14 minutes agoredxmaverickredxmaverick
stmhwkxxx (1 hour ago) #2261811Youre a real fan of redhead girls dont u? Haha i had alreadly see youre dolphie dream figure, i want one with the body dinamyte but i dont know how order in the site store ..... Nice collection!
Thanks! Yep. Love redheads.
15 minutes agoalazif03alazif03
Je vois que tu as commandé Yuno d'Alphamax et cette Sonico:item #198576, Veinard! Les deux me faisaient envie mais je ne pouvais en acheter qu'une alors j'espère que Sonico sera soldée après sa sortie (l'espoir fait vivre n'est-ce pas?)
17 minutes agoashooreeashooree
So much Rei. *____* He is the actual best.
19 minutes agoSturmhornisseSturmhornisse
redxmaverick (1 hour ago) #2261823Oh! You know that expression "bite the bullet". Very good. :)
Rise price is the same every time I see her for sale so I won't pass it next time.

Haha. My English seems to improve. Time to start learning Japanese XD

I see. Guess you will have Rise soon :D
21 minutes agosakuraadropsakuraadrop
I really hope though that Rightstuf's $220 for canadians is shown in AMERICAN dollars. Cuz I ordered from yokatta, and it would be a huge ripoff if the $220 is CAD. If the american dollar is converted to CAD it will be $236 CAD. And I really hate how Rightstuf doesnt ship to postal boxes!
22 minutes ago (20 minutes ago)ipwnboyzipwnboyz
Tiramii (2 hours ago) #2261728The first time I saw him I felt in love and that was a pretty long time ago. I had no clue where he was from, if it was an anime, a game etc. I just saw that he was expensive and myea. So I refused to check up anything about him and just ignored the fact that this wonderfull scale excisted.
And today when I visited ami and saw that he had a re-realise, so decided I to give it a go and saw one anime ep and that was enough. I just felt like, if I ignore him now and again, would I regrett it. Specially since it's rare for me to wanna buy a figure I know nothing about. But I just had to have him :3 *ordered*

I felt the same, and getting him now before the inflation price kicks in like it did for the first release.
I don't want to live through that same nightmare again...
22 minutes agoFreezerBurnFreezerBurn
Packing slip created. *Spins around on chair* it's finally in the process of coming my way :D
23 minutes agoSakiyaSakiya
Please confirm my slot for Konoe! >o<
24 minutes ago (18 minutes ago)wayward-windwayward-wind (ノ´▽`)ノ♪
Miishi (3 days ago) #2256395Ohh I think I saw that one too (≧◡≦)!! Have you seen some of the Japanese fan ones..? Oh gosh. Those ones are crazy...! A kazillionjillion of the same face.
I went and googled them...they're so cute! I like the little ones! (✧∀✧)
Gahh. I really like the Kuttari cushion series...I have Atobe from PoT and Yuki-chan from Ao no Exorcist...maybe its time to get Midorima xD
Mukkun one looks so cute! If only he had a mini Maibou.
Ooh, you are! There's too many kinds...ヽ(`⌒´メ)ノ
I would love to see a massive clump of little Mukkun's someday hahaha. I havent collected any yet, I bought the...um. Ones hanging from their back...being pulled up...( I cant remember the name right now sorry ^^") Thinking of collecting the Swing Set though just not quite sure how/where I would put them.
I was so sad when I watched the new Sailormoon. The opening just didnt do it for me, the old one just plays in my head (╥_╥)
First anime I fell in love with... I think it'll have to be Bleach. It was the first anime I was really into...to buy goods. But not as much as KnB though. KnB is just...BAMMM. I have 0 characters I hate in Kuroko to be honest. What about you?
Nendoroids are adorable. I think Im getting attached to them lol, I want to buy less 1/8 and more nendoroids! Similar to you, I am focusing on Kuroko but also Free! lately. I bought a new display case and realized how much stuff I'd hoarded thinking 'I'LL DISPLAY IT SOMEDAY :3'....so I've really narrowed down what I want now. (# ̄ω ̄) It was like a slap in the face and now its got me clearing some of my collection lol.
Some prices just...go insane in the aftermarket...then some go veeery cheap hahaha. It's kinda sad because aftermarket price shows the popularity difference of some characters ;;
Im looking for a Durarara!! Plushie that was released ages ago...</3 I cant find him at all. Anything your looking for? :)
!! We have quite a few in common lol. I like OnoD ♥ , Suzumura Kenichi, Fukuyama Jun and Kamiya Hiroshi too! ♥ + Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Ishida Akira, Sugita Tomokazu, Hirakawa Daisuke and Suwabe Junichi. (*ノ▽ノ) Ohgodtheyreallmale.
Ahh, I see. I hope it does too! Then more people will read it ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ
Glad to know it's popular overseas, I was thinking it wasnt because I went to a con last year and saw like...nearly no one cosplaying. xD
Sorry for the wall of text. *haventtouchedakeyboardforawhile*(*_ _)人

