13 minutes agoandroidandroid
i do agree he does look mean, too... hes too precious and adorable to have a mean face like that
15 minutes agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board En2o83! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
15 minutes agocomVocaloidcomVocaloid
One of the things I'm sad about is that I'm going to have to, sooner of later, go on a temp hiatus myself. I'm working part time after having finished university and I make decent enough money while living at home, I've run into several problems and I'm facing the stress of having yet to find my first career-oriented job.

Furthermore, I'm facing several dilemmas including reaching a point where I don't have space at home such that I have 2 or 3 boxes currently sitting at a friends place for storage (to whom, I am eternally grateful and I could only ever return the favor ten times fold). I could expand the collection to several places in the house, but presently, as I am still living with my parents, my mother is completely opposed to it. In general, she has been opposed to the hobby very early in my collecting years, and she often makes fun of the hobby. Luckily, the same isn't said by my father - who on the contrary, was very impressed recently with the new glass detolfs piled with figures. But, as well all know; happy wife, happy life. And so, any plans to expand the collection while I'm currently still living at home is hopeless.

So my desire to move out is manifest tenfold, but finding a job that will pay for my life style is problematic, as it is still unknown just how much I will have to budget for appropriate life expenses, and adversely, how much will be left for etcetera purchases (i.e figures etc). The ideal situation is that I move in with one of my few friends who are also planning on moving sometime in the next few months, but I'm trying to look at the situation pessimistically and I am definitely planning for the worst.

Worst case; I'm on hiatus for the majority of the next year at least, until something improves. C'est la vie - it's life, and I guess you just gotta hope for the best :p
16 minutes agoandroidandroid
the meme hot topic trash baby will make his appearance..
17 minutes agoDQM_TerryDQM_Terry
Hey everyone not really from canada but my girlfriend is. And probly move to canada in the near future :3 .
18 minutes agoNasuraNasura
chiechie (4 days ago) #2325202bought her on amiami just now for 3770 yen! she is in C/B condition, with "[Discolor] Both legs" and will be my first C-grade figure i've bought from them
generally C-grade items are pretty good (from the reviews on here i've read) and i'm prepared to do a little cleaning and touch ups for her, but i can't really imagine where or how her legs are discoloured unless her dress can sort of shift around and paint transfer that way? dunno, but i'm really excited to get her for that price >w<

Same here, today I've bought C/B Rouna with faded knees. I had bought a C/B grade item before and it was Suika Ibuki for ~¥3,8k, and she came with small scratches and lots of dust. I've also repaired some figures before (thanks for bad pre-owners) and I hope this girl won't have critical damage so I could repair her, too.
18 minutes agoKouseiKousei ☆ ★ ☆
DeepEyes (1 hour ago) #2330990It's strange since the other DC figures got delayed, but once they announce a release date they normally never delay it again...

I think that's what happened with Amazon, though, right? She was supposed to come out on the last day of the month, then got delayed (unless I am remembering it wrong). That's why I'm skeptical. (x
20 minutes ago (19 minutes ago)androidandroid
i want him so bad but i dont have the money... T~T )9
20 minutes agogokuthepowergokuthepower
Leya (1 hour ago) #2330984Dunno why, but this picture reminds me of "Gun Gale Online". Really nice shot! :3

20 minutes ago (20 minutes ago)AryaArya
RubyChan95 (5 days ago) #2323406Hallo ^^ Desculpa lá estar a ser chata, mas é que esqueci-me de te contar uma cena! Tipo eu na 2°fase dos exames tive 7 a Português e 9 a História. Fiquei toda triste, só queria desaparecer e continuar o meu trabalho e depois interiorizar que iria voltar a fazer o 12°ano no D.Duarte dado que transferi de escola.
Depois, os meus pais pediram recurso e tal e só nesta terça é que saíram os resultados. Subi! De 8,8 para 9,5 (10). A média tb subiu, de 12,1 para 12,5 (13).
No dia 8 de Setembro vou fazer a candidatura online. Vou inscrever-me em Arqueologia e História. Vamos lá ver como vai ser! Só em Outubro é que sei o resultado.
Logo, até lá vou assistir às aulas do 12°ano. Se me aceitarem vou para a faculdade, senão fico again no 12°ano.
Então e tu? Está tudo bem? Vais candidatar-te a quê?

Não, não, não estás nada a ser chata! Eu é que tenho estado fora e por isso tenho ignorado o mfc um bocadinho (bastante grande). Por favor não penses que te estou a ignorar ou algo do género ;_; Tenho montes de mensagens à mais de um mês à espera para serem respondidas, ai ai...

Boa! Ainda bem que a tua nota a História subiu~ Eu pedi recurso a Matemática tal como tu pois o corretor enganou-se numa coisa e eles subiram a minha nota também *high five*

Então quando saem os resultados das candidaturas da 1ª fase é quando eles abrem a 2ª? Não sabia, mas a melhor das sortes~ História e Arqueologia eram duas coisas para as quais adoraria ir, mas infelizmente perseguindo Ciências e Tecnologias é difícil >_< Vais ver que de certeza eles te aceitam na universidade! Boa sorte para isso ^^

Beijinhos e fica bem! Aproveita o resto das férias~
21 minutes agolilla_ladylilla_lady
Hi sweetie! Glad to see your cute collections here as well;)

ribonita (22 minutes ago) #2331132<3 welcome :D!!!
21 minutes agoribonitaribonita
Ah that's dangerous ^_^ Sciroppo (23 minutes ago) #2331127ATTENTION
- Cuteness overload -
Your PC could explode anytime
21 minutes agostraywindstraywind
I bought Wonder Woman at a convention last weekend. I was able to get Batgirl a couple of years ago at another con and the Bishoujo line style really stuck with me. I had been debating about getting WW for a while and the deal that I got was ok. She looks gorgeous right out of the box. Love the bright colours of her skirt and her bustier! This figure makes me want to Cosplay Wonder Woman. XD

She looks great next to Batgirl. I'm hoping to one day find the Supergirl figure to complete the DC trio collection, but Supergirl is harder and harder to get by the day.

It's too bad that the jet was removed from the stand! That honestly would have brought the figure over the top. I love that Batgirl's includes a gargoyle so it sucks that the little stand extra was removed. The original Bishoujo Wonder Woman has such an epic stand so it's a bummer that this one is so plain.
21 minutes agoribonitaribonita
Thank you ^^ astarte952 (2 hours ago) #2330907so adorable!
21 minutes agomusoukamusouka
Sounds like a plan <3lilla_lady (25 minutes ago) #2331122Let's stick together here as well ;) <3
22 minutes agomusoukamusouka
Thank you Dear Mimi ^^ribonita (23 minutes ago) #2331131:D <3 welcome!!!
22 minutes agoribonitaribonita
<3 welcome :D!!!
23 minutes agoribonitaribonita
:D <3 welcome!!!

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