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Welcome to the fanclub for Shizennoteki-P (or better known as Jin)'s series of Vocaloid songs, Kagerou Project! Here, you may discuss about the albums, novels and manga, the upcoming anime 'Mekakucity Actors' even if it's just about Jin himself.

Link for the songs of Kagerou Days project (YouTube):
Artificial Enemy (ext link)
Mekakushi Code (ext link)
Kagerou Days (ext link)
Headphone Actor (ext link)
Souzou Forest (ext link)
Konoha no Sekai Jijou (ext link)
Kisaragi Attention (ext link)
Children Record (ext link)
Yobanashi Deceive (ext link)
Lost Time Memory (ext link)
Ayano no Koufuku Riron (ext link)
Otsukimi Recital (ext link)
Yuukei Yesterday (ext link)
Outer Science (ext link)
Summertime Record (ext link) [the last]
Shounen Brave (ext link) [special]

'Mekakushidan' official website (ext link)
Official Anime 'Mekakucity Actors' website: (ext link)

Jin's Wikia page on Vocaloid wikia: (ext link)

MFC Vocaloid Club: club #59

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06 days agomoe2kyunmoe2kyun
TheBlackReaper (7 days ago) #2094564i want an Ene figure so bad!!!

Same here. A Nendoroid would be adorable.
07 days agoTheBlackReaperTheBlackReaper
i want an Ene figure so bad!!!
019 days agoElliotNightrayElliotNightray
TRAILER Mekaku City Actors!
(ext link)
01 month agoElliotNightrayElliotNightray
Seto's anime CM!!

(ext link)
01 month agoaeonblueaeonblue
ElliotNightray (1 month ago) #2029735Hibiya's anime CM
(ext link)

Yeeeeah! I've been waiting for him and I am not disappointed :D
01 month agoElliotNightrayElliotNightray
Hibiya's anime CM

(ext link)
21 month agoElliotNightrayElliotNightray
Kano's anime CM!!!

(ext link)

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