3 hours agoTakasugiTakasugi
HarukaHaruno1991 (3 hours ago) #14947369what happen with the picture ? :-/
The picture was the pearl variant item #491894, there's no pictures of this version yet.
3 hours agodymitrdymitr
Madara came out great, though I lament the lack of detail on Natsume's face.
3 hours agoRikiiaRikiia
Lady-Megatron (8 hours ago) #14945285He looks very good. Don't get the nit-picking.
If yours came out well then that's great but mine came with a lot of flaws such as black specks on his white coat, a mark on top of his hand, sloppy hair, and a scratched base. And it seems a lot other people here have similar grievances.
3 hours agoakarinakarin
I have the figma and I think she's really cute, but I do have to agree her articulation is a little awkward? I like the cupoche out of all the figures though. So I'd go with that, if you're looking to play around with it.
3 hours agoMaakieMaakie
Thanks for the friend request! You have a nice collection, especially all the Strike Witches and Mecha Musume figures! :)
3 hours agoSilentSwordsmanSilentSwordsman
EXkurogane (4 days ago) #14844469Still available =) Well, We wont know how much the shipping costs are until the figure has been released though.

I guess my answer wasn't enough for you that I was interested that you gave your order to someone else.
4 hours agoHarukaHaruno1991HarukaHaruno1991
hehee i see flemmli *_____* my favo pokemon.
4 hours ago_MeiKo__MeiKo_
redshoot (4 hours ago) #14945711De Asuna et Yamato ? ok ok je vais essayer (tout le monde n'a pas un Canon EOS 1100D :p)
Et oui j'en reviens toujours pas que Kitakami ai pas bougée O_O
même pas !! juste parce que je voulais pas manger !! O_o
Ouch les figurines allaient bien ? :/ le cours osef xD

haha, je te rassure, c'est loin d'être le meilleur appareil xD mais bon j'en suis contente.
C'est le pouvoir de ton amour envers Kitakami-sama! c'est ça :D
oui oui les fiugrines étaient OK, c'est tombé sur moi et sur mon lit xD et puis c'est des ptits trucs en plastoc un peu moche, c'est pas fragile. C'est juste les livres qui ont fait un peu.. mal :)
4 hours agoTerrenceTerrence Gotta catch'em scales!
"running out of space", truly the nightmare of all aspiring collectors who want to continue their journey collecting plastic beauties. I pretty much spend a good amount of my free time playing around with different display styles and trying to make everything fit. I don't want to cram every figure within every available space as that looks cluttered and takes away from each scale figure, so I have to be careful. Currently, I try to prioritize only the best quality figures while slowly selling away the old figures I don't like as much. My last desperate option is to build another wall shelf, but I already done it once so I'm not to keen on that idea, lol.
4 hours agoMaakieMaakie
WolfiePie (2 days ago) #14899927Yah I wouldn't want something major to be missing! And yah, the cheap pricing was what "sold" me on her hahaa.
MiG's open leg is my favorite part! Idk if you have Humikane's World Witches book, but it shows some of his older works in it, and how the girls actually were the planes (instead of removable strikers), and there's some pics of girls doing maintenance on their mech parts. It's really cool stuff!

Yessssss, I have multiple of Humikane's older books! I love artworks like that! Most of my older favorites I have photographed in this review: (mfc link) :)
4 hours agoMaakieMaakie
WolfiePie (2 days ago) #14899930That's true, rare figures resell for more. It's a bummer that nurse Ca didn't go up in price, but I think it's just cause people want the "Miku robot version" that she debuted as from Deino. I'd like to see a regular Ca figure (the full skeleton form) or maybe Magnesium.
I'm hoping one will show up on Amiami for an ok price in the second-hand section.
Oh yikes, melting blue tack wouldn't be good. I've heard pros and cons of using it on BJDs. I've never had a problem with it, but I guess some people have good staining issues. Museum gel sounds like a good alternative!

I notice a lot of Vocaloid fans being wild about the Miku-version Calne, but most people not being into Vocaloid find the Nurse version most aesthetically pleasing. :)

I would also like more Calne figures, but after seeing the price of item #261214 , yikes! I don't think I will buy any if they will all get offered up for prices like this!

Don't forget to also check your local sales! I've picked up quite some rare treasures for good prices locally! :)

I'm very careful with Blu-Tack. A few wobbly bases I could temporarily fix with adding some squished paper: picture #1602104 But I'm serious about purchasing museum gel in the near future as semi-permanent solution!
4 hours agoPoogiePoogie
Yeah, about $55 for something smaller than a figma without all the posability? No thanks.
4 hours ago (4 hours ago)TerrenceTerrence Gotta catch'em scales!
Chika x Riko, Chika would be the guy in the relationship, and Riko her maiden~ :)
4 hours agoRajkeRajke
Picture uploaded for a blog to show how you can display figures with different scales.

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