47 minutes ago (46 minutes ago)TakeTake Virile Insatiable Beast
Siona (1 day ago) #2758880
paTKany (1 hour ago) #2761323Super saiyajins, magical girls, hidden alteregoes, customized mechas stays as is. One entry per one alter ego.
Would it be possible to have a clear rule/definition for this? I'm afraid currently the line isn't cleary drawn between what is allowed and what isn't. For instance last week "Naruto Sage" had to go but today "Vegeta SSJ" can stay. Similarly, I remember a discussion back in the old days where it was decided that this character Genocide Syo item #269559 couldn't have his own encyclopedia entry, while it is clearly a case of "hidden alter ego". I agree with Siona that a explicit rule would be helpful.
48 minutes ago (48 minutes ago)raychurraychur
angelbott (51 minutes ago) #2761476

True fact ;)
49 minutes agoLexiyLexiy The WCF Aficionado
I know how it is. My woman understand my hobby but deep inside I think she sometimes wonder WHAT DA FACK is wrong with this guy that he wants to buy toys. lol.
50 minutes agoKazeNoBlastKazeNoBlast
Take (10 hours ago) #2760673F4F products are sadly known to be extremely fragile, due to being big and in polystone :( I'm so sad about what is happening to you! Is it possible to replace it once again?! Or at least retrieve the previous one?
Yes I see, I've always had problem with those kind of figures (this one and my Tsume's). But in Vyse case, the broken part was not in the box so I'm not able to fix it, and it was the same for the hair part of my previous Vyse.

Haha, thank you for your compassion ^^ My seller is waiting for an answer from his supplier, if I'm lucky maybe I'll get another replacement... if not, he accept to refund me but I'll have to find a way to get this VYse elsewhere if I do so, kind of a dilemma =^S Eh, I don't imagine the reaction of my seller if I ask to get back the previous Vyse, all these shippment cost him some money ^^'
50 minutes agoKiririn-chanKiririn-chan
Yes they have them for a good price.
Please do not be mad if I need long to answer you.

I'm playing Akiba's Trip 2.
51 minutes agoMJ_CobraMJ_Cobra
Hello and welcome to MFC~! ~confetti~

I hope you enjoy your stay and have fun collecting. ^ ^
51 minutes agoMJ_CobraMJ_Cobra
Hello and welcome to MFC~! ~confetti~

I hope you enjoy your stay and have fun collecting. ^ ^
51 minutes agoMJ_CobraMJ_Cobra
ryyamamura (23 hours ago) #2759605As for Maria, yay I only watched one episode so far so I can see your point, it is like Rolling Girls for me this season it sounds like. Enjoyable but no clue what is going on haha.
I just watched the first episode of Death Parade and it kind of blew my mind lol. I had no clue WTF was going to happen and was pretty fucked up haha but it was interesting and keep me wanting to know more. I dont know if there was any significance of the "Seven" Darts but the premise is interesting for future episodes (im guessing the girl is going to take over for the white hair guy at some point and she is going to have to make the decision of reincarnation or "hell?").
And haha dont look at myanimelist, one of my favorites was SAO because of the first 12 episodes. I recognie all the flaws but I enjoy the characters and it was one of my first watched anime ever so I have a personal connection with it. And it contains my favorite generes of romance, fantasy, action. Also I think it does a great job at world-building and I think it was episode 9 is one of my favorite all-time probably because anime was so new to me and had no expectations going in and I loved that feeling of shounen anime/badassery even though I dont really like any other shounen's that much. But way I liked SAO1 ep1-12 and season 2 ep1-12 and like 18-24. But its not for everyone.

Would you recommend Rolling Girls? The animation looks gorgeous, and it's an original. ^w^

I was actually really nervous during the darts game. Shows don't effect me like that often, so it was cool to be on edge. >w< I considered the seven darts symbolism as well. I hope I've made you a fan.

Ooh, there is no judgement, you may like whatever you like. ^ w^/ I was just surprised since so many people like it. I thought I might like it too... I guess it's just my hipster soul. TvT I'm going to keep watching it though. Who knows, I might end up liking the "bad parts" more than the good. x3 I have heard it's a good mix of action, romance, and fantasy, which isn't as common as other themes - which is a bummer, because I too like a mix of themes.

