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Mumbai Anime Club (MAC) is a budding interest group for Anime and Manga Fans residing in Mumbai. It had been officially formed on 16th May, 2010. From a total of just 13 members attending the inaugural meet, MAC has expanded its network to nearly 650 members online. We get an average of around 40 members attending our meets.

At MAC we do everything "For the Love of Anime" - that’s our motto. Every few months, we meet up at a place we call our Headquarters (HQ) and indulge in a lot of anime-related activities. Anime Screening, Cosplay shows, Plays, Dance performances, Karaoke sessions, Quizzes, etc. are just some of the things we do during our meets. :)

Join our group to be a part of the growing Otaku culture in India. ^__^

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Mumbai Anime Club™