Sorry for replying late! D: I've been busy with work the last couple of days. Opening shifts can be so tiring lol.

I don't think I've seen the collections from Japanese fans. I imagine they're probably awesome though xD

There's actually a Midorima Kuttari cushion on HLJ~ I also believe there's an Aomine one too ♥︎ Too bad they don't have anymore of the Murasakibara ones in stock. Plamoya has a Mukkun one, but it's $30.00 T_T I might cave in and buy it though :D

Oh you mean the pinched swings? I have an Aomine one. It's so cute ♥︎ I want to collect a lot of them and hang them near my KnB collection. I'm thinking of hanging them from small hooks that you can stick on the wall xD

I remember the old Sailor Moon theme song ♥︎ Brings back memories of childhood mornings when it used to come on tv ^^

The first anime I fell in love with was Yu-Gi-Oh! I used to get up every Saturday to watch a new episode. At the time I didn't know it was an anime lol. I never really watched Bleach. I've seen a few episodes, but never got interested in continuing it.

Also nendoroids aren't as expensive as 1/8 scales xD I really want to collect Makoto Tachibana rubber straps. They are soooo adorable ♥︎ I have 2 right now hanging up. I don't have a display case. Right now I have my current stuff on one of my book shelves. I'll probably run out of room soon lol.

I know what you mean. Like for Kurobasu, in the aftermarket you can see more popular characters with higher priced items. I also hear that out of all the GoM characters, Murasakibara is the least popular T_T It's okay though, because I love him to pieces ♥︎ I'm looking for those DMMD plushies that came out 2 years ago. They're almost impossible to find for a decent price D: Also some Murasakibara goods. Are you looking for a Shizuo or Izaya plushie? I watched Durarara!! a while ago, but I never got the hype for the show. I love Shizuo and Izaya, but the anime itself didn't make sense to me lol.

Yeah it's popular with overseas fans of course (However not as popular in the United States like Bleach, Kuroshitsuji, Naruto, Sword Art Online, etc is). So hopefully one day it'll get licensed here for a DVD release and manga release.
28 minutes agoJisunJisun
Copaiiiiiiin !!!!
31 minutes agosakuraadropsakuraadrop
neL (47 minutes ago) #2261849Everyone tells themselves this.. then they have like 100+ figures and wonder what happened.
I stopped :p I'm not getting any more~
32 minutes agowhiskeyiiwhiskeyii
huen (3 hours ago) #2261621I love levi's pose, his face, his expression and the general dynamic of this figure.. but
am I the only who's not really satisfied with the colours? it's not the shadows or stuff but the just the shade or hue of the colours they picked.. it doesn't harmonise very well in my eyes... I think less saturated colours might be better.
I really want to buy this figure but I'm hesitating because of the colours.. (T▽T;) 

It's probably the lighting. His jacket, for example, looks extremely saturated in one photo, but less so in the ad. I'd wait til WonFest if you still aren't sure and see how he looks under more natural light.
33 minutes agoandypandyandypandy
Hi. As seen in this pic it looks as if it's just the hair and horn colors that differs.
(mfc link)
(I haven't seen the first version, so I can't say if there are any other differences.)

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