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2 hours ago (2 hours ago)NagafigmaNagafigma
It absolutely meets the guidelines. We all know garage kit photos are rare. And, Melon pan has rare and valuable garage kits and resin figures that could not be found by other means by the Internet. You also get a sense of scale as he licks the figures. This piece of information would help anyone pay 6000-10000 yen for one of those figures.
2 hours agoUnitaUnita
Necroid_Neko (26 days ago) #8199813I wouldn't sell my soul for it, but I'd offer up my wallet for a scale of every outfit and card - and Tomoyo, Madison, Yue, Ruby, Keroberos, Spinel Sun & Clow Reed, ofc Yes to all of this. And again, YUE. NOW. Proper scaled one please.
2 hours agochookypoohchookypooh
water-landmark (2 hours ago) #9412474I've decided that I want to expand the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon stuff here. There's a lot of stuff I found after much investigating. I'll tell you if I need any assistance. :D

I'm glad to hear that hehe! Can't wait to see about the stuff you found~
And sure, I'll be glad to help if I can :D
2 hours agoiced_wineiced_wine
what's the difference between this one and the other munechika nendo besides the outfit? asking b/c I've never had a nendoroid co-de before.
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)4Tristan14Tristan1
FaytTheCount (2 days ago) #9322514I saw this on AnimePoko for about (U.S 87.99)+ shipping, but kind of weary of them, would anyone recommend them or look somewhere else?
From what I've heard they're a scam or completely incompetent. (ext link)

