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My fellow Malaysian collectors, let us all unite and share our passion.

*sorry if that sound SO cheesy. ^^;

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02 years agotanakatanaka
Anybody collecting figmas?
02 years agoTerrorhuntTerrorhunt
Anyone going to Animangaki next month?
03 years agoCloudStrifeCloudStrife
lol now only I saw the comment that u guys commented. Did you guys went there?
03 years agoTerrorhuntTerrorhunt
Comic Fiesta is 9 days away. Are you ready?
03 years agofuwacchifuwacchi
Hello there. Feel free to join this club. club #1170
04 years agoNiponSanNiponSan
Hello fellars , if you are interested in collecting those Hot toys , Sideshows or ThreeA figures, you can try visit this website, their price are reasonable and good =D [ext link ]
04 years agosai-nekosukisai-nekosuki
Hi fellow Malaysian,
I wanna let go some of my collection :)

- Nendoroid Petite Racing Set 2010 (BIB) RM150

Letting go PO items:
- Nendoroid Asuna RM150
- Nendoroid Kirito RM150

PM me if interest! :D
04 years ago (4 years ago)BlueRockLadyBlueRockLady
To all Malaysian fans, here's the awesome Malaysia Nendoroid Community!
Please do support us and make it big!
Thank you!

Link to Nendomoe:
[ext link ]
04 years agoWhacked_DanWhacked_Dan
Question to fellow Malaysian figure collectors, would anyone happen to know where one can buy acrylic display stands (like the one in the back row of this picture #430775) in the Klang Valley/ KL area? Trying to find ways to expand the space in my display case.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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