26 minutes agoMamis_HeadMamis_Head
wow it's almost like it's yours or something
piffin88 (43 minutes ago) #3122117pretty nice pool ya got there..... ;)
27 minutes agoMamis_HeadMamis_Head
Yes it is :)))))
piffin88 (44 minutes ago) #3122112tsmugiiiii!
32 minutes agoKetchupRevengeKetchupRevenge
I'll be pissed if they skimp on the paintjob. It's disappointing, but it seems to happen every year to at least one or two figures in this line.

The Arale from last year would've been amazing if they didn't do such a bad job on the paint during production.
34 minutes agoAlDuranteAlDurante
View spoilerHide spoilerSusanoo14 (2 hours ago) #3121987Lovely post, it made me very happy to read! C: My favorite Ereri/Rivaere artists are UNAP!, NIA, and Fuente. Aand here are some of my personal favorite doujins ;w;
(ext link) - UNAP! (fanboy Eren & NoName Levi is my weak spot)
(ext link) - NIA (their works seem like they are mostly RivaEre? The UNAP! doujins I've come across are mostly Ereri)
(ext link) - Fuente (not really shippy but suuuper sweet)
Surugaya seems to have a huge selection of doujins for good prices too if using a forwarding service.

That's good to hear! Fuente doesn't look too bad, I'll check out more of their work. And holy cow I had never heard of Surugaya before! Although I'm a bit wary of auction sites and using proxys/forwarding services, I'm seeing a lot of good reviews, so I'll probably give them a try here soon. Thanks for the heads up!!
40 minutes agozgayzgay
well ,if games price cheap like this when I'm teenage I may no need to play by buy pirate copy.lol
ที่แน่ๆคือไม่ใช่เรื่องคาร์บอน ออกซิเจนแน่ๆล่ะครับ เหอะๆ ต้องมานั่งหาคำตอบกันต่อไป...อีกสองอาทิตย์ถึงจะได้รู้ ผมกะจะทิ้งช่วงซะหน่อย ช่วงนี้ก็เวลาถ่ายน้ำใช้น้ำในบ่อ กับถ้าพร่องก็เติมน้ำจากที่บ่อพอแล้วก็ดูพวกที่อาศัยอยู่ในตู้ตอนนี้ไปก่อนว่าเป็นยังไงกันบ้าง เหอะๆ
40 minutes agolionhearthlionhearth
wow nice find. At retail one of those would be over 300 dollars probably (find me one pls =P)
41 minutes agoCookieCatzCookieCatz
Selling this lovely lady for 30! Willing to negotiate if anything.
41 minutes agoXShipperXShipper
NonnieJakuzure (9 hours ago) #3121548No I didn't :(. Once the base was shipped with a tracking number that was the last I heard from them. You might want to just email them again to follow up.

Thank you for your answer! ^^ well, I think I just email them again then.
42 minutes agoSpinkellaSapphirSpinkellaSapphir
Sounds like future me coping with finals week in college.
42 minutes agopiffin88piffin88
Mamis_Head (43 minutes ago) #3122116i'm gonna push her in the pool
first of all hOW DAre YOU?!
43 minutes agopiffin88piffin88
pretty nice pool ya got there..... ;)
43 minutes agoMamis_HeadMamis_Head
i'm gonna push her in the pool
43 minutes agokamikorosukamikorosu
part of me is like i regret not ordering him and then the other half of me is like he comes with soooooo little its ridiculous...
43 minutes agoCookieCatzCookieCatz
Selling this beauty if anyone is looking for her!
44 minutes agopiffin88piffin88
44 minutes ago (36 minutes ago)YukikazeYukikaze
Looking at her from close, her head seems oddly big. Well, it can't be helped, this is a cartoonistic figure. If it was more realistic, probably they couldn't release it in the market, even in Japan.

So much was said about the ducks, however her stand is a fine piece of work. The glass looks like almost real and the faucets are also very well made. Perhaps they should have added a bit of wear here and there to make the bathroom more realistic.
46 minutes agoAndreaDarkStarAndreaDarkStar
Reycoenma (5 days ago) #3101974Hola amiga te comento que este fin de semana hay una convencion de anime, pues aca en Guayaquil son normal, no hay nada fuera de lo normal, tiendas, cosplayers, bandas, en fin como para no aburrirse esta bien XD
Jejeje... eso es lo principal, divertirse con los amigos en ese tipo de eventos
48 minutes agoiced_wineiced_wine
LittleMarzipan (2 hours ago) #3121988I pre ordered him a few weeks back off of amazon since that was the only place in the U.S., that still had him up. It says sold by amazon but I'm still a little concerned as I've only ever pre-ordered off of AmiAmi or GSC and Amazon still has the pre-order up for some reason and has none of the other nendos up. Any advice? Should I just try to grab a PO from someone giving up theirs and cancel my order?

sold by Amazon means it's legit

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