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xxnickiyxx (3 months ago) #25246731kwanyeung20 (3 months ago) #25226920thanks for your detailed review here!
My Japanese is about N2 level and did an internship in Japan so I have written business japanese email before. Theoretically it "should not" be a problem, but it is still very discouraging as my Japanese is nowhere close to perfect. And actually I am just happen to be a fudanshi so your another comment on BL stuff that those fujoshi refused to sell BL stuff to man is also very discouraging. I hope that's not the majority of the sellers out there, but based on your experience I will refrain from using otamart unless I really have to. I mean come on, fujoshi is always complaining that traditional male otaku only likes moe stuff, but now they are judging men who like BL that's just ridiculous

Personally I would say that it depends VERY much on the seller. I am barely N5 and my comments are always along the ''こんにちは初めまして。このアイテムを買いたいです。可能ですか?私はプロフィールを読んだ。考慮してくださいよろしくお願いします。'' aka everything but fluent. I've had people immediately create a page for me and I've had people straight out ignore me (While creating pages for other people) Also sellers that suddenly bring up requirements to buy a certain item, that aren't listed in the original sales post. Along the lines of 'I prioritize people that buy more items' on sales posts that haven't had a reply in 3 months. So it can be EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEMLY hit or miss depending on the seller.

It might be interesting to start creating a list of anti-gaijin sellers to avoid? So at least MFC users know who to avoid?

Haha your japanese made my day (jk!) :)
I don't know. I mean personally I understand nobody wants to deal with someone who cannot speak ANY Japanese, but ignoring or even reporting them just because of bad or non-native Japanese sounds very rude to me. But at the end of the day, they do have the freedom to choose whom to sell to, and most Japanese are subtle. The fact that they create additional requirements for you just hints that they do not want to sell it to you without being rude. Ignoring is the worst. It is still discouraging, but hey! thinking it optimistically makes you want to improve your Japanese, so nobody knows you are a gaijin :p

The list is definitely an interesting idea though.
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