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YuRiPa (1 month ago) #27842811Does anyone has experience with estimated shipping quotes when you pre-order that are too high? Want to pre-order item #549644 but the EMS shipping says 5000 JPY, which seems a bit much (certainly because item #235633 was only 4600 or sth for EMS when I got her from AmiAmi). Since I would have to pay immediately for this Miku since she is exclusive and all, will BiJ reimburse the money that you paid too much on shipping or will they just charge 5000 and take the extra profit? :P

They'll keep it. I've wrote them when I noticed, the first 1-2 times they refunded and then they didn't reply anymore. Like nendos they ship for 480-580¥ with sal, but you always pay 680¥.

But since I'm from europe and it doesn't get caught by customs I just suck it up. The alternative, Nippon yasan, is worse, they charge 1080¥ for shippping one nendo.
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