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07 years agokilanikilani Sayaka Rank
Yes Animaxis is very reliable! They've been in business for years.
07 years agoLyulfLyulf
Hey guys! =) I have a quick question. Has anyone ordered anything from Animaxis? Are they reliable? I was looking into a few cups they have, and I really want them, but before today, I haven't heard of Animaxis at all ^^;;

Let me know? =) Thanks!
07 years agodarktruthdarktruth
Just bought this K-On! fan made mug at Manifest yesterday just because she looks cute. I haven't even really watched the series yet.

picture #97516
07 years agoKzukiKzuki Stalker
Yeah I can feel you on that one. Buying practical things make them actually seem more useful than figures who are just standing there and doing nothing basically lol. I've been losing interest in figure collecting though, which has to do with a lot of factors mainly the price which seems to be going up more and lack of space in my room plus overall lack of interest as there aren't many figures coming out that I actually like. And goods has so many more thingies to choose from, guess that's a cooler thing as well.

Okay cool :) I like chit chat too. Gives a reason to stay and actually comment in this club.

Hahaha seriously? I'm curious what figures you bought if you can't afford a cup anymore xd.
Ah yeah was gonna ask if you have an actual pic of the Chi ones. Gosh it's a shame they don't resemble the prototypes..

No problem :) Just keep checking occasionally I guess. Maybe they are a bit more rare than the other prize stuff.

I totally love your kitchen even if you say it's small! You do have a cup overload LOL :D Fun to see, thanks for sharing the pics xd I also love the little notes you put in the pics lmao. Especially the one at the brush lol!
Even your sister helps you with your cup addicting huh? How nice :3
Haha the comments are great, don't worry about your handwriting. Looks very nice, better than mine xd Thanks again for sharing the fun pics !
07 years agoescape_ropeescape_rope
Hi there, kilani! I also like our club more lively. People should just join the conversations more often n__n

No money and no money >__<" You know Kzuki, I just bought two expensive figures when I can't afford a tea cup, lol!
I'm actually going to sell some of my cups. Maybe be the Lucky Star tea cup, and the Chi mugs I just got 'cause they don't resemble the mugs in the pic (mfc link), the shape is so different (I'll take a pic of them someday). The mugs are plain, I thought they would be a lot nicer and cute u__u

I didn't have time to check Yahoo Japan myself so thank you. I hope I'll get someday 'cause I really like those glasses - The size is just perfect!

And here are the pics!! [ext link ] & [ext link ]
That's not the whole kitchen, only part of it. And as you can see my kitchen closets are quite full of other dishes (I have sooooo many cups o__o) so the new anime related ones hardly have any room there! That's why most if them are on the table - And I can see them easily that way!
Please note that some cups are in my living room (well, I have one room apartment so.. xD). And I also want to mention that I'm not a huge fan of those yellow doors, but I can't help it 'cause I don't own the apartment.
Furthermore, I'm sure you already noticed my lovely comments on the pics xD I'm pretty tired at the moment so please have some mercy on me - Though I have to admit I had so much fun xDD Be happy if you CAN'T read my handwriting!
07 years agokilanikilani Sayaka Rank
For me I'm moving more into goods in general. There are just way too many figures I want and I'm more interested in practical things as a whole. I think I'm fine just looking at people's great photos of their figures, I rather collect my goods and dolls since they bring me more joy. At least, I still like some figures since they make great decorations for the home hehe

Chit-chat doesn't bother me! I like when we all talk together, the club would be boring :P I don't necessarily subscribe to comments to hear about cup news anymore.
07 years agoKzukiKzuki Stalker
I love those too, Hakuoki one is exceptionally nice haha.
It's a shame huh to make decisions? It's very hard yeah :/
I think I am more the opposite now and try to quit the whole figure collecting business as stuff like cups are much cheaper = I can buy more of those for the same costs as 1 figure..

Thanks dear!

I checked Yahoo Japan for the set of those OP prize ones, but no sight of em sorry >< I hope you manage to get em sometime, maybe keep an eye out on Yahoo Japan.

Awwww sorry to hear that, mini kitchen must look cute though lol. Well as long as it functions and you can cook in there :)
Cool, do share how you setup your cups ! :( I'm curious lol.

Hope we're not bugging anyone with these msgs, if not allowed we can take it elsewhere xd.
07 years ago (7 years ago)escape_ropeescape_rope
@darktruth: Added your Shiki mug to the club :D

@Kzuki: And not only the Working!! mug, but this Chopper [ext link ] and Hakuouki [ext link ] as well. In really hate that I have no money for them at the moment. I've too many figures to pay and so little money ;__;

But hey, I'm glad your new jug glass was perfect!

I only have the newest One Piece prize glasses but I'd love to get these (mfc link) too. They look awesome! Does anyone know where to get the glasses now?

About "the buffet cabinets".. I'm afraid I don't have room for one. My kitchen is like a kitchen closet so it's really small. And I don't have enough space for cabinet anyway, I can't even get a glass cabinet for my figures 'cause my apartment is so cramped. At this point I can only get wall shelves for my figures and other stuff u__u"
However, I'm dipslaying a part of my cup collection now! I rearranged my kitchen a bit and made some room for my cups. I also put some cups inside the kitchen closet eventhough that way I don't see them all the time. I might take a pic tomorrow and show you what I meant.
07 years agodarktruthdarktruth
Added a new entry for Kara no Kyoukai. Link below.

