59 minutes agoamthetrueheroamthetruehero
damnitchris (11 days ago) #22196082She's up for PO on Nippon yasan!!

Shez on there! Hurry to amiami
1 hour agoSureFiguresSureFigures
gundamuk (2 hours ago) #22646599Judging by this pic there is no question as to who "Baby" is in that Sir-Mix-a-Lot tune.
Nice to see you back on the boards.

LOL, Sonico ain't your average groupie.
Thanks so much! I've had a bunch of traveling obligations recently and it's nice to be back catching up with mfc.
1 hour agoKalasRavenKalasRaven
Ahhh!! Always great to see dog pictures make PotD!!! X3 Adorable dog, great shot!! Give him a hug for me!
1 hour agotharglettharglet
Plastic is really bad for picking up smoke smells. You really want to seal them away, best you can imo. With hard plastics, you can wash it off mostly, but softer, rubbery bits will absorb it, and be a nightmare to make it not smell anymore.

If you really want to see if they've picked up the stink, put one in a box for a day. Open box, and if it reeks to high heaven... well, that's what it's like being posted a figure from a smoker ><.

I've bought some Western figures that stank - one of them needed 2 rounds in the dishwasher :/. Not sure Japanese stuff is built to survive a round in the dishwasher.
1 hour agoBlackLemonBlackLemon
To really enjoy this hobby, you need confidence in just being yourself, imo. You can't be afraid to like what you like, if that makes sense. It's for you, not for anyone else. As previously stated, avoiding figures you love pretty much defeats the purpose. Figures are so expensive these days, too. Just get da biggest roundest sonico booty that you can and never look back :)

That being said, it sounds like you live in your parents home and are asking for them to buy (some of) these for you. In that case, their house, their rules. Pretty much have to talk to them about it, if it feels like you are on trial and you have to plead your case, probably a good indication they don't want it in their house.
1 hour agokamikazilucaskamikazilucas
xCommando (5 hours ago) #22638682I guess just cancel that and use a proxy instead. It's still in stock so you have time. i dont know how to do that and i heard its way more expensive,
1 hour agoWolfragniumWolfragnium
Poor Hotarun! Finally she found Komari and now she's in a pickle with those soldiers! Hope she can get out without problems!
1 hour agoOrionisOrionis
alazif03 (6 hours ago) #22637576He'll be even more furious if he is!
Angry face for this lol
1 hour agoLunarSkyeLunarSkye
13800 then? Phew, at least that's better, but still not ideal for me

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