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miztes (8 days ago) #29390014Hi, I was debating on ordering some R18 doujins from Suru and I see that BiJ is usually the forwarding service that most people use? I've read all the steps to do so, but mostly I'm conflicted about the repacking option that they offer for an additional 500 yen. I've read all the stories about Suru's packages being really large and was wondering if it's worth the extra money to ask BiJ to repackage the doujins...?

Right now I'm thinking of only doing one order so I won't be having multiple orders coming in to BiJ and was just wondering if anyone's had experience with this. Also do you guys usually buy the forwarding ticket after you've placed your orders, or do you wait for them to ship out first before buying the ticket?

I ordered ~15 doujinshi from Suru a few months ago and had BiJ forward them without repackaging. All of the books came in fine, no dents/creases or anything. The box Suru used was a reasonable size, not unnecessarily large, so the books didn't have room to slide all over the place. I can't recall Suru wrapping them with any packing material (paper, bubble wrap, etc.) though. If you're concerned about the possibility of damage in transit, I'd say go for the repackaging option since BiJ will definitely bubble wrap them.

I buy the forwarding ticket after my order has shipped just because Suru can take like a week to ship stuff out and BiJ only has a month-long holding period.
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