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View spoilerHide spoilerGothamKnight97 (1 day ago) #24973179I have read and agree to the rules. Thank you in advance!booksen (1 day ago) #24972892I have read and agree to the rules. Thank you!

invites sent!
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Nia-kun (2 days ago) #24918499I'm glad this is real and I'm happy but... what about Yuma? or Yuuya? or Judai or Yuusei? We barely have anything from those ones and I'm betting a lot of fans (including myself) would like those. VRAINS is so new but Yusaku ALREADY gets a figma???? I know it's all about selling and what's popular right now but... come on...

I'd love to see Yuma and Astral. Lol like Astral would ever get a figma regardless of Yuma getting one or not :'D.

I've given up trying to understand the MO of figure companies honestly. There are so many figures they make that people already KNOW aren't going to sell, period, and yet they continue to pump them out dutifully, and yet there are tons of other figures that get completely ignored for basically zero reasons.

It mystified me when figma didn't continue the Free! line. Regardless of my feelings on the series (i.e. I'm biased because I like it lol) the figmas obviously sold QUITE well. I almost can't believe they didn't make a Rin figma at the very least. It's one of those things I would just LOVE to be able to ask the company what the f*** they were thinking.

The same with not continuing the One Punch Man line. I don't know if they're waiting to hype up the second season or something, but I doubt it. Genos (and maybe Sonic, but at least Genos) would make me slightly forgive the disaster of a Saitama figma they put out.

They'll make shit like this:

item #604469

But they act like some of the most popular series out right now and older ones are like poison.

I know we all know this is how they work, often completely ignoring what a huge subsection of fans want in order to push seemingly random and unpopular shit, but it's still so frustrating.
1 hour agootakusanotakusan
selling mine in mint condition with all original packaging.
sale #133593
any canadian buyers looking? posted price is USD
1 hour agootakusanotakusan
selling mine in mint condition. Location in Canada
sale #133596 posted price is USD
2 hours agoValestein3Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
This is so cute! I love the arrangement!
2 hours agoweebprincessweebprincess
Excuse me? On what grounds are you accusing me of this? :/
2 hours agoPrettybarfPrettybarf
bayubekha (16 days ago) #24422146even griffon could be better.Honestly griffon is like max factory in comparison at this point, especially now that they got their shit together
2 hours agoarisatosexualarisatosexual the sleepiest princess
Still trying to find a taker for my amiami preorder!! PM me if you're interested!
2 hours ago (1 hour ago)SliceolyfeSliceolyfe
They even got the hair right holy shit easiest preorder of my figure collecting life lol, especially because of the price. Her hair would be so easy to mess up and they didn't, that's impressive honestly. 10/10 figure just based off that, it looks so cool!

A LOT of good characters/figures get ruined because they just goof up on the hair or face. But this Celestia has that perfect shiteating/smug face that is true to her character holy shit I love it. Even her nails are nice AHHHHHHHHHHHH

DR figures are always done so goddamn well it's crazy.
2 hours agojzdavidjzdavid
azusamukami (2 hours ago) #25029258Did you order from animaru? If so, do you pay up front or when the item is ready for shipment?

pre ordered her in NY :) [ext link ] you will pay when the item is in stock. :)
2 hours agorufusdrumknottrufusdrumknott
Now I'm starting to regret not getting her too :'D Adorable picture, well done!
2 hours agoazusamukamiazusamukami
jzdavid (6 hours ago) #25022688I have secured my order! :)
Did you order from animaru? If so, do you pay up front or when the item is ready for shipment?
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)HentaiXXXHentaiXXX
Lol, Check out the figures i owned. I don't give a damm and i just buy! Bought my first H-Figure while i was in Akihabara. I saw it and i fell in love with it. Bought it and no regret. One of my friends knows i love these kind of figures and he doesn't give a damm too. My brother doesn't give a damm also.

If you are embarrassed of owning it, either don't buy it or don't let others know. I choose to only let me closest friend know and we often discuses about the newest figures up-coming. As for my parents, they doesn't care as much.

Currently, I have most of my H-figures in the box un-opened. The ones i have displayed are in a shelf with doors like this. I'm planning to display all of them when i move to my new house.
2 hours ago (1 hour ago)angelbottangelbott
I am so sad for it don't have with postcard I really looking forward to see mine with it.. :( orz
edited: have clean postcard photo? I'd love to see it.. ;w; I don't mind someone can give away this new postcard in white envelope. I will be fine to pay shipping safe package around it. :)
2 hours agoangelbottangelbott
Very nice! :) I am so sad about I don't have it..as I paid for this.. :( orz

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