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For this week, the topic is Trepidation.

Maybe trepidation is a bit of a strong word to use, but for this challenge, pick a figure you just weren't sure about purchasing. Something that was on the fence in terms of thinking if you really wanted it because of the way it looked, or a manufacturer you didn't know anything about, or even the cost.

And as an added bonus, tell us if you were right or wrong about that feeling. Did you end up loving what came? Or it was just "meh" as expected?

As always, get creative, have fun, and tag it with the new #figurephotochallenge!

Deadline: Sunday 11:59pm NUT

Last week's favorite: Miku
Photo Credit: Girl on the ledge shot by Kolezan.
Photo Note: I have no idea how to represent the owner's trepidation about the figure, so here's a figure's trepidation about her situation.
Poll: (mfc link) / [ext link ]

Remember that the #figurephotochallenge interpretation is all up to you. Figure out how you can match the topic and show us your photos! :)

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