2 hours ago (2 hours ago)secretly-otakusecretly-otaku
MKIneptitude (3 hours ago) #2098972Hopefully that isn't the case. Megahouse usually has pretty reasonable prices so I'm praying he doesn't end costing an arm. But based on the pictures so far, he's going to be alot of plastic lol. All of those swords and the Gate of Babylon will be sure to add on to the price.Well, I know older MegaHouse figures were very affordable, but I'm not completely sure they will keep the trend with all upcoming figures. Take Elf as an example item #165800. Her retail price is over the 10K¥ (although, she had a decent discount on many stores). She is big, but doesn't have all the details and accesories that Gil will surely have (if he's EVER released).
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)roronoa_zoro69roronoa_zoro69 ZORO HUSBANDO
Nope, i don't remember seeing a single Alter/ALtair figure coming in time, at least not the last 3 years, but i can be wrong, but all the Alter figure i own they been delayed, and some i gave up getting them because of the long wait too.

Azyx (2 hours ago) #2099037Yes it did happen. Last one I'm aware of is Melty Christmas ver. item #176819

This was a xmas miracle.
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)maraiatorimaraiatori
Lachesis (6 days ago) #2088847I'll notify ya when I start, but it might take a bit. The story is in hiatus, since I got other stuff to do. But besides me how have you been? If things go well for me, I might be going back to school this fall. I'm trying to grow a decent stubble so that's something new haha. Other than that my sister is getting hitched. Everyone be getting married.
Oh and for fun:

Alright, sounds good. And congrats! What school? Are you planning on majoring in anything?
lolol I know how you feel, most of my cousins are at least 4 years older than me so I always hear about them finding someone/getting married/having a kid/etc. lol.
2 hours agoAzyxAzyx
Yes it did happen. Last one I'm aware of is Melty Christmas ver. item #176819
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)mercuridmercurid
I almost always preorder now. When I was a student, which wasn't that long ago, I had to budget a LOT tighter so preorders were not really wise for me due to release delays and the inconsistent nature of my fund supply. Budgeting isn't as much a problem now, and honestly I feel like I over-preorder. I mean, yeah I like to know that I'm getting the item for sure, but when I see some of those figures hit the bargain bin it hurts a little. And -confession time- sometimes I double-order things on sites that don't allow cancellations... Yeah, not too proud of that one, but I eat my losses and I'm being a lot more careful now -_-

Of course there's the opposite too, where the figures or items sell out. Especially the character goods. I don't have the patience to hunt down cups and straps individually lol. That's the only reason I preorder. So I know I have the item coming to me. I'm a horrible judge of figure rarity, so I assume I won't be able to get that figure again unless I pay double or more. I know it's not often the case, but I have lucked out on a few figures in my collection.
2 hours agostrikeforceagentstrikeforceagent
Rose (8 hours ago) #2098648Thanks for the heads up...I had checked earlier and it said that her pre-orders were sold out on Amazon? But after you commented I checked again and I was able to reserve her. :)

Yeah, no problem. I spoke to customer service and they said the shipment will was going to arrive at a later date then they expected, hence the May release. I was tempted to buy her at Kotobukiya last month, but I didn't think I had the suitcase room >.<. She was very detailed and lovely, can't wait go get her in my collection!
2 hours agoMononyanMononyan
dymitr (2 hours ago) #2099002Yes please quote your source.
The PV that was released clearly shows Shiro with View spoilerHide spoiler
Archer's Arm which is an event that occured in Heaven's Feel

which pretty much assured me that they are doing Heaven's Feel.
RELIABLE SOURCE or it is not true.
The trailer you're talking about was all reused footage from the PSVita openings though, except I think the last few seconds? It seemed like they were just showing off their awesome FSN animation and that's the only actiony Shiro scene in all of the openings.

Not that I'm trying to join the debate over which route it will be. I wish they would just tell us, but I get the feeling we'll have to wait like a month before it airs or something -_-
2 hours agolucy4lucy4 Free! Lover
So today Gift announced Sei,Mizuki and Tetsuo plushes,we saw a pic of the painted Aoba Nendoroid and NitroChiral announced that there is pre-screening of the DMMd anime on May 10th in Tokyo!

So many news on one day!!!
2 hours agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board mu80! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
2 hours agoYomi-KurisuYomi-Kurisu
Christown (3 days ago) #2093656I agree, that's why It's so hard to choose ;p
I think I'm gonna go with Lab Coat ver.

That's a good choice.
I'm sure you'll enjoy her.^^
2 hours agomikki-malumikki-malu
So many people own and want this figure and so few interested in its minty variant :)
2 hours agomattie2710mattie2710
elipson (19 hours ago) #2097969Unfortunately not, I am at Warwick, I just saw that you were a student and at Cardiff lol. But I will be coming up to Cardiff in June, my first time in Wales!

Oh yeah i forgot i put that on there xD Ah thats awesome! Day trip to Cardiff? Its a lovely city :D
2 hours agoGollyGeeItsBooGollyGeeItsBoo
Naoto-chan (2 hours ago) #2098987LOL. XDD
Ahh, yep seeing KagePro is now a big hit when the anime got aired. XDD
Seeing a lot of gifs and images there in tumblr. ^^
Ahh, I'm in tumblr at first because of the otome games news there. It's quite easy to check on updates there for me. But basically I created my tumblr account for getting gifs and images I can't find, LOL. I wasn't expecting I'll be active there now from time to time. >_<"

Yeah I expected it to get bigger, which I don't mind because that just means more merchandise. I think I reblog everything I see so I'm sure I've double posted things a million times haha.
Do you play otome games often? I would like to get into them more but there are so few that actually are in English or have fan translations.
2 hours agosecretly-otakusecretly-otaku
Do you regret pre-ordering stuff?
Sometimes, I do

Do you pre-order too much and then hope for a delay?
Not many times, but I have hoped for a delay

Do you cancel way too often?
Unfortunately, twice this year T____T. I need to learn to think things thoroughly

Do you feel bad when you see that you paid full pre-order price for a figure that went on sale?
Not exactly on sale, but when Mami item #78577 was rereleased, she could be found for a cheaper price than what I paid for her months before... but strangely, it didn't bother me. Maybe I think the price I paid for her was the right price xD

Do you avoid pre-ordering?
I do... but pretty figures keep being revealed. What to do??[/]

And how about impulse pre-orders? You pre-order something for a character that you don't know nothing about, but caught your eye. You google everything related to that character and watch the anime/play the game to make it worthy to be bought xD.

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