1 hour agoIshyIshy Part time Puella Magi
Mao (1 hour ago) #2259068*taniec szczęścia* Asuna przesunięta XD, ale mnie to ZASKOCZYŁO XD. Btw. jak sprawa z artbookiem :D?
Co nie? XDDD Ja im jeszcze daje jeden miesiąc obsuwy... Tak dla pewności.
Na razie cicho sza, zero odzewu. ;_;
1 hour agogundamsonegundamsone
@55.00 it's real
most of the fake's i've noticed on Amazon are seller who create separate product pages for the bootleg couterparts. They state it's the Chinese version so Amazon does not take down the product page or ban those sellers.
There's also a handful of sellers selling obscene unlicensed GK figures...but that's another story
1 hour agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Just saying, but to attract ppl to your club, link figures of ika musume to the club :3 it might attract more :)
1 hour agoSoliloquySoliloquy Bansky
Killax (14 hours ago) #2258231Love you! <3


1 hour agoSoliloquySoliloquy Bansky
I hope his cape is removable I think they're gonna have something cool hold up the poles like Aoba has his chains holding stuff up.

But damn I wanna see more of Ren's body and not have him all covered up, cannon or not haha
1 hour agoRyanHljRyanHlj
On sale @ HobbyLink Japan Hlj.com (5% Off)
Product page => (ext link)
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Salmi (12 hours ago) #2258445Hahaaa awwww yeah they do !
Specially that top right one! <3
But hmmm... im still unsure about poseable ones. I seem a bit iffy on the joints and things. I really do prefer the scale figs :O

Why not make clothes for her thrn? And this is not a figma, i think the joints are less visible but well.

I got my poseable louise and i rlly like her <3

But in the end it is up to you, if you dont like her that is ok
1 hour agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Lol her butt looks reaaally weird here
1 hour agoChidoruChidoru Selling some figures!
grymdylan (2 hours ago) #2259027actually looks pretty nice
too bad i refuse to spend 90 dollars on a 1/8 :~)

She's actually 1/7 :o But yeah, she's pretty tiny.
1 hour agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
jugadorps3 (11 hours ago) #2258475BiJ's Customer service is the slowest of all the shops that's why combining things is always a big issue with them.
I'm still wondering about this figure (expensive, aftermarket, shipping, etc) LOL

Only if you ask it through contact form. Problem is people do that a lot of times. Add it in the comment section of your order and I never had a problem
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)MaoMao
*taniec szczęścia* Asuna przesunięta XD, ale mnie to ZASKOCZYŁO XD. Btw. jak sprawa z artbookiem :D?
1 hour agoDanciDanci
Yepyep, sounds like a primer problem! Either you didn't leave it for long enough or you didn't put on a thick enough layer to cover the plastic. I had this problem when I didn't put enough on in the past. xx
1 hour agoSatchareeSatcharee
Could you also add me for Koujaku? :D
1 hour agoIshyIshy Part time Puella Magi
Woah, delayed for only one month. I guess MF is confident in delivering her within the given time. I just hope that they won't delay her for another month when the release date draws near... -.-"
1 hour agoErenJagerErenJager
seniordan (4 days ago) #2252363Pheww that's a great news. Awwhh too bad, hopefully the next time I have high school reunion it will be in the west coast. Oh, good luck with your sale then! Seems like Jojo popularity is rising again?? Some of my favourite artist in Pixiv started drawing Jojo's fan art lately. let me guess.. your favourite Character is dio right? hahaha I can't believe you're still hunting that elusive booty ;w;yesss ohohoh then again he's sorta all over my page. Do you have a skype by the way? ;u; sorry for getting too personal //you cam pm me if you're cool wih that ORZ
Seems easier to keep track of xD
My RAH dio is still stuck in customs :/ rohan got here pretty quick though! These jojo figs will be the end of me. Have you ordered Amanee's fairytale doujin? I saw it restocked on manda. Yeahh hopefully you come to the west coast someday!
1 hour agoClearKuroClearKuro
Thank you,
its nice to be here :3

Oyamatsumi (1 day ago) #2257523Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3

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