(mfc link)

Still got another mug from it coming soon so I'll add it to the database as soon as I get it.
07 years agoKzukiKzuki Stalker
Yay I received the Working!! jug glass replacement from HS in tip-top shape!! I thanked them -happy dance- :3

Omfg why do they do thattttttt, I love that Rikuo cup aahhhhh!! I gotta consider him, ugh.

Have you guys seen this cutie [ext link ] ? Thermostatic is awesome xd.

I know right, this summer was crazy so you'd need a hugeeee glass to drink something nice and cool from :D I love those OP prize ones! I'm a sucker for the design on the left here (mfc link) so nice looking.

Lucky you living on your own :( How about a "buffet cabinet" it's those cabinets with glass sliding doors for in the kitchen or near a dining table [ext link ] they show old style ones, but they got modern looking ones too.
07 years agotakarayamatakarayama Enjoyer of Life.™
Ahaha. What did I tell you about the cups and glasses? HS don't know what they are talking about. ^.~

Good to see they were added in after all. ^^

On another note, I got my three July release tea cups (Nanoha, Fate, and Hinagiku) today so now I must somehow free up space to display them somewhere... >.<;;; More tea cups is always a good thing, though. ^_^
07 years ago (7 years ago)SaRuSaRu image not found
Dear God!!! Think I'll have to pass the Yukimura mug because of the Rikuo tea cup............
NOoooooooooo!!! God why?!!!!
07 years agoescape_ropeescape_rope
HS added the Basara mugs&glasses to their site like two hours ago! Yay! Now I need to decide what to order xD
I also got an email from HS about Hibari mug, it gets a re-release *___* I already ordered that one.

@kilani: Nice looking cup indeed. Too bad I don't know the series.

@Kzuki: Jug glass must be perfect for water :D I don't drink water very often so I prefer mugs. Though this summer is/was an exception! Usually we have 20-27 degrees in summer BUT this summer has been so damn hot. Almost 40 degrees O__O So yeah, I've been drinking water a lot this summer xDD Yesterday I used one of my One Piece prize glasses. It's not a small glass so it's perfect for water.

I live on my own but it doesn't help me 'cos there's no space to display all the stuff I have. And I don't really want to put my anime mugs/cups/glasses into a kitchen closet because I can't actually see them that way. It would be a whole different case if my kitchen closets wouldn't have doors ^^"
07 years ago (7 years ago)kilanikilani Sayaka Rank
New teacup! [ext link ] Sept release

I love it :D

[edit] I'm late apparently XD
07 years agoKzukiKzuki Stalker
I know what you guys mean though :( I mean, I'd love to collect more, but I can't even display ANY of em atm. They're all in a storage box. That's not really an issue, but I am running out of space lmao. Holding back on this is a little hard cause they are cheaper than figures so I tend to collect a shit ton..

Awww what a weird thing to do for COSPA. Glad they are back on their site!

That mug is so nice, so it's no wonder you picked it :)
To be honest I have a hard time using mine, haven't used any yet.
That's why I wanted something more practical and then came the Working!! jug glass and I thought omg I need this xd Cause I drink water all day from a really big mug so it's a perfect size!

Takarayama you live on your own right? :o I loved how you had the cups in the kitchen closet, wish I could do that >< Or something like a nice glass cabinet for in the kitchen. Sucks living at home bah!
07 years agoescape_ropeescape_rope
Thanks for the info, takarayama! Now I need to add the cups on my wishlist and hope that HS gets them too. Damn, I'm starting to like the glasses as well xD NOOO!

I don't have enough room to display my cup collection either. What bothers me even more is that I don't use my cups as often as I would like to. I really need a good place to display them so that I'll start to use them more often.
btw, my most used cup is this K-ON! mug, usually I drink cold cocoa from it n___n I don't even know why I always choose this mug.. maybe the size feels right plus I really like the pic on the mug.
07 years agoSaRuSaRu image not found
oh Date <3... why are you so damn hot? *¬*

... Yukimura too <3
07 years agotakarayamatakarayama Enjoyer of Life.™
The Basara mugs and glasses have appeared on again, so maybe, just maybe, Hobby Search will list them.

Here's one of the mugs:

I wonder what was up with them announcing them and then pulling them back and then announcing them again. Makes me wonder if they accidentally posted the info before some kind of licensing deal had been settled or something. o.O

Why stop getting new cups? :O I'll have 51 items in my dishes category whenever I receive a shipment that was shipped out from HS on the 4th. ^^ Although, I have no room to display all my cups, so maybe I should try to hold back some? ^^:::
07 years agoescape_ropeescape_rope
That's great Kzuki! The glass will arrive very soon.
B-but how can you stop ordering new ones o__o What if really great, adorable, lovely and awesome cup shows up someday? xDD

I don't have much self discipline at the moment T___T I used to have though. That's why I've been ordering a lot of stuff lately. My poor money..

btw, I got the reply from HS and this is what they said:
"Thank you for contacting Hobby Search support.
Unfortunately, we are not planing to stock those items.
Sorry for your disappointment."

So they're not getting the Basara mugs/glasses. So where on Earth AmiAmi got those pics??
07 years agoKzukiKzuki Stalker
;_; Yeah very happy, it got shipped out with EMS too, yay!

I am curious too about the SB ones. Did anyone order em..?

Escape_rope gets tempted so quickly! Grats xd

I think I am going to stop at 50. Think that's quite enough. So just 3 more to go ._.

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