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Tamaki Kousaka (向坂 環)

Tamaki is also childhood friends with both Konomi and Takaaki: the two see her as an older sister. She left them when they were both children, having to go to an all-girls boarding school.

Her promise to come back to Takaaki and Konomi in the final year of high school is what prompted her to leave her boarding school. In the game, she is one year ahead of Takaaki. She is very confident and comes from a rich family.
She is well versed in traditional Japanese arts and traditions, yet still is a modern girl in her own right. In her group consisting of Konomi, Takaaki and Yūji, she is the strong and dominant personality and acts as the older-sister figure. She often addresses herself as "Tama-oneechan".


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02 months agoDynamiteDynamite
Look at this great Tamaki!

item #198732

October 2014 release. This figure has become really nice. I look forward to it.
03 months ago (2 months ago)DynamiteDynamite
Next month 3 new Tamaki figures are going to be released:

- item #167051
- item #193702
- item #144624

Especially the yukata version I like very much.
25 months agoDynamiteDynamite
Hello everyone,

I'll take care of the club in future :)
01 year agoLamboLambo
Why is tamaki always you know...naked!
01 year ago (1 year ago)SpookySpooky
Hey have you guys seen this game, "Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match". (ext link) It's coming out on PS3 pretty soon. Official website (ext link) If you've ever wanted to kick ass with Tamaki or any other Aquaplus character now's your chance. It's developed by Examu, same developer that did Arcana Heart.
02 years agojulimanojulimano
AyaneLook at these stores:
(ext link)
(ext link)
(ext link)
(ext link)
(ext link)

Thanks, I´ve contacted tokyo hunter to see if they can find it at a good price
02 years agojulimanojulimano
anyone know where can I buy this?
(ext link)
I´m searching like crazy YJA but wasnt able to find it yet :(
02 years agoStarshipPooperStarshipPooper
I declare today Tamaki day so I shot and uploaded over 500 pictures of her 8Þ
02 years agogermastergermaster
que linda es tamaki <3 ^^
02 years agoTsukuyomi17Tsukuyomi17
skyreturnesI wonder where I can find more Tamaki images. (ºA º);

Danbooru would be your best bet, but be aware that the site is NSFW.

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