20 minutes agoFate_of_a_SaberFate_of_a_Saber
V_Redgrave (1 hour ago) #18459253I liked them too, glad Scathach is going on preorder tomorrow.
I kinda hoped to see other nendoroids from GO, especially from super loved male servant as Waver, Merlin, Kintoki or Cu.
I hope GSC will someday do also a Da Vinci nendoroid (CharaForme is nice, but the more, the merrier), a scale would be also nice.
Speaking again of nendoroid, I dream of a nendo combo of Okita & Nobunaga, they would be hilarious with some GudaGuda faceplates!
Okita & Nobunaga nendoroids! OMG! good one that would be great! and yes we need more FGO nendoroids and also I am not a Cu fan but he does need a PVC and nendoroid it has been too long... I feel so bad for Cu fans.

I also need to get this someday item #331471
20 minutes agoheebjeebheebjeeb
Natsume is so tiny.. again. :(. Are we doomed to tiny natsume figs?
21 minutes agovyseoftheskiesvyseoftheskies
You know, considering it cost me just under 6k to ship the Starless/Lewdness figures (Mamiya Marie, Kuryuu Hazuki), and the fact that this looks to be even bigger/heavier, I think I might go with GSC. It'll be close either way, but I'd rather know my total for sure through GSC than fear what AmiAmi might charge me. Well, that and the price of EMS might increase even more over the year, so having that 2k price locked in through GSC would be nice.
22 minutes agoKaiserDragonKaiserDragon
LillyMay (4 months ago) #15044605Well I wasn't a huge fan of the other two uzukis, so maybe this one will turn out nice...

How bout the GSC "Crystal Night Party" Shimamu. She looks really nice imo (I've seen the figure herself).

I haven't got a figure from FREEing for quiet sometime now, PROTOTYPE looks good, will wait this one to be painted along with the other two girls.

FREEing NicoRinPana set looks good enough. So hopefully this one will too.
23 minutes agoEzilledEzilled
I'm selling Rin (2nd release) for $210 in like new condition. Free shipping within the US.
23 minutes agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board FinestRyeBread! :)

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24 minutes agolightforeverlightforever
Every time I get a notification of a comment I get my hopes up it's something good and when it's just someone asking for a re-release my soul dies a little.
24 minutes agoTamargotchiTamargotchi
Yeah i'm starting to feel that way too. If you start to accumulate stuff that you just use to fill in voids in your life, that's definitely the start. When you enter your room and you feel like you want to get out, that's another hint. In the end, it has to be livable, and it should not stress you.

Although I can still navigate my room, there are times I would feel claustrophobic because I see and feel the clutter.

So, in order to stop myself from losing all control, i'm purging and segregating things that I use and still want, from things I barely use and don't want. I'm seeing a bit of improvement but not enough. Slowly but steady though.

With regard to future purchases, you should also be able to police yourself if you're going overboard and think ahead: is there space for your incoming Preorders? Where are you going to display or store them when they arrive? But always, the most important question is: do I really need this? It helps me sift through the 'needs/wants' from the impulse buys.
25 minutes ago (25 minutes ago)EzilledEzilled
I'm selling Saber Lily Avalon Ver. for $120, which is in Like New condition. Box is in great condition. Tracked, insured, and free shipping within the US. Paypal only.
27 minutes agoKarumiKarumi Bishie Enthusiast
Tamargotchi (42 minutes ago) #18459744Vaulted, as in not produced anymore? And may I know which pops you are referring to? Because I can't seem to sell off my pops even at SRP. Maybe I'm just unlucky. :))
Indeed. Far too many to list. PopPriceGuide does a good job of keeping tabs on how much things are selling for and giving the average value, but the site is currently down. When it goes back up, you can search for what you have on that site and it will give you an approximate value. The site also has similar basic functions to MFC, as you can create an account and add things to your collection as well as a wishlist. You can also check on eBay (US version, sorted by buy it now only, lowest price first) to see what the current prices are.

However, this is all based on USD and in the US. It may be very different for you in the Philippines as pops are probably not as popular there. If it turns out that you do have some of value, you'd be best off selling to US collectors through eBay or Funko-related Facebook groups.
28 minutes agocanetoncaneton
coolorange (1 month ago) #17379819I can't believe I managed to get her for 10 bucks! I found it on Goodsrepublic which is a shop I know nothing about so I hope I don't get screwed over.

jealous~ i hope it went well for you, gloria needs more love!
28 minutes agoRaidriarRaidriar
Hello ( ・◡・)
30 minutes ago (29 minutes ago)EzilledEzilled
I'm selling my Ultimate Madoka for $210 shipped. Brand new and unonpened. Tracked, insured, and free shipping within the US. Paypal preferred.
32 minutes agoHS-KomomoHS-Komomo
Couldn't even tell if it was Bunny Style, or _Blade Style_
32 minutes agoTR-AXTR-AX
Bellkunn (1 hour ago) #18458881Im bored :o maybe we could make a kik for the club so we could have super awesome non stop convo? Lol idk

If enough people are interested, we might make a discord
32 minutes agoFigureGunplaFanFigureGunplaFan
HBD Ka...no, EXKurogane.
33 minutes agoVamppyVamppy
Hi, I have ordered 3 from GSC direct. ;D
If you want you can have one from my order. Just send me a PM! ^^
Damidnighter (11 hours ago) #18454109Was going to preorder, but, hell, with the shipping costs GSC charges the total's just too much for one nendoroid...
33 minutes agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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