Definitely don't order from them.
2 hours agowater-landmarkwater-landmark
I've decided that I want to expand the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon stuff here. There's a lot of stuff I found after much investigating. I'll tell you if I need any assistance. :D
2 hours agotheyasminshowtheyasminshow Runcible Rebel
I went broke just looking at her, fuck
2 hours agowater-landmarkwater-landmark
BloodFlower (2 days ago) #9290756I removed the unneccessary double origin (generic Pocket Monsters), removed the description as we really do not have the promotional description of a game on the game entry, we add it to the origin description, and added the JAN code which is required for being allowed in the database. There's nothing really to add back. Chunsoft, the developer, has to be added. Not Spike Chunsoft, just regular Chunsoft. Also, The Pokemon Company is a notable publisher. I don't know where 4800 yen came from, as on the official Japanese Explorers of Time and Darkness, the price is 4571 yen, like most other Japanese Pokemon games. So, there is stuff to change and add back.
2 hours agomiishkaamiishkaa
i'll buy this and eat oatmeal for the rest of the year, i don't give a shit. come at me, good smile.
2 hours agoNaelythNaelyth
Selling Ren complete with his box (but no bonuses) for $240 USD. Shipping is free within the continental US. Please PM if you're interested, thank you! :)
2 hours agoVeilaVeila
levantine (14 hours ago) #9382754View spoilerHide spoilerI couldn't care less what people think of me on here, or most of the internet for that matter. c:
I just wanted to let you all know that I think this figure is dog crap and is better off not existing. An opinion on a figure I am rightfully entitled to, especially because I actually at least owned it. If you want to express why you think it's great, go ahead. Talk about how you got it, why it's special, but you shouldn't have a negative impression of someone just because they didn't like something you did - enough to destroy it.
I'm sorry but Roman Numerals aren't rocket science, we live in a day and age where everyone has an infinite source of knowledge in their pockets. If not, an infinite source of knowledge at home on their computers (which were both definitely available at the time). I don't see how you could defend such ignorance. They found a deal that equated to 0 on its own, and at least -10/10 for the experience associated with it. Again, it doesn't matter if it was a literal pile of shit or these figures, they both equate to 0 (or less).
You can't fathom things like disrespect because you likely stick with that kind of social conditioning, where you believe that's how someone should treat all gifts and how you should act during certain circumstances. It almost feels like you didn't read what I wrote properly, as you've ended up in a judgmental and presumptuous hole. I see it as justified and a completely appropriate way to deal with it. It is my gift, it is my decision, I am entitled to feel as I do and to think as I do. I and most people expect that a family who had known me for that long should know exactly that I wouldn't appreciate a gift like that. Of course I would pretend at the time that I was OK with it, they sat around my room doing nothing for a couple of years. Again, remind me why I should be grateful of thoughtlessness? Why should I be grateful for ignorance? You wouldn't throw it into a fire, that's good for you. Do whatever you like, right? The idea here is that you and I share entirely different lives and different opinions. Again, if you had read properly you would understand that the gift exchange was EQUAL, that's just how we do it here - if you don't do it that way then don't force your "don't expect gifts of equal value" opinion on me. You're being a bigot. Just because I was 17 doesn't mean I didn't understand the value or was given something valuable. I had already been working for 2 years? Lol? That was a rather ageist and condescending comment, please remember you don't know every detail before you make comments like that towards somebody.
Also receiving a bootleg can happen to the best of us, even serious collectors can be scammed. So really that story isn't comparable to mine, because you at least didn't receive the exact opposite of what you asked for. What I asked for was for anything other than XII figures, literally anything from a local "weeb" store. It could have been a bootleg, I don't despise them if they're not expensive. I even verbally said it to them and made it clear I didn't want those figures. I made sure to clarify that because chances were they'd get them for me. Why would I want them anyway, they're so bad the faces aren't even close to looking like the characters. They look like tragic burn victims in starwars cosplay.
You've made yourself sound extremely judgmental imho, so it is you who should maybe consider taking their story down if you're so worried about what impression you're giving to people online.
Also, don't get me wrong, I'm not spoiled or materialistic, very harsh judgments for such a limited amount of information you have. Ironically you were probably more spoiled than I ever was, it's not hard to surpass me at that but idk your life. If you've been worse off, then I'd say you have the right to criticize how I feel and the actions I made. Buuuuut I really doubt that you were and I'm not interested in hearing about it or discussing other areas of my life more. What you're not seeing is that what I needed was for them to get it right. Those figures could have been a cherished item beyond their material value, and yes it does matter very much what figures they got. Because they had the opportunity to choose something for me within a huuuuuuuuge range. I did mention this, but it may have gone right past you. The foundations of our equivalent gift exchange made it easy, and it didn't even have to be figures at all. It could have been the other things I mentioned, I wouldn't have treated those gifts as personally either. To me it was simple, "I don't want Final Fantasy XII figures", OH THEIR BAD right? Haha! No. The whole idea of this gift exchange is because my family is too big, we have to simulate gift giving and we do not have time for crap. It's a waste of money, a possible disappointment and a fair way to distribute gifts evenly. I could have not participated and bought what I wanted myself. It might not be a big deal to you especially when it's seemingly just a money issue, but I was offended beyond measure. I had to pretend I was happy while everyone else got their crap. It could have been the most exciting thing but instead I opened up two wrecked boxes of my most hated figures of all time. And one last thing, please refrain from posting another comment in relation to this comment and send it in a PM instead for your own sake. But there is a 99% likelihood I will delete it without reading it. I have no more to say to you.
I also talked about junky dollar store "deal" gifts, we've all had them.
I'd rather they just didn't bother, I don't NEED gifts from people and I wish they'd stop thinking they needed to do it.

View spoilerHide spoilerI don't have any problem commenting again, I'm not afraid of what I said. I don't mind you sharing your opinion on the figures at all. Guess what? "I" think they're ugly! Vaan looks like freakin Kristen Stewart and nothing like he's supposed to. Nothing I said was remotely close to defending why these figures are top notch, because they are far from it, lol. Your story involving them was just such an upsetting read.

The roman numerals weren't really a focal point of my comment, but alright. Besides, I only know most roman numerals because of FF anyway. My point was if you aren't an otaku/anime fan, you're going to struggle figuring out who is from what show/game. Why can I not defend "ignorance"? Ignorance in your case is someone who doesn't spend time with hundreds of characters learning their names and backstories so they'll be able to buy the perfect gift for the one who does. Again, you don't like the figures, awesome, I never touched on that point of your story.

