2 hours agoGalaxiaGalaxia
Ah, the good ole forever yaoi bed.
2 hours agosknyskny
Kiron (7 hours ago) #6638058One word: bukkake

Hey now, that would involve several people.
Think thats going overboard thinking of a single plastic figure.
2 hours agoRueleerRueleer
saharali (1 day ago) #6591914Oh god he's g o r g e o u s
Really making me reconsider my no more scales rule...

Sameee. Or rather for me, the 'no buying figs of characters you don't love!' DX;;;
2 hours agoMrsRococoMrsRococo ♥ Nice to meet you! ♥
d2hiriyuu (5 days ago) #6495683Selling mine $25+ shipping Wanted to ask you about this but your inbox is full :(
2 hours agoRueleerRueleer
Cute selection~! I squeed when I saw the Izaya (bcuz even tho I don't know the character very well, I absolutely love that fig of him. Same deal with Saber Red too, haha). A very stylish Valentine he would be, indeed~ |D
2 hours agoraijinn21293raijinn21293
Sweet Sonico collection you have going~ ^o^
2 hours agoeizveizv
I guess she'll be released on October/November? Wondering if they'll include the cat and the pumpkins...
2 hours agotecchentecchen
I ordered her, it'll be my first Snow Miku! Whether or not I get more in the future is unclear, ahaha..

Btw, I ran into a lot of trouble getting my order in, just a couple hours ago. It kept saying there was an issue processing the order, is that normal?
2 hours agosknyskny
Sounds... lewd
2 hours agoJortegaJortega
littleblack (1 day ago) #6614860selling Him used for 110USD Free ship within US.

What is the condition of the figure? I might be interested.
2 hours agoMuntoeMuntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・人・...
Wow that's a lot of boobs. Nice collection!
2 hours agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board Jortega! :)

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2 hours agoMusso92Musso92
jimreynold2nd (4 hours ago) #6638265Broken wing peg here too. I used a 1/16" drill bit to drill out the old peg, carved 2 pieces of toothpicks to fit, and use them as the new peg. Works pretty well so far. You don't need very close tolerance, because her hair sort of keep the wing in place for you already.
picture #1478171
But seriously, I would expect bigger pegs, or metal ones.

Woah, i didn't think of that, thanks for the tip. How did you carved the pieces of toothpicks into the plastic?

And by the way yes, the wings are not so easy to put so, for that price i would expect something better.
2 hours agoCr4zyDuckCr4zyDuck
Well it might not be Alter or Stronger's quality but she really doesn't look that bad to be. I might consider getting her when her release will be announced, hopefully this year.
2 hours agoTrafalgar_DLawTrafalgar_DLaw
Hello? are you active? Can you help? how to bring them close together...
2 hours agoeizveizv
I can pretty much trust Revolve since they made item #212677 pretty good outside MF/GSC/Alter trio. It's an instant buy from me unless those trinity makers make their own versions.
2 hours agoSekhmetSekhmet Probably a Fangirl
Raze (14 days ago) #6301966View spoilerHide spoiler
I haven't played Star Ocean 4. Wow, it sounds like a crazy long game if you do all the side stuff. Metal Gear New Game+ playthroughs are the same as Revengeance that you get some new items and that's about it.
The Tales series is so huge I'm not sure I want to get knee deep into it. I have Tales of Xillia but I haven't played it yet.
That's funny how your mother has more Disney merch than your anime things combined. XD I got a few things back in the day and I'm glad I didn't go nuts; Disney is an expensive brand! I was kinda into Hello Kitty but it didn't take off, either, thankfully. There is so much stuff.
All I gotta say is, you appreciate FF XIII-2 a lot more after playing Lightning Returns! The surroundings are so much prettier compared to LR. More importantly, no lame timer. Overall, I have enjoyed the whole FFXIII saga. As for Type-0 I wasn't able to play it until the PS3 version had been announced and even then I still haven't played it.
I was going to buy The Last of Us when the price dropped for the PS3 but it never really did after the usual time. Then the PS4 remaster was announced which made sense why the price didn't drop. So now I've put off getting the game even longer after hearing the remaster has a director's commentary. I really liked this bonus in Left 4 Dead game as games hardly ever have this kind of bonus. I started to watch a movie of TLoU but I haven't finished. I want to, but I also want to play the game so I'm debating. I don't know when I'll get a PS4 so I might not get around to playing for another year or so if I go for the PS4 version. After getting major feels after that first big thing that happens to Joel, I want to see the rest of that story.
I can't pick an all-time favorite game. I like a lot of them for many reasons. I don't have PS+. I don't buy games that often that I'd need the subscription. The Silent Hills and Resident Evils I've played have been my dose of survival horror games; they're pretty expansive series with a lot of games. Fatal Frame I rented the first game a long time ago.
All I recall of the Black Butler postcard was the 10th anniversary.

