2 hours agochookypoohchookypooh
Same for (mfc link) and (mfc link) they need to be deleted because they're duplicate of (mfc link)
2 hours agoKiraYamato44KiraYamato44 凛遙✿(>ノ、<)x(ㅎ_ㅎ)✿Destine...

Thank you for the FR! XD

2 hours agoMastraCustomMastraCustom
I've one for sale, opened but never exposed, perfect.
If anybody is interested please contact me :)
2 hours agoKiraYamato44KiraYamato44 凛遙✿(>ノ、<)x(ㅎ_ㅎ)✿Destine...

Sorry to butt in, but can you please go through the items you added and put the right classifications as well? Like keychain, Acrylic Keychain, etc? Also, the release date is listed here, so the run should be limited and exclusive since the cafe is operating temporary.
Here's the page with the info:

[ext link ]

Thank you in advance.
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)FrozenMadameFrozenMadame
Sure I'd love to join! And I've also read the rules!
2 hours agoalazif03alazif03
Retour ici!

J'ai reçu le Nendo d'Al Azif aujourd'hui, tu as peut-être eu la figurine? Al a déjà rejoint mon étagère Nitro+: picture #1783522

Que penses-tu de item #464608? J'ai été agréablement surprise, je trouve que c'est la meilleure figurine de Luka jusqu'à maintenant. Je la préfère à la V4X et la Hanairogoromo. Je regrette néanmoins l'absence de micro ou une base plus en rapport avec la musique. La Miku Tell Your World a ses écouteurs donc elle reste dans le thème (je parle de mon étagère "Musique/Danse"). Je trouve quand même le visage très beau: picture #1783104.
2 hours agogoldfriesgoldfries
ptitange23 (7 days ago) #22443756Beautiful !!!Kirenisa (7 days ago) #22418891pretty :DXRaptor7 (7 days ago) #22415137Eyy I saw this when it first popped up and was the first to score it, glad to see it made it to the top 5.

I apologize to all of you for the late reply, thank you for your support. :)

Glad to see this simple pic hit Top 5.
2 hours agoheekyunggx3heekyunggx3 Queen's Watchdog's Wife
Daichukiyo (2 hours ago) #22768552Wow, such an amazing loot! ^^ You have so many nice things and I love how you've set out your blog post with adorable dividers, it was so nice to look at ~ ♡

hehe thank you so much!! I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed it, especially the dividers ^o^ <3
2 hours agoJenthehenJenthehen Otaku at Law
I'm sure everyone has given good advice, but I moved with detolfs and I just took out the shelves and wrapped them carefully in towels in a box. We used a moving company, but all they did was wrap the shelves in comforter type blankets with duct tape and lift them and put them in and out of the moving van. There was no damage :)
2 hours agoR_KasaharaR_Kasahara ( =₃=)*
Prima Games is coming out with an English-language P5 artbook in the fall, though it doesn't appear to be a localization of this one (it'll be 432 pages, according to Amazon, and I don't think Prima's ever directly localized Japanese artbooks/guides anyway). I wonder how the two will compare...
2 hours agoValestein3Valestein3 500 frames per second
The background is stunning! Having the marina as the background is a great set-up and the little rustic storefront gives the picture a "homey" feel to it.

It reminds me of the little storefronts near Manila Bay from the Philippines.
2 hours agoDaichukiyoDaichukiyo
Wow, such an amazing loot! ^^ You have so many nice things and I love how you've set out your blog post with adorable dividers, it was so nice to look at ~ ♡
2 hours agoloveanimeloveanime
RockGodItachi (1 day ago) #22685264AmiAmi double pack: [ext link ] ;)
I like the double pack, it makes the decision to between variants so much easier :-)
2 hours agoTiggerSharkTiggerShark
SillyNoodle (9 hours ago) #22746470You should try asking kotobukiya for a replacement part! Since there re releasing it they should have extras :)!
I hadn't thought of that... I'll have to give it a try! Thanks for the suggestion :D
2 hours agoDanoasisDanoasis
CrazyBilkes (3 hours ago) #22766847Wait so you've already gotten yours from TOM? How? I've had mine on preorder since the first day they put her up on their site.

Yah, I've got mine like two weeks ago. I saw her in-stock and bought it, that was in May, so it wasn't a preorder. I suggest you to send them a message about the issue.
2 hours agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Thworsh (11 hours ago) #22735905it's actually 4500 jpy now (including previous orders), just received notification :(
Yeah :(. Really bummed about that. I think I may cancel.
2 hours agoKiraYamato44KiraYamato44 凛遙✿(>ノ、<)x(ㅎ_ㅎ)✿Destine...

I need a MOD's opinion on a new product by License Agent
item #593092

I have it listed as apparel and I want to make sure it's the correct choice. They really didn't add any product description:
[ext link ]

Thank you in advance.

2 hours agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
karaya (18 hours ago) #22723554I've had a terrible financial year so far so i've been "restraining" myself off buying gizmos like crazy as i usually do...i honestly think the worst part was loosing my PS4...RIP ToZ and ToB progress T_T.
I did let it all lose a couple of weeks ago though, waiting for more items to arrive at FromJapan then im expecting a hell of a haul to arrive next month. Ill most likely do a loot blog as usual, just annoyed im either stuck to ask for extension time until August or just do another shipment when ToZ the X Blu-ray part II comes out. I'd rather pay one shot expensive shipping than have little packages left and right.

Oh no! Did you have to sell your PS4? This is why I'm glad (usually) that 3DS games are saved on the actual cartridge. I think that'd be handy with console games as well.

Woo! I like looking at all your stuff and living vicariously. Be sure to let us (me?) know when it's up!

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