ZaffiraZaffira One day, I will be the master of world ! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA


♥~♥~ Hello minna ! ~♥~♥

So, I'm a young girl (20 years old) in France.
I love videogames, anime, manga... as everyone here i think ^o^
I love Saber ♥. She's my favorite anime/game character/ I love all on her : mental, physical.... so, I try to have the most saber i can o/ (not really "all"... i don't have a big room).
I like a lot Kasugano Sora (a so cute girl !), Black rock shooter, Miku Hastune, Menma (AnoHana made me cry ^^') and Rei Ayanami (Evangelion is my first anime and Rei is my first love in anime character ^o^).
I love photography my figures but I don't have a really good camera (5MP) but I do my best !

So... I think it's all !

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