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12 minutes agoArcgainArcgain
Black_Star (2 hours ago) #3819205Prob the last chance 2 get him for retail (ext link)
Did they put them back on stock?its written sold out.
13 minutes agoAlchemeisterAlchemeister Iced Over
Good choice in cosplay :7
14 minutes ago (13 minutes ago)FreezerBurnFreezerBurn
I don't even... Worlds going to be a great place in the future run by this generation. (sarcasm)
15 minutes agoAlchemeisterAlchemeister Iced Over
Just watching this makes me feel like I'm going to choke on the nonexistent fumes.
15 minutes agokevinlowlkevinlowl
rei_ayanami (1 day ago) #3799268does she fit with the other 1/8 th scale GSC figures?she's the same scale as a figma, 1/12...
16 minutes agomikki-malumikki-malu
So many Muramasa figures... and none can beat the first one.
16 minutes agoChngChaBngChngChaBng
Hi! I'm interested in your Sagiri Yuuko from Triage X - did you buy directly from Orchid Seed (so it includes the poster)? How much are you selling her for? Please PM me!
17 minutes agokasakekasake
Finally, she bares all! There are 2 sets of cast-offable boobs?!
17 minutes agoKimm134SayaKimm134Saya
Take (59 minutes ago) #3819299I have item #144476 and it's Alter-tier level. No, it is even superior to Alter when it comes to the details of the book. And this is coming from a guy whose majority of the collection is from Alter, so I know what I'm speaking about. She is the only Ques Q figure I own, so I wouldn't be able to generalize, but I have been holding Ques Q in high regard since then and would be thrilled to get another figure from them.

This is also my only fiqure by Ques Q, and I agree with Take. It's definitely one of my most beautiful figures. I might be a bit biased because of the character, though.
17 minutes agoPoisonCupcake13PoisonCupcake13
well my Asuna nendoroid it's a bootleg too :C she was my 1st one nendoroid. but now i only buy in trust online stores.
18 minutes agoMajikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin
cookie_on_fire (58 minutes ago) #3819300Nendoroids are generally released in the same month as announced.

I know they generally are XD I'm just a little paranoid because I've had a few things delayed lately I guess xP
18 minutes agomilkykittenmilkykitten
Looking for a set/individual! Please contact me if you are selling her.
19 minutes agoChngChaBngChngChaBng
Reinier (7 hours ago) #3818918HS has her back up for ¥11,400: (ext link)
It might only be a few leftover stock that they found in their warehouse so if you want her you better be quick.

Anyone know if that includes the poster or not?
20 minutes agomilkykittenmilkykitten
If anyone is selling, I am very interested!
24 minutes agoMoe_niquMoe_niqu
_riida (11 days ago) #3608059Taking last minute ticket orders for this kuji.
Each ticket is JPY650 + JPY200 (proxy fee) = JPY850. Prizes are all random and cannot be chosen.
Please PM me for more information if you're interested, thank you! :)

I know this is late but are you still doing it? I saw them in seven eleven but they're doing more of a lotto thing with it and some other things...
25 minutes agoShaerilethShaerileth 「No Life Queen」
Oh gods...how will I find this... ;w;
25 minutes agoSengokuGensuiSengokuGensui
The view from that window... *___*

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