SAO was your first anime? :D Aw, that's awesome. I'm glad it was able to claw you guide your heart into this world. ^w^
51 minutes ago (51 minutes ago)Bubztealuver101Bubztealuver101
Monchan (9 months ago) #2145108As much as I love IA, I preordered this on a whim and now cant afford the Idolmaster Movie ;___; If someone takes my preorder, I will ship it to you for free. Please please please please

Hi there, where did you pre order the IA/VT colorful Limited edition boxset :) I may take it if this is still up for grabs!
51 minutes agoangelbottangelbott
raychur (59 minutes ago) #2761465maddynamite (1 hour ago) #2761377
ohgosh, he's probably really jealous of my wives.

sorry but it make me giggle and goofy grin. xD orz
52 minutes agoLexiyLexiy The WCF Aficionado
Oh my. This one will be a HOT Pvc
53 minutes agoTBlakeTBlake
KitsuneTee (1 hour ago) #2761290I'm creating an army Wanna join?
Oh well I just want the dog, I don't really care about anything else XD Is there a way to only get the dog? ._.
I just have a good memory I feel like that sentence made no sense
My friends? I don't know really, they're all just random mixes of british...ness Yes scouse accents, only cause most of what they say doesn't make sense... although honestly everything, I say makes no sense
Well only a few got 3 outfits I know, look at Ivy or Taki's red outfit ( I used to like her but then I just saw that e.e I think I might play Soul Calibur when I've finished typing this XD
Yeah, well you can buy pet costumes from Pets at home British pet store XD My dogs have little jumpers X3
Well they should sell for that price e.e I will take my wheelie bin to japan and raid the mandarake shops for them
Yes it was weird, my brothers just send each other to A & E all the time.
Okay I will turn that on :3 They're just un avoidable e.e, I type in Saber and I find just many XD
I only know Mami Tomoe and Homura from that list I don't know any anime characters

What shall you do with the army? Sure I'll join XD.
Wow really XD. It looks very nice and I'm glad they're doing it, since the old Rin is very expensive these days. I guess you could ask in the comments if anyone just wants to sell the dog to you.
Yeah I suppose you might. Or you just like science Xp. It does sound odd the way you wrote it, if that's what you mean.
So if you all have British accents, why are you worried about hiding yours? I still have idea what that accent sounds like XD. I don't think I've heard of that one still…………… That was sorta amusing coming from you XD.
A good number of them have 3 costumes. Link has 4 btw. I wouldn't be surprised if you did XD.
Oh so why don't you look for some ninja and samurai costumes for them XD. By jumpers, you mean the clothing right?
I'm pretty sure that'll never happen XD. And they'll likely be making RAHs for quite a while, so you can probably get one eventually. Make sure you have enough space space in your wheelie bin to bring them back XD.
Yeah I have no idea why they do those sorts of things XD. What's A and E?
Good, it helps out so much XD. Turn safe search on and we'll see how unavoidable they are. I do not want to know what pops up in that search XD.
2 out of 10 isn't much XD. Do you not watch anime very often?
54 minutes agomukyuumukyuu
People sell all the time because tastes change and sometimes people get tired of the items and need money to buy other figures. I guess that's good for the collecting scene so you can always get something you want regardless of how old or rare the figure is.
I personally wouldn't be able to stick to few lines, I like a bit of each one and I would rather have my favourites of each line.
Btw, your collection is impressive. Don't feel discouraged to stop just because you think it's dying, because it is not. If you are tired of what you have, can always sell and buy different things.
Figures are objects and one should not be overly attached to them.
55 minutes agodarkviruzzzdarkviruzzz
nom nom nmomnom
astarte952 (1 hour ago) #2761395Bon appetit!
57 minutes agoquilehquileh
SHINRACorp (1 hour ago) #2761339That works too XD. That't the thing I hate about Nintendo games, they never lower in price very much XD. Liek how SSB Melee was still $30 back when Gamecube games were lowering to like $10-20. If only we could have done Wild World XD. Well then you won't have to worry too much about keeping me up Xp. There's only one other DLC mission but I don't really like that one. It has a ton of those "special" enemies including multiple chainsaw guys and gatling gun guys.

It does kind of suck but I buy most at launch anyways so I know what I'm getting into. Brawl is still $40 or $50 in places xD I have Wild World but it wasn't my favorite (that and the NDS's interget got shut off back in May) I was just worried that since you normally go to bed at 10 that I would be making you lose sleep is all :P Why so little DLC D: That one does not sound fun.
58 minutes agodarkviruzzzdarkviruzzz
through pictures maybe MFC is so confusing lol theyasminshow (4 days ago) #2738643Thanks for the FR! How ever did you find me?
59 minutes agoraychurraychur
maddynamite (1 hour ago) #2761377

ohgosh, he's probably really jealous of my wives.
59 minutes ago (58 minutes ago)2kki2kki
I assume you're talking about the piece that allows you to take off the head pieces without having to pull out the neck ball joint.

As far as I'm aware, I don't think any of the new nendos come with extras, at least none of the new ones I have do. Unfortunately, I don't know how you'd search for it, but I bet any shops that buys nendos and sells all the bits separate would have some for sale.

I hope you find it soon so your dilemma is resolved quickly!
59 minutes agoraychurraychur
Muntoe (1 hour ago) #2761416Yay I'm glad to hear everything worked out for you ^^

Thank you!

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