35 minutes agomiyojimiyoji
This was really helpful! I'll probably be moving back home soon where I'd be living near the ocean and rusting is almost inevitable. If you didn't post this article I probably would've forgotten that there was metal in nendoroid pieces at all and they would all be ruined DX
36 minutes agoDelicateThunderDelicateThunder
Moro (1 day ago) #2417103Haaaaaa, right? I've only got 3 figures so far, but one will be quite expensive, and it's looking more and more like one of my other October figures item #186847 is going to get pushed back a month. She's prepaid, but she's the most expensive figure I've ever bought to date.
And November is when all my Christmas expenses start happening!
Then December hits and is a little pricey too--figma Major Kusanagi plus two more revoltech MP-EVAs. Plus more Christmas expenses.

That Alter figure is really gorgeous! Alter is one of the few companies that I don't have any figures by, I've heard tell that they have a chronic delay problem. Ironically, the racing miku and bike were for my husband, a casual figure collector at best with no stomach at all for delays. He wasn't amused when I told him that his Miku will be out next month, and just issued the decree to cancel them both. O_O
On the bright side, I think that there might be something else he'd want for Christmas, and he still has the GitS figma on order, just that the end if the year orders are looking a little one sided in my direction. ^_^'
38 minutes agoYamiUsagiYamiUsagi
catbot (9 hours ago) #2419674picture #1128002
Her bangs are framing her eyes to look angry like she's scolding someone oooh noooooo

Ahaha I thought that too. Like the picture was advertising a second face XD
41 minutes agoneLneL irl magical girl
Might buy her just because of her hair aha
42 minutes agoneLneL irl magical girl
Finally!! I always wanted a full figure for this outfit since I played Macross 30 ^v^
43 minutes agoWanderingWastrelWanderingWastrel old coot
Essradi (52 minutes ago) #2420345Sounds like it will be too short then, too bad. :/ Thanks for the reply though!

You might want to consider the Ikea Fabrikor (more discussion of it here (mfc link) ). I have two of those, and the adjustable shelves in that one make it nice for the larger figures, including 1/4 scale, that I have.
44 minutes agoGigan22Gigan22
Oh my... She's so cute, and I didn't expect her to have that awesome base. I really want to order her but... well, it'd be an intent order if I lived alone. I have no problem displaying item #144408, but she's a little more artistic imo. I dunno, maybe I'm splitting hairs.
44 minutes agomintbunnymintbunny The Geeky Bunny
MKIneptitude (1 hour ago) #2420332No I'm sure it will be cheaper because most localized BDs are. Just look at Fate/Zero as an example. It was originally released in Japan for around $350 for one part but it was reduced to $150 when it was released in America.

Oh, well all I know is when Aniplex localizes something all I hear is that it's way too expensive because it's around the same price as the Japanese version, that's all. But then again $150 vs $50 for part of a season is definitely a huge difference to Americans. Haha
46 minutes agoflahflah
46 minutes agomosstanmosstan
This page has become very competitive and it's getting old.
46 minutes agoKanda_Im_mortalKanda_Im_mortal
Exclusive GSC preorder? 0_о Wtf... Too bad, no "pay later" for my country, not so good shipping (handling) + 30% customs fees 'couse he definetely will be more 15000 yen... Ough, pass.
48 minutes agoTokitokiiTokitokii D.O.R.K
Participated in the yu yu hakusho split,everything went well thank you!
48 minutes agoRuasGarushiaRuasGarushia
Eso es poder Ranger!!
51 minutes agosweetsarusweetsaru
DeadlyAnime (4 hours ago) #2420096View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD

Thank you! :)
51 minutes agoPortusPortus
Thanks for reviewing this. I was just eyeing the mini Mitsunari even though I have the big one and I think I'll pass. I do like the faces on the smaller ones better (Mitsunari especially is a disaster on the regular revoltech), but I also don't see much of a point if they're going to be as nightmarish as the regular revoltechs, especially in posing... I really love Masamune without his helmet on, though, so it's still tempting :P

I wish they would have done some alternate outfits instead of the same ones at least. Both Masamune and Mitsunari's alternate outfits in SB3 are just so good!!
52 minutes agoEssradiEssradi
WanderingWastrel (4 hours ago) #2420080I have one Klingsbo. One figure I have, item #209648 which is listed at just over 10 inches tall, just barely fits onto a Klingsbo shelf (and they're all the same height). The Klingsbo shelves are not adjustable.

Sounds like it will be too short then, too bad. :/ Thanks for the reply though!
52 minutes agoGimmGimm
Ren is cast-off. So, if by any chance they're gonna make a Noiz figure....... please make it a cast-off ver. as well. =.=
54 minutes agoGimmGimm
Wario54 (2 months ago) #2274748Lucina looks great so far, but I want to see her face! It better be perfection at this point. Also happy to see an Awakening male finally get figure love! If not a scale or figma, it would at least be awesome to see some Chara-Formes of the other male characters- like Gaius or Henry. But for now I'll be content with adorable little Chrom.
Otherwise disappointing that there was nothing new for Cordelia even though I don't care for the character. I was hoping they would announce a new scale to continue the line too. :'/ Hopefully MF is just waiting until they make more progress with Cordelia...

If there's a male figure...... It's better to be cast-off. *huh? What? I didn't say anything*
56 minutes agox_chan99x_chan99
I have no doubts that this is the Dream Poll winner figure. So don't blame Megahouse for milking him, it's what the fans wanted.

The results from the poll who asked the fans who should be the figure to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Excellent Model line, were Law 1st, Nami 2nd and Ace 3rd. Since Law ver. 2 was already on the making, Megahouse only showed Nami's (Mugiwara ver. 2) and Ace's (limited NEO-DX) prototipes on the last Expo. They might have gone through what was Law's most desired scene (half naked, of course), and decided to modify the ver. 2 in order to meet the fans desires instead of doing another version.

To me it's the best outcome, since this won't be taking the sculptor's full time and there's a chance to see new and exciting stuff on next month expo.
57 minutes agoPoyanyoPoyanyo

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