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Welcome to my profile, thanks for stopping by!
I'm a local shop owner, I like talking about figures and anime/manga I enjoy UvU. I'm not into many games besides a couple of titles I grew attached to... And some DS (and 3DS) games ´v`
I either give out really long replies or really short ones depending on how much time I have on my hands, sorry in advance >: ;;

I've been collecting since 2009, and can't stop since then. No way I say no to my cute girls~
I've been forcibly slowed down collecting-wise since 2014 due to really strict and ridiculous importation laws imposed by our even more ridiculous government ): I found a way around, but at x2~3 the cost of each figure...
Oh well, I can't say I don't enjoy a challenge (haha;;)

I draw in my freetime (I was going to have a career as a comic artist/illustration but gave up on it to give it all in my shop), I also enjoy reading and watching huge batches of anime or movies. My favorite series tend to have lots of lolis, silly humor and magical girls of a sort. I also enjoy romantic stories and drama. I'm not that much into Sci-fi, but I do have an open mind.

My favorite anime are Lucky Star, Vividred Operation, Moetan, Kodomo no Jikan and an open spot for whatever anime I'm hyping on atm ´v`
My all-time favorite manga is Karin (aka Chibi Vampire).
My favorite games are:
PC: Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Heroes, Alice: Madness Returns, Ragnarok Online (low rate servers mostly), Wakfu and, again, an open spot!
DS / 3DS (even though I have a 2DS!): Etrian Odyssey saga; Pokémon Y.

I also really enjoy most board games and puzzles!
Feel free to FR me, I accept everyone~ <3

[N3DS/2DS FRIEND CODE: 4441 - 9840 - 8520 ]
PM me yours and let's trade some Pokémon~! Or whatever

(Don't fret if I don't add you right away, just let me find my 2DS; I left it around here somewhere... ;~; )

- Short hair and twintails
- Spats
- Sukumizu
- Bloomers
- Kneeling
- Blush!
- Spats again because spats

1. Kobayakawa Yutaka (mfc link)
2. Nijihara Ink (and thus, Pastel Ink) (mfc link)
3. Isshiki Akane (mfc link)

Goto[ワイフ・1]小早川ゆたか (10)

Goto[ワイフ・2]虹原いんく~ぱすてるインク (21)

Goto[ワイフ・3] 一色あかね (31)

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