1 hour agoJunkocchiJunkocchi
I just paid makoto and haru and my wallet is slowly crying, because i also had a calendar and armin to pay... but i can't wait to have them! I'm so excited. :)
1 hour agoCrush-ZombieCrush-Zombie
...If this actually looks like Mark Hamill...
1 hour agoKilluakunKilluakun
such plain and boring boxes....
1 hour agoIusttnekIusttnek
Carokoneko (6 hours ago) #2431949So we'll probably see her painted by then :3

Yup! :3
Absolutely. I am just crossing my fingers that she isn't a fami-ma kuji... -_-
Otherwise, I will have to go to Japan again to get her... like the spring fami-ma Miku this year.
1 hour agox_enomotox_enomoto
Just curious. I'm surprised of how this fig didn't sell at the beginning, and now is sold out everywhere. I though that SAO fans didn't like this fig for how it portrays Asuna, what happened then?
1 hour agoThe_Omega_ManThe_Omega_Man
Preordered, 6060Yen for a Figma oh my god what am I doing!?, but I couldn't resist, it looks spectacular and it might sell out quick.
1 hour agoBOiNGBOiNG
Seeing the horror that is figma MGS2 Snake's pricing, anyone wanna guess how much this is going to cost? For reference, Bandai's S.H. Figuarts Sakura's MSRP starts at 5,000 yen.
Winner winner, chicken dinner!
1 hour agokurobakuroba
Items: Picktam! Dangan Ronpa 1 & 2 (Hinata) and Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Yura Yura clip (Twogami)
Shipping time: 23/10-31/10
Comment: Items arrived perfectly with a cute note. Thanks!
1 hour ago (57 minutes ago)IusttnekIusttnek
I am getting her for the 2 faceplates, the mountaineering equipment clothes and those 2 sleeping bags. :3
It actually nice to see how she comes with the standard mountaineering stick that all the Japanese climbers use.


I wonder if she comes with the red and the blue or it's a toss up which you will get...

Gonna replace her head with Miku and that's my new default Nendoroid to bring with me when I go off on hiking trips. :3
Since I have 2 of those Miku style sleeping bags from the Ver. 2 Miku, I am thinking I should use those for her when I go camping. :)
1 hour agonataporinatapori
My amiami invoice send to me at afternoon.It's shipping cost to southeast asia just 2,400 yen for EMS.I'm waitting to get Mako & Haru.Yeah
1 hour agoTakeTake
Sekhmet (2 hours ago) #2432333Glad you got him! I was surprised he stayed up there for as long as he did since I've never seen him on their pre-owned section. I can't believe he wasn't priced around 30000 yen or something. Even Sora was only around 4950 yen (or something close). Amiami shipping is never fun to get an invoice of......but damn, sometimes their pre-owned section brings people some good prices.
Be careful, Sora was a C condition though, so that explained the cheap price. Riku stayed up for only 2 hours, but I admit I was surprised to see him still up. I was a little bit anxious while ordering him, I was afraid he would turn out OOS if I wasted any second lol.
1 hour agoCh3rrychiCh3rrychi
WOW .. her dress is yellow instead of black.. LOL …. worst painting I've ever had ...
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)KinkslinksKinkslinks #1 Noiz Fan
ronnibun41 (2 hours ago) #2432331That would be wonderful if they considered doing these guys as well. Especially Mizuki. Needs more love ;^; I also would love to see Aoba in his Chiral Night outfit (this one item #111576) :o or any of the boys in their alternate clothing (white day, valentines day, summer festival)
1 hour agoxxnickiyxxxxnickiyxx
Popping by here to say that I mainly use TaobaoFocus. I love how you can get an exact estimate of the items without having to actually place your order or input the shipping weight and dimensions.
The downside is that they don't actually speak English, at least their online support doesn't. They just use google translate from English to Japanese and reversed. That means that if something goes wrong it can actually take forever for them to realise what's wrong and they could end up blaming you because they don't understand.
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)nick_clarknick_clark
baldvr (7 hours ago) #2431853Pídelo por Unreg SAL que son 400 yen menos, es decir, entre 600 y 800 yen (la única diferencia es el nº de seguimiento que, en realidad, no sirve para nada). Y si pides alguna figura más para ese mes, al combinar los gastos de envío te ahorras un dinerillo.

Pues creo que lo haré, nunca he tenido problema alguno con los pedidos norteamericanos con ese tipo de envío, la cosa es que he leído que cuando no entra por Unreg SAL te lo meten automaticamente por EMS y eso me caga mucho xD Pero no creo que esta figura pese mucho, así que lo intentaré, espero que AmiAmi me permita cambiar el modo de envío u_u ¿Tú eliges Unreg SAL a menudo?

Gracias!! :D

Edito: Ya lo he cambiado, a esperar toca XD creo que eres el primer español que veo por aquí!
1 hour agoKaohKaoh
ButzPuff (16 hours ago) #2431006Found a Nano Nendoroid Used Online, Used with a slightly damaged box with pictures from the seller for $80 with Shipping included. Can anyone tell me if they think it's a good deal?
No, if Nano rereleases with Professor, but that's a mystery for now. And yes if vice versa.
1 hour agoaeonblueaeonblue Spooky Scary Skeleton
Take (4 hours ago) #2432112The firewall seems down today. I'm not entirely satisfied with this one since he looks so girly, but oh well, I suppose for just one day it will do the trick or treat. I found some amazing things while looking for Suga pictures too! Look at this (ext link) dskjrjgegjkej I can't even... This might be my new profile picture at some point. I laughed so much at you staring at this picture, though admittedly it's disturbingly cute.
He looks like he's up to no good. That is cute and very Suga but why not go with the best? View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i58.tinypic.com/eqdcp.png Don't try and lie to me, I know you were staring and smiling like a perverted lunatic too :>
1 hour agoneLneL irl magical girl
Lol at first glance I thought the bases said Akoto and Aruka
1 hour agotaksontakson
Amazon Japan has it for less than 2000 yen, and I'm very tempted to have it forwarded via Big in Japan without repacking cause I'm very curious to see how Amazon Japan does their local delivery boxes and I won't be sad at all if Levi Pulchra does not survive the overseas shipping gauntlet via reg sal.

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