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3 months ago
kwanyeung20 (3 months ago) #25189658fuwacchi (3 months ago) #25060496hello there! I have been buying from otamart using forwarding service for months and I would like to block some racist sellers on the site! anyone knows how to block sellers on otamart?

Some of them could be really racist and I want to make sure I don't buy from them anymore

Thank you!

UPDATE: it's alright now. Thanks!

I'm trying to use otamart, but I am worried they don't accept international credit card like yahoo auction. Did you use credit card for payment? Thanks

I'm not fuwacchi. But I've brought from Otamart using a Japanese forwarding address. By the way, you can block a user by going to the user's profile page, look for the gears menu and then click "このユーザーをブロックする" (Block this user). The person can't contact you and their results won't show up in your searches; [ext link ]

Anyhow, Otamart does accept US Visa / Mastercard cards. It accepted my Paypal Debit Mastercard. It does not accept Paypal without using the card. For those who have forwarders who will pay convenient store payments, Otamart will accept those too.

However the bigger problems with foreigners buying on Otamart isn't the payment but communication issues. A lot of listings require you to leave a comment before buying. Sellers want you to leave a comment, so they can check out your profile. Even after buying, sellers will contact you to see if you understand aspects of the sale before shipping the item. For new or low feedback buyers, sellers will heavily scrutinize your profile information. If a Japanese seller thinks that your Japanese sounds strange ("こちらの日本語がおかしかった"), they will refuse to sell to you, cancel the transaction if you already paid, and if you get reported enough for "strange Japanese" Otamart will ban you. Some sellers will state on their profile, "Will not sale to people who can't understand Japanese properly".

What I learned buying on Otamart market is: Being a successful buyer (Japanese or foreign) on Otamart, relies on having a nicely worded Japanese profile (English or bad Japanese can cause sellers to block you), being able to use and understand basic keigo ("敬語")/ honorific Japanese, reading and follow seller's rules on their profile pages, paying quickly, having a Japanese shipping address (most sellers will refuse to ship outside Japan), and leaving feedback quickly. It also helps if you are a female. I've ran into many sellers who refuse to sell to men; even if the men are Japanese. Some sellers explicitly state on their profile, "Will not sell to men". The funny thing is 9 times out of 10, they were BL sellers.

If you are really interested in buying on Otamart without a proxy, you really have to commit to learning how to use your Japanese appropriately. Using bad Japanese can cause some nervous risk adverse sellers to cancel or block you. The good thing about Otamart is that buyer's/seller's pre-sale comments are public on the app. So you can read and study them to help you communicate better on the site. Also really take the time to create a good short profile. Again, take the time to view other members profiles to get an idea of how to do this. Generally a good profile will list the user's favorite characters/anime/games, the items they like to collect, their payment method, if they are over the age of 20 ( "社会人です",basically means you are a working adult), note how fast they pay (otamart recommends paying within 72 hours), and has a profile banner/avatar pictures.
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