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2 months ago
Ricestrikes (2 months ago) #26657865So are you guys escalating your disputes to Paypal right away? I'm most mad that I had item #464693 ordered and now hes going to be impossible to find.

I sent A-I a detailed email advising the 3 invoice numbers, corresponding amounts in each 10-2-17 and also advised I was turning in 3 claims via Paypal with no offense intended re business shutdown(??). As yet A-I has not responded and Paypal has given me a suggested schedule when to escalate if I or they do not hear from A-I. I do have to do something before Oct.22 (escalate, capitulate) or Paypal will close the cases and I will be SOL.

This same scenario occurred with MH Toyshop. MH paid the lesser claim right away but I had to escalate higher claim via Paypal Resolution Center overview which did reimburse my cc 4 weeks later.

There's a reason 96% of my PO's are Japan direct. Looks like it will be rounded up to 100% from here on.

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