47 minutes agoTjilpTjilp
Lynette21 (2 days ago) #10720546Nee, jij bedankt voor het accepteren! ^_^ Leuke collectie heb je!! :)
Yw en ty, jij ook, amiibos zijn nice :D Heb je ze allemaal? o:
49 minutes agoRockingHuskyRockingHusky
RockingHusky (13 days ago) #10201894I have a preopened Yato, comes with box and all accessories etc. No damage but has been displayed. Looking for around 300 but, please message me offers.
I am also willing to trade for a nikon D3200

I really need to pay vet bills so just wanted to say.

52 minutes agoEXkuroganeEXkurogane
This must be the first figma to feature balls and sausage
53 minutes agoSon_GaraSon_Gara
Muntoe (16 hours ago) #10799462There are no typical signs on those listings that the items are bootlegged, you should be fine. The low price is likely because they are prize figures. There are no known bootlegs of these items either.
If you look at the user images they also match up with the listing images: item #5574, item #5573

Oh ok, thank you very much for your help. I'm still getting into the world of figure collecting, so still very much green on the subject. What exactly do you mean by "prize figures"?
54 minutes agoManon1986Manon1986
Serakano (2 hours ago) #10817574I would love to own this if anyone is ever interested in selling.
56 minutes agotheodorelogantheodorelogan

This is a dream come true, she's available to pre-order over at Eye on Asia [ext link ]
59 minutes agoAshuriiKareshiAshuriiKareshi
Hi, could I join?
1 hour ago (40 minutes ago)amy616amy616 Let's DANCE
Yukihime94 (8 hours ago) #10809826the last mail i got from them was on 05-10 ...
That's even earlier than my email! The original set date was April, it's already June. 2 months with no update is ridiculous. No matter how busy they are it doesn't take that long to send an email (wouldn't care even if it was copy/paste) to keep us updated. I really didn't want to start this 'whiny behaviour' again but this is tiring.
1 hour agoAshuriiKareshiAshuriiKareshi
If anyone is looking to give up their GSC order I'll be happy to take it or if anyone wants to sell the bonus strap please pm me ;-;
1 hour agocgcheokcgcheok
gorgeous piece,might get 2 of her ,she looks like the one that aftermarket price will go insane after release
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)LillyMayLillyMay
tsubaki24 (1 hour ago) #10817627Is she popular enough to follow figma Archer's fate in the aftermarket? On the fence about her, missed out on Archer.

I can't say for sure, since the anime has yet to air and before she was only seen in the video game which has a smaller audience than an anime, and since its all really just a guessing game, but if I were you I'd preorder her if you can/want just to be safe. You can easily wait until closer to her release date to decide but it's better to be safe than sorry
1 hour agoCrescentCrescent Running out of $$$
The things you do to get some extra money...

--Shooting courses NOT provided--
1 hour agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board Breadywood! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
1 hour agoEmboar500Emboar500
Michze90s (3 hours ago) #10815816Thank you for adding me. Hope we can be good buddies! :)

You're welcome, also thank you for accepting my friend request, glad to meet a Touken Ranbu Fan and from Philippines. I just notice some of your pictures of sword boys with that delicious fruits with them, I really like them both. You can PM me if you have any questions so we can chat sometimes. =)
1 hour agogemelligemelli
Good job with the purge and congratulations on finishing it!

I've just started to finally trim down my collection myself, after not having the time for months, and it feels good to do so. :D I'm not yet finished, though.

To answer your question, I did some smaller purges in the past.
1 hour agohidarkahidarka
Can you make more his photos? I really want to order him but in all interenete no good photos of the figures :(
I will be very grateful
1 hour agoToukaChanToukaChan
Ordered this 3x!
$1500 is nothing to me =)
Ordered it three times just in case 1 or 2 breaks before arrival.

PS: That is what i would have said if i had millions of $$$... =P

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