25 minutes ago (24 minutes ago)Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
R_Kasahara (35 minutes ago) #15036208It's exclusive to a single physical shop in Hokkaido (Snow Miku Sky Town), which makes it really hard to get. Hoping it shows up on YJA, but having no luck so far. As for finding puzzles elsewhere in Japan, Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara has a whole big row of them; they're between the toys and video games. Didn't buy any from there at the time, but maybe in the future!
And that puzzle looks gorgeous <3

Ohh good to know will check that shop i usually dont bother visiting game and bookstores as thryre all jp anyways xD so probably missed it :)

Thanks yeah i fell for it as well and was only 15 euros

Ohh well i plan to go to hokkaido as well but in 2018 :) as in 2017 we go for kyushu bepu and alps and fox village
25 minutes agoBrizzlePizzleBrizzlePizzle
noregrets (2 months ago) #13320134Omg her lil star pupils *^*)
yassss stars for 'Murica!!!!!!
25 minutes agoAzaizerAzaizer
DBZRuss25 (5 hours ago) #15035921I was joking probably never on the floor or bed lmao I just need to re adjust my collection in the area where my air conditioner is some detolfs from IKEA to replace the table and bookshelfs. I'm in a good mood today I might unbox itachi
uote=Azaizer;1475026766;15020029]WTF man? On the floor and bed?!! Where would you sleep?! o.O I mean, I'm all for having a collection but, I don't see why you'd order so much that you'd be practically leaving no room FOR YOURSELF to even be in the room LOL.

HAHA wasn't sure that you were joking man cause I know some people ACTUALLY DO IT!!! Cool man, sounds like have a plan to rearrange the room for your collection. I'd say you are right in thinking to buy new furniture that will allow you to display your room in a better way and with more display area than what you currently have! I'd say buying the right kind of display furniture is VERY important for collections! There's no point in buying collection pieces if you can't even display them in a beautiful way!
26 minutes agoKarumiKarumi Bishie Enthusiast
melonbun (1 hour ago) #15036153Haps birth!! /o/
Thank you!! XD My birthday is actually tomorrow but MFC is fooling everyone...
27 minutes agoKarumiKarumi Bishie Enthusiast
eyoat (10 hours ago) #15030860Happy birthday! :D
My birthday is actually tomorrow, but thank you! ^ ^
33 minutes agomurdochmurdoch
The second I saw this on the front page I somehow just KNEW it was Bloempje's picture! Maybe it was the cute props that gave it away?? You have such a distinctive, charming style!
35 minutes agoR_KasaharaR_Kasahara ( =₃=)*
Chloe-tsundere (2 hours ago) #15036058Hmm well lets hope they have some in hokkaido :) i didnt find any when i was in tokyo osaka , kanezawa and hiroshima :)

And i like the oreimo one and vocaloid one! Really nice :D and jugendstill jisaw nice! Mine was pretty easy its this one: [ext link ]
Tho at the bottom it says topaz, amethyst , ruby and emeralde (which doesnt show on this pic)

It's exclusive to a single physical shop in Hokkaido (Snow Miku Sky Town), which makes it really hard to get. Hoping it shows up on YJA, but having no luck so far. As for finding puzzles elsewhere in Japan, Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara has a whole big row of them; they're between the toys and video games. Didn't buy any from there at the time, but maybe in the future!

And that puzzle looks gorgeous <3
37 minutes agotheladozztheladozz
Yanderechii Hey! I feel a little dumb now lol ^^; since you don't have your comments on your profile I can't reply (yep even when I do it from my profile) which I didn't think was a problem, I figured it'd still work.. woopsi!
I deleted a few messages so it should be fine if you don't want to make your comment section public, or else feel free to message me on my profile and i'll PM! :)

I don't really know who the character is but that Livie figure is really pretty! Let's hope she gets delayed. ^^ All of the God Eater figures are gorgeous, I quite like this one; item #250358 but my general rule is ''don't buy figures of characters you know nothing of'' :s ..*cough*item #464627 I played that game for 5 minutes so it counts!

