Mai ShiranuiMai ShiranuiThe King of Fighters

Is a player character in both the Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters series of fighting games by SNK and in related media, also appearing in a large number of other games. Since her first appearance in 1992, Mai has been converted into and recognized as the main sex symbol of SNK, becoming one of the most popular female characters of video gaming in general.

Mai Shiranui is the granddaughter of Hanzo Shiranui, the now-deceased master of ninjitsu and an art of Shiranui-ryu ninja hand-to-hand combat called koppo-ken. In her mind, Andy Bogard, who studied Shiranui ninjutsu with her grandfather since their early teens, is her fiancé; the relationship between the two is often ambiguous (usually on the part of Andy). Mai has also studied at her grandfather's friend, the judo master Jubei Yamada. She uses a closed fan while fighting and is able to create and control fire.

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03 years agoMagnaFlareMagnaFlare
Ah, love her sexy godess of fighting games.
Most of my Figures are from her.
03 years agoMaakieMaakie
I just finished a review of a (retro) Mai figure! ^w^ (mfc link)
04 years agoredxmaverickredxmaverick
My goddess~ <3
05 years agoPacktPackt
TY!! for invite.
05 years agoDoboyDoboy Animated Chicks FTW
Thanks for invite!
05 years agoTarkana2Tarkana2
Thanks for the invite, been a Mai fan since Fatal Fury Special!
05 years agomaximimonmaximimon The New Shadow Emperor
my favotite sexy kunoichi!! ^^ thanks for the invitation!!
05 years agoLCLC
Mai Shiranui is a ninja goddess! Thanks for the invite!
05 years agoMilo_KetsuekiMilo_Ketsueki
Thanks for the invit ! ^__^

Mai Shiranui


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