2 hours agoGCNessGCNess
That leaning Tenshi though...
2 hours agotygerlilytygerlily
Hello! I have read and agree to the rules, may I join? :)
2 hours agoNemsEngelAceSasuNemsEngelAceSasu
IshokuOsero (2 hours ago) #15695490I would if my figure space didn't look like such a damn disaster 24/7. I've been cleaning stuff out since I sold some of my figures and it's looking more presentable now but not anywhere near where I'd want it to be. Maybe one of these days I'll get around to a new one again, I haven't done one in absolutely years. The last time I did one I had an awful lot less stuff. But I feel really self-conscious because it feels like lately when someone does one of them they don't have very much stuff and it always looks so clean and orderly, and it makes me feel like I'm a hoarder and I feel bad.

Don't feel like that. Looking at your profile, we have somewhat a good amount of figures in common. While most ppl (I guess?) Tend to like such "clean" rooms, I personally like the opposite, arranged and colorful. ^^
2 hours agoGCNessGCNess
Kurumi is so derpy
2 hours agoyokhayokha
orochimaruxsaber (1 day ago) #15669523i can't believe that's Mako!! you did such an amazing job turning her into belldandy!! idk which of your dolls is my favorite >w< they're all so gorgeousthank you so much :) you can check my instagram or flickr if you want to see more of them.
2 hours agoGCNessGCNess
I do not approve of this
2 hours agonuriko12nuriko12
that other hand....
2 hours agoGomuBladeGomuBlade
NijiOnna (10 hours ago) #15692543Noooooo D: What can we talk about? Anime? Video games? ...Yogscast? Er...
Well, it's ok. A conversation coming to an end doesn't mean we can't chat ever again. Just message me whenever :)

Oh I think we could go on forever about anime and video games if we just tried. xD

Yeah, that's true. :) Well, I'm glad I gathered the courage to say hi! You're of course welcome to message me too if you ever feel like it. Guess I could always bother you some more on twitter for now. :P
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)nuriko12nuriko12
redxmaverick (5 hours ago) #15692788Union makes this castoff but not Meiko. :(

im hoping they will do mari
2 hours agoWolfiePieWolfiePie
Maakie (10 hours ago) #15692558Ah, I didn't know how that worked in the US! I would have thought you would always work for the same department.
Still, that's a very interesting job, I guess also pretty hard to get considering your age? For a job like that over here you need to go to college for at least 8 years (6 years basic learning and 2 years specialisation).
Yeah, I try to not buy too much items that are marked-up, but with this book I didn't exect something so niche to get a re-print... *sigh* It's not that bad I guess, I paid around 125% for a secondhand one if I remember correctly.
Italia-san has the weirdest legs and feet. I don't know where Toranoana's QC went that day...probably on a long lunch break lol.
Yeah Google tried to launch their own social media site, but it failed so much, haha. Anybody that uses Gmail automatically has a (hidden) Google+. I always used Picasaweb from Google for linking pictures, but they merged with Google+ (just like how Youtube merged with Google(+)), sometimes I don't understand all the weird stuff Google does, but take your advantage with it, as Google+ has unlimited storage space for pictures, haha!

I'm not a doctor or anything hahaa. My degree was 4 years of college, with the 4th year being an internship working at a hospital. And then you have to take a certification exam and pass to get the title added to your name/credentials. There's a two-year version of my degree as well. So if you go to college right out of high school (17-18), you can be graduated and working by 21-22. And Some people only work one department. I'm considered a generalist so I'm trained in multiple departments.

I just got a second-hand copy of the book off eBay last night! It was around $30 USD, and I also got a copy of the Strike Witches art book, which was $21. So For around $50 USD I got both. I'm so excited to own them, but they wont be here till late November-early December... *cries*

Italia-san looks like me when I forget to put sunscreen on my legs and go to the beach. She has a bathing suit on anyways, so I guess you can pretend she got a bad tan? XD

I will have to investigate the Google+ photo option. See if I can figure it out.
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)ZoidsFanaticZoidsFanatic
HoroWiseWolf (4 hours ago) #15693045YES FINALLY

Hell even if she is I'm still buying her. It's Rey! How can you say no?
2 hours agotemplariuStemplariuS
Where did you read that?! Enricraigal (2 hours ago) #15695810I've read that it is going to cost around 800$ hahahaha
Good job Bandai, you rule!
2 hours agotemplariuStemplariuS
According to the original Tuxedo Mirage music, should be interchangeable panels, offcourse :)Yanderechii (3 hours ago) #15695424I'm guessing the things on the left are bookmarks? Or some sort of interchangeable panels for the music box ? Regardless, I love that illustration and both choices would be instabuy.
2 hours agonuriko12nuriko12
she looks adorable but wont fit in with the others and i would only get her and one of the other girls from this line. ): i hope they do a black ver of this because at least the black will go with the pink girls better. i dont want my loli girls looking like they are decorating a baby shower.
2 hours agoCantisamaCantisama
I would buy Nendos (and scales and Figmas) of pretty much any of the main characters from both Avatar series.

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