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PULLIP is the korean term for 'Young Leaf' describing a young maiden. It's the main brand of dolls that are well known throughout Asia, Europe and N-America. Other doll brands: Dal, Byul, Isul and Taeyang are part of the Pullip family and are welcome to be shared as well. In this club - it caters to any of the dolls, your doll names/story and feel free to share!

Pullip dolls are 'fashion-trending' ladies & gentlemen dolls. The clothing designs of Pullip are either based off Anime/Game brands; ex: Vocaloid, Kuroshitsuji, Magica Madoka.etc or Famous designer brands like 'Alice and the Pirates', BabyStars shine Bright and more!

They have a range of clothes; from Steampunk, Academy Uniforms, Fantasy or Fairytale fables, Elegant Lolita trends and hence why we love and care for them in this club!

Pullip-related sites (let me know if there's more):

How to Care/Customise Pullips: http://requiemart.com/blog/repair-tutorials/

Category and info of the dolls: http://pullipdolls.net/, http://www.dollywiki.net, [ext link ]

Shop sites that sell them:
Pullipmall.com (Korea), PullipStyle (USA), Pullipdolldreams, MagmaHeritage.com (SG), Bambino Dolls (Thailand)

Upcoming [2013] - anyone excited for the Ars Gratia Artis (We Design Pullips): [ext link ]

Much exciting releases of amazing dolls to be showcased for release soon! Such as the Orthodox Alice series, Rococo-Peacock and Princess Rosalind!

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05 months ago (4 months ago)eunice971121eunice971121
Anyone want a nude Taeyang body? I bought it accidentally and want to get rid of it. It will be 15 US dollars. PM for pictures :)
01 year agokurokitty-mimikurokitty-mimi
I am posting this here because this club is somewhat related to youtube (BJD and Pullip collectors on youtube).

I know that the timing seems strange, but I assure you that this is not a foolish April fools joke, as I do not personally participate in April Fools, If you have noticed the abuse of copyright policies against content creators on youtube, including those in the anime community such as Misty Cronexia, The Anime Man, and Lost Pause, please watch this video and sign the online petition no matter if you are a youtuber or not! Please help me protect this amazing source of information and entertainment that we all love.

[ext link ]
01 year agokurokitty-mimikurokitty-mimi
Hi! I am extremely new to pullip dolls and such, but I just wanted to put out there that if anyone wants to sell, or finds a '40cm SFD Kokonoe Rin by Arte Tokio' for sale, please contact me! Thank you in advance, and happy shopping! <3

More Info:
[ext link ]
[ext link ]
12 years agoShaerilethShaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
Anyone know if pure neemo white skin will match item #5503 ? My gut tells me it won't match...but I really want a new body for her. T_T Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
12 years agoPinkieVoltagePinkieVoltage
I've been wanting to pick up some new clothes for some of my dolls and I've seen in a few places that Azone clothes fit well. Only thing I couldn't really find is which size of Azone fits. I did see that PureNeemo works with Dal and Byul, but not specifically which size. I'm guessing S size would work well for those two, but I don't want to buy before I'm sure. For Pullip and the rest of the group, I'm just totally in the dark. Anybody have any insight on this? All of my Pullips are on Type 4 bodies if that helps.
12 years agoShaerilethShaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
This is going to sound strange, but does anyone who happens to have a Taeyang also have item #104188 ? I only have Dals, and am thinking of getting a Taegyang specifically for displaying with that set but I'm not sure if it would look right scale wise. I've always been horrid at picturing it in my mind so if any kind soul happens to have them both lying around I'd appreciate the help!
02 years agoSt_JimmySt_Jimmy
Moro (2 years ago) #2875521Hello, this may be a bit of a long shot, but does anyone have some Pullip clothes (not a doll, just the clothes) they are selling for a somewhat lower price (about $40 or below). For the 1/6 regular body. I am looking especially for fancy dresses and other outfits in Lolita and fantasy styles.
I have no idea if you are still looking or not, or if you seen these already but there are some outfit sets on Pullipstyle [ext link ] the Happiness Chiffon Set is especially cute <3
02 years agoSt_JimmySt_Jimmy
I know this group isn't very active anymore but on the off-chance anyone is still watching...

JPGroove is currently having a sample sale dolls were previously used as display dolls at like SDCC and similar events they do not come with their stands/boxes and may be missing small accessories. No returns/refunds [ext link ] there are still like 16 dolls left as of this post.

Pullipstyle has a very oddly named Friday Sales section that has some great deals on dolls [ext link ]
02 years ago (2 years ago)MoroMoro
Hello, this may be a bit of a long shot, but does anyone have some Pullip clothes (not a doll, just the clothes) they are selling for a somewhat lower price (about $40 or below). For the 1/6 regular body. I am looking especially for fancy dresses and other outfits in Lolita and fantasy styles.
03 years agohorrayforpixieshorrayforpixies
Just put an order in for my very first Pullip. It'll be Sailor Moon.
I'm so excited for it. x

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