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5 days ago
Senya (13 days ago) #29088616hi! for purchases on otamart, for example if buy 2 or 3 items from the same page, I pay 300 yen for item?

Yes. [ext link ]
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5 days ago
lightningmaid (5 days ago) #29436321Laurelin (1 month ago) #28145996I can use another proxy service, same price and same fees, but with an official account for otamart, a lot of positive feedbacks and a super fast service. Same price.

May I ask which other proxy service you use for Otamart?

Sure, I'll write you a pm! :)

Senya (13 days ago)hi! for purchases on otamart, for example if buy 2 or 3 items from the same page, I pay 300 yen for item?

If you buy multiple items from the same ad/page no, you'll pay just 300 yen, if you buy multiple items from the same seller but different ads, yes, you'll pay 300 yen for each page!

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4 days ago
I mentioned before about how they were a bit slow after I put in my order. I think it took a week for them to register my item as having shown up.

I used them for yahoo auctions and surugaya for a couple of tapestries. I had them shipped by RSAL small packet, and shipping time took like 2-3 weeks. Pretty standard for the few packages that I've had sent with SAL. Tapestries came in their original plastic bag I think, and they added some bubble wrap taped together around the tapestries' plastic cover. They fit pretty snugly in the package, which was nice.

I think I prefer how they have payment fees up front and they ask for a domestic shipping estimate from sellers on yahoo auctions. The 300 yen commission per item is pretty fair, although they do charge a small amount if your item ships via small packet and the listed price of all items is above 6k yen. I think I had like 6.2k yen worth and they added a 2 yen fee for insurance above the 6k yen that you can get back from Japan post if something goes wrong. Yahoo auctions is easy to use through them. There were pretty slow at marking my item as received, while putting my items together after I instructed it on their site took a couple of days. Shipping after I paid their shipping quote was pretty fast though. I'm not complaining about how long they took, though..I wasn't particularly needing to get my stuff quickly (also why I chose SAL).

I'd probably use them again if I needed to proxy something on the cheaper end. Maybe for more expensive stuff, but I don't see that happening for me anytime soon.
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