AluminaAlumina ( •ᴗ•)


I am a mod/admin of the Nendoroid Split Club club #576.
Please remember to read the rules!
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the club, feel free to PM me, Shaerileth (admin), or Lehst (mod).
If you would like to join the club, please make sure to read all the rules and then comment on the club's comment page.

Special note: I'm going to have limited internet access from late October to mid-late November. I will try check here when I can but please give me a few extra days from my usual 24-48 hours. If I'm not responding try aluminaworks at gmail dot com.
If you would like for me to accept a friend request, please try to chat with me or join a split of mine first.

Hello and welcome to my profile. You can call me Alumina. I don't really know what to put here. I had something here earlier but it's all kind of outdated now so I will come back and update this sometime.

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