I don't know you, you're absolutely right, but note that my comment said "SOUNDS LIKE your family...", not "but your family did this and this and this and these are the honest facts". From what I read, and I read all of it, it comes across as: you gave your parents a list of a lot of things, and one which read "anything but Final Fantasy XII figures" on it, and you ended up getting them anyway. Based on the rest of your story, it didn't sound to me like your parents did it on purpose just to upset you, it SOUNDS LIKE (as in "from what I gather") your parents, or whoever bought them, made a mistake and still got you the wrong thing. Now if they DID do it just to see your crushed face upon opening them on Christmas day, or just didn't give a flip and hit the "buy" button on something, then by all means, sorry. I can't speak for why they didn't get you one of the lots of other things you listed, but my point remains.

I apologize for not seeing you guys do equal value exchange of gifts, I re-read your story and it actually doesn't say that anywhere other than something like "spend x amount on each person"..if that's what you meant? Anyway, guess I didn't pick up on that tidbit, oops. Also, let's not call names like that please, thanks.

My bootleg story is very comparable to yours in the sense that, even my mom, who is well informed on things I like, still messes up and gets things she knows I loathe. By MISTAKE. Therefore, sense your family doesn't SEEM to be super in the know of your fandom, cut them some slack especially. Again, it SOUNDS LIKE it was a misunderstanding. But I sure as heck can't tell from the very one sided story you wrote.
Maybe I should have included another story. I told my mom to tell my aunt one year that I wanted an "Aragorn and horse" figure box set. Really, I only wanted it for the awesome horse, because the Aragorn was ug-ly and I haaated him at the time (I was like 10, so he was "old and blah", unlike Legolas). I opened her gift on Christmas, and she had gotten me a single boxed Aragorn and a rather unsightly dollar store horse. She explained she had no clue what the box set was, and couldn't find it, and in her mind she knew I wanted an Aragorn (meh) and a horse. So she went out of her way to get SOME kind of horse to complete it for me, even though it was the only thing I wanted of the two. I didn't sit there thinking "well why didn't you try harder to find the one I wanted and specifically told you about omg how thoughtless now I know how people I've known my whole life think and they've betrayed my trust forever". I've gotten gifts I already own before, even though family has access to this sight which SHOWS everything I OWN and WANT. Simple right? Nope. Mistakes and misunderstandings happen. And yes you can repeat that you wrote down and told DON'T buy these figures, but unless your family is that careless, it really doesn't SOUND like it was intended.

The 17 comment was solely because: "They wasted a Christmas to make some kind of bond with me, they wasted an opportunity to gift me something I would have cherished to this day". I mean...yeah I don't know you..but wow. Are you a god in your house that your family is constantly on their toes about pleasing?

Again, I read your entire post, but the things me (or anyone who reads it) are probably going to take away is that you come across spoiled and ungrateful. I'm not saying you care, because you SAID you didn't, and I don't know your family's financial situation, but the story reminded me of the little girl in Babe who opens her gift from the family and bitches because it's the wrong color of a very elaborate doll house, even though she said she wanted the blue one with a "something" on it, idr. My family is fairly fortunate, I will admit that, but if you happen to be less fortunate, and I'm not asking you to tell or anything like that, then that is all the more reason to be even more grateful for anything you get. You can be ungrateful on any level, there's no excuse. I didn't mean to sound condescending to your financial standing or something, but you get my point. I do not care how you dealt with the figures in the end, it IS your right to do with them what you want. I'm not at all saying don't ever feel annoyed toward a gift, I've felt that way too. The story just struck me oddly, I'm sorry. I never get involved in negative things in comments, but, again, I'm sorry. I had to this time. You certainly don't have to genuinely love everything you get, but to make your family out to sound so uncaring and thoughtless just bothers me, when you could have just expressed your distaste for the figures. I've told my mom some things she bought me were fake, or the wrong one, and she was cool to let me do what I wanted with them. But never did I receive them thinking she did it on purpose. Has this happened to you before? It just seems like your view of how people operate when they gift is sad and maybe not always true?

If I've offended you, then I apologize. Yes, I sounded judgmental, but I did state that I was working with what you wrote, and not assuming too much. There wasn't much evidence that you ending up with an ugly Vaan and Ashe was a scheming evil plan by your family or a thoughtless act. You are being just as judgmental toward me anyway.

