items and came across this site. I had a lot of doubts since the item I'm looking for has been sold out for quite some time. So I decided to do some search on them and I am pretty certain it's not legitimate site, or even if it was it is not reliable. When you search for the website you don't get any relevant search results, like when you search Amiami you get all these results from Amiami but q-toy doesn't do that. I also found someone in Japan asking for the authenticity of this website and the reply was it looks like fake; the text is mixture of Japanese and Chinese.
Yeah, I wanted to buy a To Love Ru keychain set, and conveniently found the entire set on Q-Toy. It claimed it came with the 10, plus the extra 11th that was only a Hobby Stock exclusive. It said there were like, 13 available, even though they're sold out on every other website. [Rare item + Insane Quantity + Exclusive from a different website = Not legit for me.] Too bad though. I'm sorta interested in knowing what they'd send you though. But I guess the website is really bad because it's not even loading when I'm going to it now.

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