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1 month ago
Sparxxors (1 month ago) #27886418
Chances are, they won't insure anything that's not declared. If for example, you have a 10k yen package sent via EMS and they marked 5k yen, they can only reimburse you for the declared value of 5k yen. If you have the same 10k yen package sent via small packet SAL/airmail, you're only insured for up to 6k if they declare it that high. BiJ isn't known for their great customer service, so I doubt they'd reimburse you for more than what was marked on the customs invoice if they undervalue and something goes wrong.

NY seems to MAJORLY undervalue (like 2k yen for 10k yen item) so you end up having to show a receipt for the full amount while customs holds the item. With BiJ, I don't know if they'll listen to your request or just undervalue whatever they feel like. But if you want it undervalued, try asking them to undervalue to an amount that you think would be reasonable but cheaper for customs duties.

Rikudou (1 month ago) #27936791
In my experience, Big in Japan does a little what they want themselves. I asked for X amount in yen from them and they just never get the amount asked right.

I just ordered item #549644 from them (can't wait to get her) and I won't ask them to undervalue I think. Though maybe a little bit. Even with full import duties she's still (quite a lot) cheaper than when I would buy her in Europe. Just hope BiJ won't undervalue without me asking for it. :-)

Just curious what they'll do with the shipping cost though, since in my order confirmation e-mail they say these costs are an estimate (at 2 kg, no clue what they think a figure wil weigh :P) and might be adjusted up and down, implying they would have to reimburse the amount you paid too much for shipping. Easiest would be if they would just have a (somewhat) flat shipping rate like most European stores and the GSC store or just charge shipping when the item is released. :)

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