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Quotekawaii_erza (11 months ago) #17384783what is the best proxy to use for otamart? i can't really use my main proxy since he dont take otamart since says its confusing so if anyone knows one please let me know (i'm new with this otamart)
FromJapan- 300 or 700 yen service plan (they charge PER seller)
They're response time is pretty fast. Got a response within less than 10 hours. I think it might've been 5 hours, but don't remember exactly.

Zen Market - 300 yen per order (basically per seller)
zen market gives first time customers a free 300 yen

White Rabbit Express - It's a per item+per seller +percentage of total purchase fee
There's a review on the middlemen thread. They are the most expensive as far as I know. - a % of your purchase depending on how much you spend. $5/$25, 20%/$25-$49, 15%/$50-$99, 10%/$100-$249, 5%/$250+
Probably best for purchasing from lots of sellers at once. They charge their commission based on each time you submit a list and pay for it. As long as you haven't paid for it yet, you can still increase and add to your order and lower the commission fee. This is a newer/smaller proxy that just opened in 2016

Thank yo so much, this helps me a whole lot

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