If you'd like to PM me any details to clear things up on my end, I'd be more than happy to hear it and apologize. I'll do it here. No one visits dumb old Vaan's page, though, so no even knows of us. But I'd post it anyway. I just felt I needed to say something, because I can't imagine saying such negativity in such length about my own family. Not saying I know yous, though.

"I'd rather they just didn't bother, I don't NEED gifts from people and I wish they'd stop thinking they needed to do it."
Take that to heart and don't complain about how your family ruined a chance to bond with you over a piece of plastic.
3 hours agoCloudy_CatCloudy_Cat
Otakumode hasn't even released him yet and I've already seen him at cons ;( I feel so tempted to just order him somewhere else, since it would probably get to me quicker than the the one I ordered from TOM.

I really wish GSC would make an effort to have official US releases happen quicker...
3 hours ago (3 hours ago)SaeniSaeni
Hi Jess, I just came across a wished item of yours on Amiami. It's the 7th dragon Hatsune Miku. She's damaged on her ankle ribbon but maybe it's fixable with some glue. It's 50% off so i thought you might be interested. This is the link (ext link)
3 hours agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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3 hours agoLazuliLazuli
Heiyun (16 days ago) #8660276I managed to break his sheathed sword the first day he arrived... *sigh* will have to find a way to glue it back ><
I should have waited a bit more instead of ordering him at Amiami ><

Thanks for the warning, guys. Mine hasn't arrived yet but I know what to watch out for.
Also, it's interesting that he could blend-in quite well with the Touken Ranbu guys.
3 hours ago (3 hours ago)LeviathanXLeviathanX
neL (16 hours ago) #9380311Just because I can buy some figures doesn't mean I want to pay even more than I do already :l Actually, the yen exchange rate as well as the steady increase of the price for a figure had much more impact to that particular hobby than "just" 500 Yen shipping fee increase.
Say you have a budget of 30kYen per month. Nowadays you're lucky getting three figures, but mostly it's two incl. shipping. (talking about scales, not price figures). I knew times when you had like three to four figures incl. shipping for that much money. Or Dakimakura covers: There were times when they did cost like 10kYen MAX... now 10kYen is average and most cost like 13k-15k. Compared to the cheapies (mostly, but not always single side) from the early years which went for 7.5kYen per piece that's like 100% increase. Even wall scrolls partly went up from 3kYen to 6kYen a piece!
I've no intend to offend you, but I think complaining about a (relatively) small fixed increase for (so called 'premium') international shipping is like "whining on high levels". To be honest, I found it quite impressive that it kept being that "cheap" for so long. In my country shipping fees (recently) increased like twice in a very short amount of time.

DevaCarell (9 hours ago) #9383124This is gonna also increase the import taxes that i have to pay since those are calculated by:
item price + shipping price. ;(
That's not that much impact either.
If my order is above Eur 150,- (as it mostly is), I pay 31% import fees for each Dakimakura cover and 23,7% for each figure... (Shipping is divided across all items). The only cheap stuff are printed media which are 7% only. I easily leave like Eur 1000,- each year at the customs office just for import fees. Now, taking into account that I recently buy a lot via proxies which take fees for their service as well... most would already have quit this hobby.
3 hours ago (3 hours ago)4Tristan14Tristan1
Painted already I see. I like the pose on Mashiro a lot more. They definitely missed out by not giving kanchou her cap.
3 hours agoLazuliLazuli
Let's see...
Shokudaikiri Mitsutada (557) - March 2016
Ichigo Hitofuri (581) - May 2016
Nendoroid Petite First Squad - May 2016
Yagen Toushirou (594) - June 2016
Doudanuki Masakuni (606) - July 2016
Hotarumaru (608) - August 2016
Heshikiri Hasebe (617) - September 2016
Ookurikara (???) - ???
Monoyoshi Sadamune (???) - ???
Mikazuki Munechika Co:de (???) - ???

It is almost unforgiving to miss anything at this point (although YMMV) since literally a new TRO Nendoroid is being released every month. While I am fine with the regular-sized ones for now; my failure to preorder the Nendoroid Petite set is quite unnerving on my part.

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