1 hour agoxCommandoxCommando
Chloe-tsundere (2 hours ago) #3411436Well you kind of do by buying naked sexuslised dakis XD pretty much the same..
Hmm i think you can have that one, the neko bedsheet :) Voltage already has it and its not my fav :P nope theyre thin and not fluffy :P theyre like bedspread/coverlets ;)
Yeah we dont know the entire pic either :P
I want this as a bedsheet (ext link)

Heyyy it's not my fault they're nuude, I'm certainly not going to pass em up just for that. :3 Unless they're way too lewd. ;o
Also that needs to be on a pillow not a sheet! Pretty sure it's only on bootleg dakis sadly. Bah . 3:
1 hour agoM-LinfaM-Linfa
shiki-kywketsuki (5 hours ago) #3411165these look more like nendoroid more not nendoroid co-de

Isn t it better ? it means it won t be gsc exclusive and easier to get
1 hour agoPridyPridy
RockGodItachi (6 hours ago) #3411086Hi! Your welcome! I always like to make new friends on here. ^^
Thanks for watching the vid and glad you liked it. ^.^ Did you check out the special video I did for the Satellizer & Elizabeth? As that has a lot of pictures with her without her glasses. Here it is:

Your right though as her hair as I mentioned is more 2 tone than the first sexy version. It has a blonde to brown effect. Anyway hope the video will help you (if you haven't seen it) otherwise let me know and I'll take some pictures for you. (*^.^*) You too. :)

Thank you ! Great video ! I subscribing in your channel ! But i need more pictures her face and hair if you can :D !
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)nikiptc18nikiptc18
secretly-otaku (7 hours ago) #3410992I appreciate the piece of advice, people! Actually, I did report the issue to Jungle and what they offered me was to send the missing faceplate on my next order. I truly don't know how to feel about their offering. I mean, just the shipping fee would be more expensive than the faceplate itself (at least, based on prices people here at MFC value their faceplates), so I was sure they wouldn't offer just to ship the faceplate. However, I'm afraid of ordering something else and they just "forget" to include the faceplate in the new order. Or worst, they don't include the faceplate AND, in case I order a new nendo, it also comes with a duplicated faceplate. I mean, it's just my luck TT-TT...
Hmm, well, if you're planning on buying from Jungle again at any point in the future, it's worth a shot. Leave comments on your order (if you can) to remind them about it, or send them another email. If they forget to send it anyway, it's their fault, and it would be on them to ship the faceplate to you separately. If they refuse to do it, then I wouldn't ever buy from them again. Also, I think the probability of ordering another nendoroid with duplicate faceplates is pretty low, so don't worry about it, haha.
1 hour ago (2 minutes ago)neyney
picture #1019121
Tool(private) : (ext link)

Maybe the fourth or the fifth time i write the same thing again and again…
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)ZawaZawa
I actually bought my Maria Dollfie when I was 15 using my parents' credit card - took a lot of convincing XD
I had a part time job and paid them whatever was in my bank account, and then like $100 per paycheque after. I'm really glad I asked them, though, but of course it's different for everyone.
Good luck getting a job, and I hope one day you can buy her!
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)SkippyandjifSkippyandjif
Good news, anyone who ordered from Anime Island... On their Facebook page, they said they juuuuuust got Aiolia in like two days ago, so hopefully he'll be shipping soon:

" No update on individual items, they are arriving as they receive and send them. Leo just arrived, Super Sailor Moon also that is it for the last week or so. Next week they are shipping Superman so far we see.

Like · August 29 at 11:11am "
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)seraph6seraph6
It had been 3 weeks since I made my payment but I have not heard back from you. Get back to be back by this Wednesday please.
1 hour agonikiptc18nikiptc18
I really want that Miku * _____ * ) I've wanted her for a while, but no money... She's so pretty! And my Noel's ribbon falls out easily, too :/... Nice loot, tho!! I'm definitely jealous!
1 hour agoSeikiSeiki
Mine arrived, but BiJ didn't pay attention to their messages and it went to my old address. *sigh* Luckily, a friend lives there and will try to send it to me when she can.
1 hour agoElfOfVirtueElfOfVirtue
It really depends on the hype surrounding the figure/series. Trendy figures that are very popular in the short term (but may not be in the long term) seem to go up for pre-order quite quickly. Another factor is licensing--sometimes figure companies have to jump through a lot of hoops to get the rights to produce figures from certain series, and even after obtaining those rights they run into obstacles (restricted release, parent companies not being satisfied, etc.). From what I understand, GSC tends to get licensing rights to series before they become popular--so they are often gambling a bit. That's another reason that new/trendy series have figures popping up so quickly, as they are able to get the rights more easily than with established series.

From what I've seen, the time span is somewhere from 1-4 months for the super popular figures to go from card announcement to pre-order, while less-trendy/more stable series tend to have characters go through that process within 6-12 months...sometimes more.

TL;DR version:
Depends on how "popular" or trendy something is & licensing
"Popular"/Trendy figures: 1-4 months, roughly (varies)
Figures from long-established series (that aren't going anywhere): 6-12+ months (varies)

This is just what I've noticed. I've really kept track since February, and this seems to be the norm I've noticed. Again, it really does vary. I mean, the Mega Man nendo was just announced at summer WonFes and he'll be up for PO this week, while the Kirby nendo was already painted in Feb and he'll be up at the same time...soooo....
1 hour agobleh10bleh10
just making sure ... is the kaneki offer still on xD ?!
1 hour agokronoblackkronoblack
Whut..?!?! O_O I wasn't expecting this... :/
1 hour agoredshootredshoot
Cosmo-San78 (5 hours ago) #3411197xD désolée alors, je vais prendre que des photos moches à partir de maintenant
xD nooon je rigole x3

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