The Jack Frost Fan ClubThe Jack Frost Fan ClubBecause Jack Frost deserves his own fan club!

A whole fan club devoted to me, ho?
ALL Frost's are welcome here!
I love Jack Frost so much that I thought I would make a fan club dedicated to the adorable little guy.
But, in this club we love all members of the Frost family equally!
King Frost? You're welcome to join in the fun!
Black Frost? We've got a seat reserved for you!
Pyro Jack? J-Just please don't burn the place down!

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04 years agoeeveeeevee
Thanks for the invite!
04 years agoNickienatorNickienator
I've always wondered: is Hairy Jack part of the family?
04 years agoGodYagamiGodYagami
04 years agocableddcabledd
Thank you for the invite ^^
04 years agodebparisdebparis
Thank you for the invitation
04 years agoseraph_phoenixseraph_phoenix
Thanks for the invite, hee-ho!
14 years agoPookaPooka
Just a little update, I've officially stepped down from this due to reasons I don't wish to discuss, however it is now safely in the hands of Sgt_Positive and Clobscura who I'm sure will both be much help to you all. :)
05 years agoSgt_PositiveSgt_Positive
Hell-hee-ho everyone! ^^

Contact me if you need help, P-chan. :)
05 years agoPookaPooka
piratepapillon (5 years ago) #1232703Sorry Jack Frost but Gunner item #5644 slayed and pelted you to make her hat.

Sobbb~ I really want that figure as well, just for the hat~
05 years agopiratepapillonpiratepapillon
Sorry Jack Frost but Gunner item #5644 slayed and pelted you to make her hat.

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