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♢Otamart (オタマート) is an "otaku" flea market app, and now a desktop based site available only in Japan. In order to purchase, you need a proxy (unless you live in Japan), which shouldn't stray you away from shopping here, since sellers usually sell their things really cheap! Aside from selling merchandise, sellers can also sell their custom items, such as bracelets, earrings, etc... through the Made to Order category. I guess if you were to compare, Otamart is kind of like a smaller version of carousell or storenvy?

I also wanted to share a small and quick rough translation of both the PC site & the mobile app, for anyone who may be interested in shopping there. The site + app is really easy to navigate, so I'm sure even if one doesn't know Japanese, they can find their way around it. I've added a few translations below for anyone interested though.

*Note this post is best viewed on a PC.
*Everything is behind a spoiler since there are many pictures.
*You can only download the app in the Japanese app store, but you can find an APK by making a quick google search.

View spoilerHide spoiler♢Things to note:
-In order to communicate with a seller, you add COMMENTS on the item page. I assume this is so the transaction will go smoothly without any issues.
-You must create an account in order to click on items you are interested in.
-Again, you must live in Japan in order to buy from this app. If you don't, you need a PROXY.
-Search items in Japanese! English & romaji will NOT work here.

♢After downloading the app, you'll be greeted by this page that will ask you to select the things you want to see on your main feed:

♢Since I chose BL, now my main feed will have only BL, unless I slide to the next categories:
These are the rest of the categories:
View spoilerHide spoiler

♢Create an account by tapping on MY PAGE:

♢Here's how the search category functions:

♢After searching an item, on top it will ask you the following:

♢This is for Japan only, so feel free to skip over this cap if you're not able to sell in Japan:

I hope I covered a few of the basics for the mobile app. The mobile app is only convenient for searching and watching items, since you can't directly purchase them (unless you live in Japan). The icons on the app are pretty self explanatory, but I hope looking at my caps helped you browse easier.

♢I recommend looking at this part of the tutorial if you'll be using a proxy.
View spoilerHide spoiler♢It will make your proxy's job easier, if you can send them the PC link to the item you're interested in.
♢You can finally login through a PC and even order items since the implemented the comment function as well.
♢Below I've added an English translation of the Kana.
♢Below the spoiler I have added a translated list of the subcategories:
View spoilerHide spoiler
♤グッズ: Goods
すべてのグッズ (Show all goods)
アニメ/マンガ/ゲームグッズ (anime/manga/game goods)
アイドルグッズ (idol goods)
声優グッズ (Seiyuu goods)

♤フィギュア/プラモデル(プラモ): Figure/Plastic Models
すべてのフィギュア/プラモデル(プラモ) (Show all figures)
フィギュア (Figures)
コレクション/食玩 (Collection/RE-MENT)
ドール (Dolls)
プラモデル(プラモ) (Plastic Models)
その他 (Other)

♤カード: Cards
すべてのカード (Show all Cards)
トレーディングカードゲーム(トレカ) (Trading Card Game)
アーケードゲームカード (Arcade Game Card)
コレクションカード (Collection Card)
デッキケース (Deck Case)
スリーブ (Sleeves)
プレイマット (Play Mats)
その他 (Other)

♤本: Books
すべての本 (Show all Books)
マンガ (Manga)
小説/ライトノベル(ラノベ) (Novels/Light Novels)
同人誌 (Doujinshi)
雑誌/ムック (Magazines/Mooks)
設定資料集/イラスト集 (Cels/Illustration Collections)
写真集 (Photo Albums)
その他 (Other)

♤ゲーム: Games
すべてのゲーム (Show all Games)
ゲーム機/周辺機器 (Game
ゲームソフト (Game Software)
ボードゲーム (Board Games)
アーケードゲーム (Arcade Games)
その他 (Other)

すべてのDVD/Blu-ray (Show all)
ドラマ (Drama CD)
映画 (Movies)
ライブ映像 (Live Videos)
コスプレ (Cosplay)
特撮 (Special Effects)
その他 (Other)

すべてのCD (Show all CDs)
アニメOP/ED/挿入歌 (anime OP/ED)
ゲーム音楽 (Game)
同人音楽 (Dojin)
アイドル (Idol)
声優 (Seiyuu)
ドラマCD (Drama CD)
特撮音楽 (Special Effects)
その他 (Other)

♤コスプレ: Cosplay
すべてのコスプレ (Show all Cosplay)
衣装一式 (Outfits)
衣装 (Costumes)
ウィッグ (Wigs)
靴(ブーツ) (Shoes)
アクセサリー (Accessories)
小道具 (Props)
アメニティ (Ameneties)
撮影機材 (Photography Equipment)

♤スマホ/PC関係: Smart Phones/ PCs/Laptops
すべてのスマホ/PC関係 (Show all)
スマホケース/スマホアクセサリ (Accessories)
音楽プレイヤー (Music Player)
デジタルカメラ (Digital Camera)
その他 (Other)

♤チケット: Tickets (concerts/events)
すべてのチケット (Show all)
アニメ/マンガ/ゲーム関係 (Anime/Manga/Game)
アイドルライブ (Idol)
声優ライブ (Seiyuu Live)
コスプレイベント (Cosplay events)
特撮イベント (Live Action/Specical Effects Events)
その他 (Other)

♤オーダーメイド: Made to Order items
すべてのオーダーメイド (Show all)
イラストオーダー (Illustration order)
その他 (Other)

♤その他: Other
すべてのその他 (Show all)
アニメ/マンガ/ゲーム関係 (Anime/Manga/Game)
アイドル関係 (Idol)
声優関係 (Seiyuu)
BL (Yaoi/Shounen Ai)
同人 (Doujinshi)
その他 (Other)

♢Terms to note when looking at a listing:
View spoilerHide spoiler♤新品 (NEW)
♤配送料の負担 (Shipping Charges) & 出品者負担 (The seller pays the shipping. So free domestic shipping within Japan)
♤発送元の地域 (Shipping Location)
♤配送日の目安 (Arrival Time)
♤発送元の地域 (Shipping Location)
♤発送元の地域 (Shipping Location)
♤発送元の地域 (Shipping Location)
Important to note:
♤手数料 (Handling Fees)
♤送料 (+ Shipping)
♤バラ売り (This term is used on whether the items in a listing will be sold separately or not; if the seller does not want to sell the items individually, then it will say バラ売りはありません or バラ売りはしない or バラ売りは不可)
♤タグ (Tags- this will make your life easier, so if you know the name of the series or character, click on it and it'll show all items that are available)

I hope this sparked interest to anyone who's looking for a new second hand shop!
Feel free to ask any questions. I apologize if I translated anything wrong. I'm not fluent, so there will be mistakes.

Follow otamart on twitter: [ext link ]

Thanks & have fun!☆彡

♢Seems like Otamart & From Japan have teamed up! If you use the PC site, you'll probably notice this when you click on a listing:

View spoilerHide spoiler
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