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2 months ago
glindig21 (2 months ago) #26719059I had 4 refunds from Anime Island on Paypal that were supposed to have gone through today, but Anime Island Cancelled them this morning. They had initiated the refund on their own, but then cancelled it.
I called Payapl, and disputed those orders since they were in the 6 month window. Unfortunately I still have many orders that are past the coverage period, so I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I would recommend that everyone who hasn't received their refunds do the same. This is their website: [ext link ]

You also need the address for Anime Island which I found online:
941 Marcon Blvd Ste 1001
Allentown, PA 18109

I also found multipe phone numbers for them:

Maybe if enough of us contact them, they will do something about this

Thank you. My friend was saying some stuff about how it is illegal for a seller to take money and not deliver a product. And since there's a lot of customers it could be made a Class Action suit. But this stuff is way over my head...
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