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Welcome at the Baki the Grappler Fan Club.

**This club is still under construction, please bear with me.**

The club is here for the figure talk but also offcourse about the great anime and manga series of Baki the Grappler!

The mysterious, young, martial artist aspires to follow in his sinister father's footsteps as the world's strongest creature. But to what lengths will Baki go? We follow the young grappler as he matures in a world full of some of the strongest fighters and how he overcomes all obstacles in order to face his father one day in the fighting ring. From the jungles to and underground martial arts tournament, Baki is put to the test from fighters all over the world. This brutal, yet a masterpiece of gritty martial arts features detailed and action-packed artwork by Keisuke Itagaki and continues to build a fan base seeking incredible martial arts manga.

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01 year agoKillaxKillax
Gerrilll (1 year ago) #12948241New OVA in Dec 6 2016.
[ext link ]

Awesome, thanks for sharing the info!
11 year agoGerrilllGerrilll
New OVA in Dec 6 2016.
[ext link ]
03 years ago (3 years ago)KillaxKillax
Man man man, I still need to upload so much more, MMA and KB are getting the best off me.

Nontheless another cool shot of the lifesized statues of Baki and Yuujiro:

All to celebrate the re-release of the limited Yuujiro, a great figure indeed.

Happy belated 2014!
03 years agoKillaxKillax
ken05 (3 years ago) #1940564Baki the episodes is not updated can anyone tell me where to watch Baki?

I could link you to them. But do you want to see both seasons?
03 years agoken05ken05
Baki the episodes is not updated can anyone tell me where to watch Baki?
04 years agoKillaxKillax
04 years agoKillaxKillax
The club is running behind on updates! In the next two weeks I'll find some time to update our database.

04 years agoKillaxKillax
Daeva (4 years ago) #1539669--It's nice to see that they can pose Baki in another way XDD

Hehehe, well Ill tell you something, there are action figures made by Bandai in the 2002ies/something. They are not on MFC, still available sometimes on Mandarake and great figures, much like the SOTA TOYS Street Fighter line.
04 years agoDaevaDaeva
--It's nice to see that they can pose Baki in another way XDD

Killax (5 years ago) #1056690More up, the IK prizes:

They look quite cool!
05 years ago (5 years ago)KillaxKillax
A little size comparison, before the total review will come:

Size Baki: +- 18 CM
Size Yujiro: +- 21 CM


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