Woozy Moo
2 hours agoSakuranokazeSakuranokaze
Lireli (8 hours ago) #20410729Where are people ordering this from in Canada? The KotoUS store wants $35 shipping >_>
I just ordered him from Kotobukiya Japan and sent him to my forwarder. It's free domestic shipping so I'll just need to pay the international shipping and 200yen forwarding fee later.
2 hours agoEternalVendettaEternalVendetta
Has anyone had their order from Kirin Hobby ship? It was supposed to be released in January according to their site, and they haven't responded to emails regarding the ship date for this item.
2 hours agosnowfeisnowfei snack expert
Happiest of Birthdays! :D!! I hope it was a good one.
2 hours agohamstercorphamstercorp
XRaptor7 (13 hours ago) #20400887Wow my depth perception is bad. I was looking at it as if Kashima was in front of Shimakaze and was wondering what she was grinning about. Scrolled down and finally realised what was happening.
And now that you say that, I can see it, too. I could have done a better job.
2 hours agohamstercorphamstercorp
Crescent (14 hours ago) #20396060Destroyer spotted! It has barely any hull armor. Shall we engage then, captain?
Full broadside into the stern!
2 hours agohamstercorphamstercorp
Heldrik (22 hours ago) #20373662I see London, I see France;
I see that girl's underpants.

But can you really say that if it's a thong that's barely there...?
2 hours agookami34okami34
I will on get Len because I need a man in kimono badly! DX
2 hours agoFaytTheCountFaytTheCount
So I decided to ship both Sonico and Kyouko together, after doing some math it ended up coming to be close to the same price. Ended up going with EMS for it and was pretty surprised it wasnt that much compared to if they were shipped separately. But my question is for Kyouko's box is it the same design as her original or did they give her a new one?
2 hours agodiamonddogsdiamonddogs
I'm not still actively looking for Liquid Snake, but if you have one for sale I wouldn't mind hearing how much :)
2 hours agoronnibun41ronnibun41
tomatoofdoom (3 hours ago) #20420634This is such an awesome display!! I love the lights and the way you hung the keychains :>

Thanks! :D
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)okami34okami34
Yes, I see and live that struggle too. I love to draw what I want with my own style, but most companies won't care about that. They'll only care about if I can meet their "requirements" and that can take the fun out of a dream job. I don't really mind learning the skills I need to know for my art classes because those skills do also help me improve on my drawing, but it sucks when I can't draw what I want sometimes. To cope with that, I draw whatever I want in a separate sketchbook (I have another sketchbook that is required for my art classes and I have to do boring still lives and figure studies.)

I hope Cybersecurity works out for you, the government is going to cut off TOPS soon. Be careful about how you use your money, if you intend to switch majors again.
2 hours agoglobal_tornadoglobal_tornado
Be warned, the actual color is way off from these pictures. Buy the Episode 7 kit instead. That kit includes extra parts to make this version.
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)maggiemaggie
I'm waiting for the main stores to get their stock... almost always they buy extra and will have stock for a few days upon release
2 hours agoglobal_tornadoglobal_tornado
Not only is this version the correct color, it also contains parts to make both claw arms and the shield. You can make all the parts and swap freely between either forms, making the older kit completely obsolete.
3 hours agomilkfrappemilkfrappe
Hi there I'm looking to sell my Kotori!
She's new (unopened). $140USD with free shipping.
3 hours agoMakaizouMakaizou
Is this character really this popular? I'm still amazed at how fast it's selling out..
3 hours agoHongZhiZhuHongZhiZhu
What a delightful photo! (and that pear cake looks amazing.)
Thanks to you and your mother for sharing the recipe. \(^▽^)/
3 hours agotomatoofdoomtomatoofdoom
This is such an awesome display!! I love the lights and the way you hung the keychains :>

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