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14 days ago
Cloudy_Cat (14 days ago) #29343063How long does it take for BiJ to invoice you if you send in a forwarding ticket after the item arrives at their warehouse/place? I ended up submitting the ticket the day after the package arrives, and I'm kinda nervous since I haven't hear anything from them, they don't return packages do they? Like their FAQ says they'll hold them for 6 months...

I generally try to send in tickets after the item has been shipped from suruga-ya and before it arrives at BiJ, but this time I was on a plane when it shipped, and I almost was able to send in a ticket on time but forgot to press the final "confirm my order" button. Man I was confused the next day when I got zero emails from BiJ. And when do you guys generally place your first ticket? I think I'm going to start sending them in earlier now, haha

How long have you been waiting for a reply? I believe BiJ is like the other Japanese retailers and don't necessarily process things on weekends and red days.

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