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This is a club for all fans of figures based on illustrations from many artists.
We want this club to be updated regularly and our members to be active so we want you all to participate in creating its database. If you find/know figure which is based on illustration share link to it in comments below. But remember: We will add figures to club only if tsuki's pictures database contains its original illustration. If there isn't any, just find it in net, update on MFC and give us a link. It will help in extending club's database and tsuki's as well.



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022 days ago (3 days ago)blackducanblackducan
This item #464791 based on (mfc link)
This item #549588 based on (mfc link)
This item #549359 based on (mfc link)
This item #500291 based on (mfc link)
This item #144770 based on (mfc link)
18 months agoblackducanblackducan
This item #396841 based on (mfc link)

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