Ah if you have Xillia do play it when you can and Xillia-2, they are great! One of the best Tales games imo. Graces f is great too, although a lot of people hate on it for some stupid reason or another. Do you like tactical games? Project x Zone is pretty good, plus it has Dante XD I'm excited for the sequel, due out the same week as Fire Emblem! Too much to play. Yeah I did appreciate XIII-2 more after Lightning Returns but idk, there were things I enjoyed from both games but I didn't enjoy either as much as I enjoyed XIII. I actually enjoyed quite a few places in LR, like riding around at night in.......damn I can't remember the name :O It was the place where you save that oh so important riding around at night was so pretty and hunting the animals until it went extinct was pretty fun but yeah, screw that timer. It was a bitch. And I didn't understand anything as it pertained to Hope, like, wth? I still don't understand how he went from a big boy to a lil boy again........I mean I understand why in the game but like, I don't get it........and the epilogue for LR was pfftt. Didn't like it. I liked this one area in XII-2 where it was like all sandy.......but it had a dark I seem like I'm babbling here trying to explain the areas from the XIII saga I liked haha.

The PS4 at first didn't have anything for it that I wanted aside from a few remasters that were PSN games anyways. I got the FF Type-0 PS4 item #359259 because it just looked so badass so I didn't get one for awhile after it launched. Type-0 was the first game I got for it and I have enjoyed several indie titles on it. Have you ever heard of Contrast? It's a pretty fun game, very visually appealing and has the theme and vibe of the burlesque 20s. One of my faves from the PSN titles for PS4 but it's also available for PS3 so check it out if you can! Another great one is Dust: An Elysian Tale. It's such a sweet game. A side scroller entirely but it is a hack n slash game at its core, very reminisce of DMC! I think it is on PS3 too. Don't ever play Sound shapes, not unless you want to face pure evil. Ah you can't pic an all time favorite game? It's a hard thing to do, I just try to pick one from each genre but even that is difficult.

Oh mom has an abundance of Disney merch. She could open her own store. She has this one Evil Queen Designer doll as pictured here View spoilerHide spoiler and it is just stunning! Me and my sister actually bought that for her for her bday one year and of course she loves it but holy hell it was expensive 0.O And don't get me started on Disney ornaments. It is kind of an xmas tradition in my house to buy each other ornaments and my mom goes all out. One year she spent about $500 on ornaments.......I was like jeezus ma what did you buy. The ornaments are only like $20 a piece so I was like dayum. Shes like well I didn't want them to sell out.....this is why she understands my hobby haha. Speaking of which did you fancy anything from wonfes? I wasn't too thrilled, just some prototypes I saw finally colored and whatnot.
2 hours agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board Legendofcoffee! :)

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2 hours agoeizveizv
Definitely one of the best in-character figure of her. She has a very beautiful face and nice pair of long legs! I can do without that big hole in her ar*e though but can't complain very much for what's available out there.

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