1 hour agoMarkingXMarkingX
That's okay. I'm okay. How are you? Haven't heard from you for awhile.
Still working at that toy place? Tell me all about what you've been up to. :)
1 hour agoHatoriKumikoHatoriKumiko
I've been waiting for this re-release ever since I missed the po last time... thank you kotobukiya <333
1 hour agomaron-makaronmaron-makaron
She looks great! I thought this was pre-painted at first and was about to try to find her online haha.
1 hour agogoliathfasagoliathfasa
Seems like Bluefin is releasing him in the west with some purple explody effects? (one of those Tamashii explosions)

Maybe it'll be more affordable than importing? (doubt it)
1 hour agogoliathfasagoliathfasa
danicruz29 (15 hours ago) #20464245According to Adam Newman(Senior Director of Bandai America). Due to the positive reception of S.H. Figuarts Chun-Li, their is a possiblity of making female variants although I'm not sure if the variants he is taking about is just a recolor or a new completely different costume so Decapre might be made if she get released as a playable character in the game(possibly in season 3-4?).

Interesting... I was surprised how well Chun-li sold, though after watching a few reviews, she does look solid and I quickly picked her up from one of the few remaining places still selling her.

Looks like I need to pick up Cammy ASAP as well, since she'll surely be sold out as well.

Ryu and Rashid... I can wait LOL.
1 hour agosarahbearsarahbear
I ordered her but I'm on the fence..
1 hour agogoliathfasagoliathfasa
danicruz29 (1 hour ago) #20495037Colored pics
[ext link ]
[ext link ]
Seems a little too big or is that how really big it is in real life?

Yeah just realized how big it is with the archetype figures inside.

Are you supposed to be able to stand upright in the back of one of those and still have plenty of headroom above you?
1 hour agoSuperYamSuperYam
Got Celty in today, and I think her bust size in person seems to fit her better (IDK in photos it just seems pretty focused lol). I was afraid they'd be too uh, eye catching, but I think they're fine. I had to heat up a little bit her grip hand in order to slide the scythe in. All in all more happy with her than I was with Shizuo.
1 hour agoelfenlied777elfenlied777
alazif03 (2 hours ago) #20494897Je comprends, j'espère que tu la trouveras à un meilleur prix. Pour ma part, je trouve que c'est un bon deal si on considère que c'est une figurine exclusive. Elle est quand même plus originale que Desmaria item #457101 qui vient d'être mise en préco et qui est à peu près au même prix.
J'ai vu que tu as précommandé Ping-Yi. Elle m'a un peu déçue, son visage surtout, du coup j'attends beaucoup de item #548307. J'aime encore plus l'illustration originale en terme de tenue et de pose.

C'est sûr, mais bon, ça fait encore cher pour une fig qui n'est pas si exceptionnelle que ça, et puis les exclues c'est la spécialité de Megahouse, alors ils peuvent aller se la mettre où je pense.

Honnêtement Ping Yi je ne sais pas encore si je vais vraiment la prendre à ce prix. Très chère pour ce que c'est, le visage est trop rond...du coup j'annulerai peut être d'ici là et attendrai qu'elle soit à prix correct. Les Taka ne sont dans l'ensemble pas hyper côtées en comparaison des Yamashita.
1 hour agoashtonleeashtonlee
Nothing this time either. Now I am tired of waiting saving up money for this. Let's see what happens many games coming out this month.
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)mukyuumukyuu
You could sort out your files in your computer, look for a new wallpaper or maybe even design your own if you know editing enough, go through anti-virus scan and defragging. Clean up your wishlist, create lists on MFC, even maybe add an item on database you have but it's not added.

You could also rearrange your collection, dust your figures, clean up merch or organize a shrine if you have items of a series enough, take pictures of items you have and don't have many pictures on the database, start a DIY project, figure related or not.

*These are also suggestions for myself lol
1 hour agoShimakaze69Shimakaze69
Darkwood (4 hours ago) #204897924 months later, how's her leaning? I hope she doesn't deform over time

4 months isn't very long, so she's still rock steady.
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)rozellerozelle
Hi! I find this article interesting. I hope to see more posts from you as I am still quite new to the site. :D

LOL that gif from Chuunibyou and devoting time, soul, and wallet. You started quite early! I wish I had started at that time too... when the exchange rates were at its peak. I only started 100% killing my wallet last summer. Life has never been the same since.

I've always told myself I would never collect any anime figurines until after I graduate from my current post-secondary program. But things don't always go as planned... do they? I usually only obsess over anime/manga without committing to buy merch >$50 each. Then my friend brought me to a local GSC partner shop and introduced me to nendoroids last year... and I just fell in love with this hell I mean hobby ever since. RIP wallet.
1 hour agoxCommandoxCommando
Bij shipped mine last night! Glad I paid ahead. :3
1 hour agoagentmozellagentmozell nerd extraordinaire
I showed this to my mom and she said "You'll regret it if you don't order it." So ordered! I have a bunch of Hobby Search point saved and I'll continue saving them to use on him. ♥
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)alazif03alazif03

Juste un petit mot pour te dire que grâce à Nippon Yasan, item #80601 devrait bientôt être à moi. Elle est en solde à 8400 JPY au lieu de 11400. Et du coup, item #298309, aussi à -25%, en a profité pour sauter dans mon panier. Depuis le temps que cette Miku me faisait de l'oeil! J'avais bon espoir que NY la solde et ça valait la peine d'attendre: la remise compense la TVA et le port (j'aurais aimé plus de rabais mais c'est déjà pas mal). J'avais d'ailleurs écrit un blog ce matin pour raconter mon aventure (parce qu'il m'a fallu des heures pour me connecter à NY à cause du monde qui s'y bousculait), mais MFC l'a effacé sans que je comprenne vraiment pourquoi. Bref, j'y réfléchirai à 2 fois avant de poster un prochain article et de perdre mon temps à l'écrire pour rien...

Bon, ce soir, je suis très heureuse, impatiente même que la Golden Week soit passée pour que mes 2 beautés me rejoignent... mais, niveau budget, je suis DEAD non seulement ce mois-ci mais aussi les 2-3 à venir. Il va falloir que je mette un bon coup de frein, enfin que j'essaye! Qui a dit que notre hobby était ruineux? Il faut reconnaître que c'est aussi la faute de NY: c'est vrai quoi, c'est eux qui ont décidé de faire des soldes maintenant sans prévenir - mauvaise foi, qui cherches-tu à convaincre?

Ah! j'oubliais, j'ai appris tout à l'heure que Mio allait encore se faire désirer jusqu'en juillet/août (gloups!) N'est pas diva qui veut! Là, je crois que je ne vais plus tenir et que sitôt qu'elle arrivera, je la déballerai avec ses copines! Quant à Yui, elle finira bien par venir un jour... en 2018 ou 2019... ou pour les 10 ans de K-ON!, mdr!!!!

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