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1 hour agoFishcaek-ChanFishcaek-Chan Super Waifu Fun time
This is so well done, there's so much detail!
I adore it!!♡♡
1 hour agoMeleeHellMeleeHell
reminds me of a character from taimanin yukikaze, pretty much insta buy for me
1 hour agoichig0oichig0o
horatio (16 hours ago) #22726143Thanks! The nya-nya face is from here [ext link ]
With the discounted price, you can get a pretty good deal for two Nendoroids plus a lot of music instrument accessories as well as a mini stage.

waaa thank you x the info
although i don't think they ship to romania :'c
1 hour agoHappyHikikomoriHappyHikikomori
If anyone is interested in buying her and is in the UK, let me know. I have one which hasn't been opened/ displayed and don't have the space to keep her. >_<
1 hour agoDribzDribz
SonicSweeti (5 hours ago) #22761226Sooo I missed preoders for Li Syaoran ;o; The website is a little confusing regarding his bonus item. If I buy him from GoodSmile shop online when he's released, will I still get his Compass Base Sheet?
You won't be able to order him from GoodSmile now unless they do a re-release down the road. They never carry in-stock items, so unless you can find a shop that's somehow selling him with the GSC bonus (which is highly unlikely), you're just going to have to order him elsewhere without it. Or, if you want to wait and see if he pops up on Ami Ami's pre-owned section later with the GSC bonus included, that's probably the only way you're going to get it. That, or someone giving up their pre-order from GSC.
1 hour agomachinmanmachinman
DarkMagician (3 hours ago) #22765247Erza : item #501878
Kuramoto : item #117974
This is a disaster an absolute train wreck easy pass for me the two oversized balloons completely ruin an otherwise beautiful figure I have two links above to show how real artist sculpt female breast that compliment the overall character I wouldn't advise wasting money on this poorly designed figure

but that one is closer to the original character design, size-wise oÔ;
1 hour agoTonk4tsuTonk4tsu
This is just incredible, everything looks perfect together, the poses, the background, everything. Level of detail is amazing. Kind of makes you think "hmm where is this place I want to visit".

Incredible picture love it. May I use it for my wallpaper?? ^^
2 hours ago (1 hour ago)silentwinter91silentwinter91
I don't think theres anything wrong with you specifically asking for those figures as gifts considering how supporting your family seems to be towards your hobby. Your folks would probably appreciate the fact you bothered to ask their opinion.

Taking your gender into account as well, it is more socially acceptable for girls to collect cute and pretty things.
2 hours agoarisatosexualarisatosexual the sleepiest princess
Sad to do it but I gotta cut some corners :( giving up my amiami preorder, pm for details
2 hours agoarisatosexualarisatosexual the sleepiest princess
Looking to give up an amiami preorder! Sad to do it, but gotta cut some corners :( pm for details!
2 hours agoarisatosexualarisatosexual the sleepiest princess
Looking to give up my amiami preorder! Pm for details!
2 hours agoMeleeHellMeleeHell
andypandy (1 day ago) #22674898Why in gods name would they re-release this color version now?

sigh yeah idk its really sucks. i own the limited one and i think the value of these is gonna drop like crazy now, not that i was planing on selling but it was nice to know i could maybe make my money back IF i decided to cell, guess not anymore.
2 hours agodarkmewsicdarkmewsic
okami34 (10 hours ago) #22741533Oh, you saw that comment did you? XD (Btw, hello to you too!)
But yes, practically all on my friends are unfamiliar with the T&B anime. Have you watched the series and/or seen any of the movies before? (I feel like you're probably going to yes. XD)

I've watched the original anime and the first movie of T&B. It was a really nice change of pace where the protagonist wasn't an angsty teen!
2 hours agoBlackApplePlusBlackApplePlus
The-Hurricane (4 hours ago) #22765010Ahh see your situation sounds like a different sort of situation, it sounds like the seller is being a liar and trying to rip you off. :( If they're misrepresenting the product that's another thing entirely. I'm sorry to hear you ran into an unscrupulous person like that! D:

Haha I kind of gave up on it already. But its hard to know where to draw the line though. Like I'll be paying half of the market price for it since it skyrocketed from retail so it does sound like a good deal even though its damaged, but I guess it'll be hard to swallow getting an item from a seller like that.
2 hours agoRusselRussel
wolfgenz (5 days ago) #22506573I wonder when hlj will send out payment requests sinc bij is sending them already~

Do you recieved the payment request? I'm a little bit nervous, because I'm ordered last minute, when they re-opened... :D
2 hours agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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2 hours agoKazusaKazusa
quiet interesting
i need to see the final result not just a quick 3D result
2 hours agoMelKeigoMelKeigo ~Honey Fairy~
Wow this looks amazing, great composition!

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