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yuu12riku (7 days ago) #29501277Hanako_Yamaguchi (7 days ago) #29495071Has someone had any experience of buying on Otamart without the use of proxy and using a forwarding address? I know a little Japanese and I could try and talk with sellers myself.Yep, I've done it several times and it was successful. As long as you comment with keigo and good grammar I think.I'd also like to add that communication is very important, especially during the transaction. Some sellers would really like for you to reply to each and every updates to them, from the acceptance of your offer to buy until the very earliest delivery of the item. But some sellers are pretty okay with you not replying to them.

I once got an 'ordinary' rating because I didn't reply to the seller once, it was after she told me that she shipped my items. But I did report about receiving it later on and even gave her an 'excellent' rating :\

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