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14 days ago
For those that don't know, figinstock is a website tracker for mandarake, amiami and more for restocked items or new listing alerts. They are sadly shutting down at the end of this year :(

[ext link ]

The only site tracking alternatives ive found cost money to check more than once a day, and track *any* change, even if it's a new ad on the page x.x even just a mandarake tracker would be amazing. Thanks in advance for any leads!

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10 days ago
I wasn't really paying attention to those e-mails and usually I had too many filters filtering on items I didn't want too.
I'm not actively hunting for grails, so I'm not tracking websites, but I do run some hacked script once in a while to (mainly) find/webscrape info (like price) about doujinshi and other items of particular artists/circles on Surugaya. I have some code in place for Mandarake too but haven't run that for a while.
In the past, I've tried several website scrapers but they weren't good so I started with Python coding.
But as for tracking, it should be simpler, but I'm sure I'd still use my own tools.

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