50 minutes agotak10tak10
they are way cheaper than i was expectng but seeing almost 17k yen in your chart hurts anyway :D
makoharu will heal me
50 minutes ago (39 minutes ago)whitewinterdustwhitewinterdust
I already missed figma Shielder (item #396894); I mustn't miss this one~
But damn, Dangerous Beast definitely comes with dangerous price...
51 minutes ago (50 minutes ago)braquistocrombraquistocrom
He's on play-asia for $54.99 [ext link ] with free international shipping (this week only)
51 minutes agoMagusfiguresMagusfigures
I got my boyfriend into figure collecting, and I'm always excited when he sees something he wants to add to his collection. I'm way more up-to-date with figure news than he is, so I always let him know when characters he likes get figures. He was so happy when his Fire Emblem best girl got a figure item #198363; it made me happy just watching him fanboy C: lord knows he puts up with my fangirling as it is haha

I'm definitely supportive of my friends joining me in this hell hobby!
52 minutes agoGoldenDarknessGoldenDarkness
Usagi1987 (1 hour ago) #18458702[ext link ]
Nippon Yasan :)

Ordered... Yeah! ♡
January is a good time for me xD
52 minutes agoStalgonoffStalgonoff
Jenthehen (15 hours ago) #18449997I didn't know until really recently that Revolve was making a Holo! I'm excited b/c their quality has been great so far! I think maybe the final light novel came out not too long ago, so maybe that's why several Holo figures are getting made now? I'm not totally sure ~
Thanks for the info I'll keep an eye out on Revolve's. I've been wanting a Holo figure, but they are pretty pricey. I have to pass on this one though, since I'm not in a spot where I can afford to pay for a figure right now.
54 minutes agoEonKittenEonKitten
His expression is perfect for this set up. ^_^
54 minutes agostrikeforceagentstrikeforceagent
Wow two eBay auctions listed her at over $1k USD. Dang.
55 minutes ago (48 minutes ago)zero-kiryuzero-kiryu
Figure has a lean and box is damaged, so I'm selling mine for $40 AUD (or best offer) + shipping. Contact for photos.
55 minutes agoBlackfire89Blackfire89
Hello there~

welcome here and i think i've never read an Article or Diary here, which had no response so you should expect the opposit here~

55 minutes agoBellkunnBellkunn
Found it!
56 minutes agolluviakatelluviakate
Happy Birthday!!!
56 minutes agoAirtailAirtail
eromaster (3 hours ago) #18455677That's laptop screen ^^ Omg, SMART!
56 minutes agoDaQiaoDaQiao
At least, it's just another month.
Hope this will be final.
57 minutes agoAOS-AOS-
Am I the only one bothered by the width of that smile?

Maybe I'm just spoiled on manga-style tiny lips or something.
59 minutes agokristo_81kristo_81
Happy birthday! Have a good one!
59 minutes agosulukungsulukung
Kaname as in trap Kaname?
1 hour agoBellkunnBellkunn
Idk how to accept request Dx
1 hour agoAOS-AOS-
Daisicle (4 days ago) #18352824Proportions look a bit off, but hopefully they can fix that before release :)

Direction where she's looking is not faithful to the illustration either.

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