Yeah, pretty sure she'll cost 180$ CAD range x_x I'll pray amiami gives a good discount orz

I didn't even realize my wall was private lol, there's literally nothing on it but it should be public now.
GE figures are pretty dope, I didn't like Livie that much in the game, I just ordered her cause I thought she was hot af. Not as hot as that Vira fig you linked tho, damn. i don't even know what the fuck granblue fantasy is, but now I want that figure. I don't order stuff I don't know either so I think I'll have to check out what it is :D.
Btw I think whatever money you save on amiami discounts, you pay out in shipping. Their rates are just stupid.
38 minutes agofrostocelotfrostocelot
Uhg I'm so conflicted over whether I should get this figure. Why does the personification of imperial Japan have to be so damn adorable. Same goes for all those KanColle WW2 ship girls.
38 minutes ago (35 minutes ago)SaurysSaurys
Karumi (1 hour ago) #15036151Maybe you could have a US person order them for you and ship them to you with tracking. Where are these plushies?

I don't have a US based friend who can do it for me...
Edit: they're being sold by a seller from storenvy

Mayoi (1 hour ago) #15036160I'm a USAL lover, never had a problem for ~150 package. I lost only one, recently, and... It was a tracked shipping !
It's not more safe, you'll just know very approximately where it disappeared and you can have a refund for it (maybe) haha
I'm a little pessimist because that one I lost was something very important to me but really, I never lost something who wasn't registered for almost 4 years I collect anime stuff :) It's just a luck question.

At least it's insured? And what maybe? So it's not guaranteed to get a refund after the package got lost? :O

sarunamirabu (1 hour ago) #15036172I'm curious if they're from Bing, lol.

Yeah hahaha I thnk you already knew what those plushies are. XD

XRaptor7 (1 hour ago) #15036173Yeah, tracked and untracked have no difference in chances of it getting lost and stolen.
Registered has the benefit that you can have insurance on it in case it's lost or stolen, but you need a pretty pricey shipping option to get enough insurance to cover a high priced item.

At least someone's got my back? lololol I haven't tried this thing yet. I only do special orders from shops...

indian_summer22 (1 hour ago) #15036180Just go for it^^ You'll regret if if you don't

I may try next month if I have no preorders to pay. ^^
39 minutes agoxCommandoxCommando
natlover (1 hour ago) #15036146OFE is really starting to piss me off. Seriously, when was this figure originally supposed to ship? I can't even remember anymore.
Originally? January. :|
42 minutes agoNaelythNaelyth
eiszeitshinigami (1 hour ago) #15036127Glad I'm not alone on that :) I was going to do the same actually and once it disappeared from TOM I was like 'crap D:' cause soon after that the price hikes started. When Saiyuki is involved I should learn by now to be far more trigger happy with the merch XD Couldn't agree more. Usually with older shows and given it's anniversary is coming up with a new series I should've known better lol
Thank you :) I've settled on buying them individually from eBay for now. I managed to get 3 of 8 thus far. So if I keep nabbing them separately I should be okay XD

I had it on my AmiAmi wishlist for a while and then I just noticed two nights ago that it was Sold Out and I definitely had a 'crap!!' moment too hahaha. Saiyuki is pretty old so I was hoping that less people would be interested... but now it seems obvious that since they probably made less, it'd sell out faster. @_@ Boo!!

Hopefully with Saiyuki's anniversary, more merch is released! :D

Aw you're nearly halfway there!! Yay!
43 minutes agoSilverJinxSilverJinx
soulgoodguy (8 days ago) #14853462hmm planning to buy this....to anyone who has ordered her from ami ami how much was her charge for EMS?

I think I paid around 40 dollars for her and 4 other figures. So by that math it should be around 20-30?
44 minutes agolayanarilllayanarill
*waits and waits and waits then sudden kimono Sakura announcement* Oh?! So this line IS going to happen?! RESET THE CLOCK! *~waits~*
48 minutes agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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1 hour agoindian_summer22indian_summer22
Just go for it^^ You'll regret if if you don't
1 hour agohatsuneniku99hatsuneniku99
I love all the characters so much so when they make the test I'll be fucking broke! XD

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