25 minutes agorufusdrumknottrufusdrumknott
Looking for Kayochan alone at a reasonable price to the UK. If you're looking to sell a few I might accept buying Honoka, Rin, and/or Nozo though. Please let me know!
27 minutes agoNorthen_LightsNorthen_Lights
Bearcat (1 hour ago) #17560376I'm glad it's not just me...when I saw the pictures I gotta say I had a sting of disappointment >_< his face and eyes feel very different. And the colouring of the hair and skin feels weaker too *sighs* hopefully this is only due to the picture filters or something.
But something's definitely off with his face...

I know this feeling and it's not comforting. Sure thing it's only pictures fault, but to my opinion such figures can't have bad photo hoots at least if there is really something not the same as prototype.
27 minutes agoLeopoldLeopold
Hokuto (3 days ago) #17468245PROBABLY next monday if she is on schedule, monday 23rd if she will be delayed

Well, I just looked at the release schedule and no news about her. I didn't even saw her on the release dates change list.
30 minutes agoRabbitSansRabbitSans
Hey, thanks for the FR
31 minutes ago (31 minutes ago)GhaoulGhaoul
I actually quite like her expression, but I can't deny that the promo pictures make her mouth blend in too much until I make an effort to see it properly.
It'll look much better in lighting that casts shadows, but then most figures are more appreciable when seen with one's own eyes.
32 minutes agogrizzengrizzen
How is Native on releases since everything I had is getting delayed? Would be nice to get one figure this month..
36 minutes agoMacavyMacavy
Hope those new pictures are bootleg notices or unfinished ones, because they do not look as good as the previous preview photos.
38 minutes agovmcoelhovmcoelho
aeonia (9 hours ago) #17549472i just placed an order tbh. like someone stated before, the seller is amazon themselves so it's a bit more trustworthy & worth the risk. if amazon just so happened to make a mistake in the listing, the ones who ordered it beforehand will keep that $80 price tag.

Same here, just placed my order. This piece looks too damn good to miss!
40 minutes ago (33 minutes ago)O-renO-ren
even if this wasn't the case here, This thread is the exact reason that made me hate the tekken's bishoujo line. Most of them don't even look like the original character, for me this one in particular is the worst:
Original character:
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/fighting-games/images/e/e9/Tekken_tag_2_jun_kazama_by_goodcheperd-d4gudl9.jpg
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://dyn0.media.forbiddenplanet.com/products/2966649.jpg.jpg
I know that this line is based on the ilustrations made by Shunya Yamashita, but in all the other bishoujo lines he remained loyal to the original source, I can't understand why he did these modifications in the tekken line. And in one of the few times that he remained loyal to the original sourceView spoilerHide spoilerhttp://31.media.tumblr.com/725b857284d5d5d21a1ff6cb89aae589/tumblr_mm37agUzM71re9fe1o9_1280.jpg, Kotobukiya screwed up and delivered this View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://www.animepoko.com/images/product/action-figure/tekken-anna-williams-bishoujo-1-7-scale-figure-3.jpg removing all the patterns from the dress, stockings and gloves. In the case of this line in particular the lack of fidelity and detail is even sadder because those are the only figures that these characters have and probably the only ones they will ever have.
47 minutes agobethykinsbethykins
aleenaclover (4 months ago) #14803385Do you still have them both please?

Yes! Just going through my stuff for sale again now
48 minutes agoHalcioneHalcione
I died at the cheeky assassin "cosplay". Loved that goof in carnival, still love it in real life.
53 minutes agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board holyman! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
53 minutes agoBeyondTheCronosBeyondTheCronos
Selling him for 35€ without shipping.
Box opened but never displayed.
54 minutes agoxMiyuuxMiyuu
Vaikyuko (1 hour ago) #17560380Happy birthday, Miyuu! x3 <3

Oh thanks! It's weird to think that I'll be 25 tomorrow. Haha! I can't wait for my birthday haul this month!
54 minutes agoMiuminnMiuminn
Myka (20 hours ago) #17537807Play-Asia has him for $224 + shipping which at this stage of the game is not horrible. I think the figure ended being around $190 after conversion + other fees directly from Native so if you missed the initial window, the only options for something around that price is someone that doesn't want their pre-order anymore or someone that had an extra and is willing to resell at little or no markup, which - let's be honest - the main reason for some buying multiples is because this figure is not only historic, but the odds are very high the price will rise in the aftermarket. I wouldn't be surprised if this figure gets to be around $400 or more in the aftermarket (as long as Native doesn't re-release, which I believe they've never done).
For those that are still looking I did some Google-fu.
Play-Asia - $224
Figuya - €229.90
iXu Deviance - 196,00€
Navito World - $266.00 - Canada
Yorokonde - 229,90 € - Germany
Fitsco - 229,00 EUR - Germany
eBay - Latest sold between $263-$300
Native Store - Sales Ended
Nippon-Yasan: Not available
Anime Island - Sold Out
mykombini - Sold Out
JFigure - Sold Out
Eye On Asia - Sold Out
Fakku! - Sold Out
Good luck hunting.

omg thank you so much!!!
55 minutes ago (55 minutes ago)MiuminnMiuminn
darkrose (5 hours ago) #17554394I live in Singapore so I can testify that Toycoin is reliable. However, just to note that shipping from Singapore is usually not cheap.

Thanks! I ended up buying from them, so hopefully I'll get my hands on this god figure
1 hour agoVaikyukoVaikyuko
Happy birthday, Miyuu! x3 <3
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)WolfragniumWolfragnium
"Oh noes! Please don't take away my rice!!"
1 hour agoPshygaPshyga
LOL yeah, they're perfect partner in crime. thanks :)))
secretly-otaku (2 days ago) #17496165-Hey,¡ Deadpool, we're out of dope. Gimme some dough for a quick visit to my dealer... I swear I'll repay you next week.
-Holy shit, a talking bear! I must be high as fuck...

Family entertainment... we lack xP.

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