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Welcome to my profile, thanks for stopping by!
I'm a local shop owner, I like talking about figures and anime/manga I enjoy UvU. I'm not into many games besides a couple of titles I grew attached to... And some DS (and 3DS) games ´v`
I either give out really long replies or really short ones depending on how much time I have on my hands, sorry in advance >: ;;

My collection
I've been collecting since 2009, and can't stop since then. No way I say no to my cute girls~
I've been forcibly slowed down collecting-wise since 2014 due to really strict and ridiculous importation laws imposed by our even more ridiculous government ): I found a way around, but at x2~3 the cost of each figure...
Oh well, I can't say I don't enjoy a challenge (haha;;)
I decided to heavily downsize my collection on November 2015 since I resolved to move in Japan in 2016~2017 (I can't move 300 figures to another continent!)
I will most likely re-buy some of them when I get settled in there :D

Hobbies and overall taste
I draw in my freetime (I was going to have a career as a comic artist/illustration but gave up on it to give it all in my shop), I also enjoy reading and watching huge batches of anime or movies. My favorite series tend to have lots of lolis, silly humor and magical girls of a sort. I also enjoy romantic stories and drama. I'm not that much into Sci-fi, but I do have an open mind.

My favorites
My favorite anime are Lucky Star, Vividred Operation, Moetan, Kodomo no Jikan and an open spot for whatever anime I'm hyping on atm ´v`
My all-time favorite manga is Karin (aka Chibi Vampire).
My favorite games are:
PC: Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Heroes, Alice: Madness Returns, Ragnarok Online (low rate servers mostly), Wakfu (stopped playing a while ago though) and, again, an open spot!
DS / 3DS (even though I have a 2DS!): Etrian Odyssey saga; Pokémon Y.

I also really enjoy most board games and puzzles!
Feel free to FR me, I accept everyone~ <3

PM me your N3DS friend code!

- Short hair and twintails
- Spats
- Sukumizu
- Bloomers
- Kneeling
- Blush!
- Spats again because spats

My waifu
Kobayakawa Yutaka

Second and third best girls (former waifus until I realized who my heart belonged to)

Nijihara Ink (and thus, Pastel Ink)

Isshiki Akane

Other franchises I love in the spoiler!
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*In alphabetical order

Bokura ga ita (manga)
Clannad & Clannad After Story (animation)
Gakkougurashi (animation)
Hibike! Euphonium (animation)
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (animation, all seasons except Kira)
Kiniro Mosaic (and Hello! Kiniro Mosaic; animation)
Love Live! (animation and the mobile game.. Mainly the game)
Monk (TV series)
Nichijou (mainly the animation)
Princess Tutu (animation)
Ro-Kyu-Bu! (animation)
Soul Eater (animation)
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (mainly the animation)
Watamote (animation and manga)
Yotsubato! (manga)

Raibus (in order of preference)
1. Yazawa Nico
2. Toujou Nozomi
3. Nishikino Maki followed closely by Koizumi Hanayo

Goto[ワイフ]小早川ゆたか (15)

Goto[Best Girl・2]虹原いんく~ぱすてるインク (14)

Goto[Best Girl・3] 一色あかね (26)

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