1 hour ago (1 hour ago)naikouseinaikousei
Relo (1 day ago) #3848435Shamrock is up on Mandarake here If you don't mind paying a bit more.
(ext link)

Ah, thanks for letting me know! Another member kindly PM'd me a few weeks ago, and I managed to get both. Should edit that post now, then, whoops.
1 hour agoMaakieMaakie
Empire (2 days ago) #3838198I'm not sure that they did it on purpose, but yeah haha
He's not that rare, but popular and on the same 'tier' as Haruka / Rin

Ah yes, to me it always seems like everybody is going after RIn. xD But thanks for the explanation! ^^
1 hour agoMaakieMaakie
e-Bro (2 days ago) #3838096Indeed it is! I just love all the creativity folks bring to the table. Amazing Elizabeth by the way! So just how long did it take to complete it? Seemed pretty time intensive from what I saw in the blog.

Yes! I'm really slow with keeping contact, but I like to talk with other cosplayers every once in a while! :)

Oh yeah, Elizabeth was a CRAZY project! I never timed the amount of hours or days, but I worked on this costume for almost a year and spend almost every weekend at least one day on it. Most of that time went into sanding and undercoating, so that is not really exciting, haha!
1 hour agoCSpazCSpaz
I hesitated for a while before getting her but she is a really great figure! The details on the dress are amazing. Only thing I had to do was to adjust her glasses a little bit under warm water, as they were looking too high on her nose.
1 hour agoHoshinoLibraHoshinoLibra
My first proplica piece on pre-order ^_^ So happy. I really hope they decide to make my two favorite brooches too. The Cosmic Moon Compact (in red I really hope) and the Crisis compact.
1 hour agoKosuraKosura
she looks quite amazing.
A bit sad I cancelled my order but the month was to pricey so I had no choice but to drop some I was able to drop :/
1 hour agoMaakieMaakie
bakainu0916 (2 days ago) #3837952I'm the one who should apologize, I hadn't checked my messages in ages! >_<
Thank you very much for the birthday greetings!
I got a job as a (part timer) translator so I got quite busy until last month. ^^;
It's a fun job and it really made me feel challenged. I worked for a local TV station and my job was to translate an anime script for dubbing. When I saw the final result on TV, it's a mixed feeling. I felt happy because my work's done but at the same time I felt "Ah! I thought I did good.... I should have done a better job!" ;_;
Also, the assignments for campus kept me busy too. xD
Speaking of game, I still have the dream of owning a PC but for now, I agree with you. Laptop is good in general. xD
I see you're enjoying your new PS3, that's nice. xD
I really like smartphone games lately, I'm playing Love Live game now. And Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls just released their new rhythm game too for smartphone, have you tried it?
Ah, by the way, Anzu's role is getting bigger in second season of the anime (at least she's not always sleeping when we see her). :3
And a little bit about my mom, she did find a job that she liked, she really liked working in a bank. xD
But she quit her job after she married my dad (I think this was a common thing in the 90's?). ^^;

Haha, no problem, everyone can get busy! :)

That's really nice with your work as a part time translator! And I know how it it, as I also had part time jobs that ended up eating all of my free time, haha. xD

And that is absolutely amazing! :O Which anime did you translate? :D

Yes, yes! I'm still enjoying my PS3 a lot! I didn't have much time to game recently, but I pick up my plastic guitar every once in a while to play a few songs of Guitar Hero. xD

Ah no, I don't play games on smartphones or tablets. D: How is the new Cinderella Girls game? I absolutely love rhythm and music games!

Oh man I didn't even have time yet to finish watching season 1 from Cinderella Girls...I'm such a bad person. :< I now looked up some spoilers of season 2 and Anzu is so cute!!!! HNNNGG!

Haha yeah, that was pretty common in the 80's and 90's (make a career until you're married and then stay home for the kids). First both of my parents worked and then when my mom got married and had my sister she quit her job. She then started again after my sister and I were big enough to look after ourselves! ^^ Nowadays you don't see that more and it's pretty common for both parents to be working fulltime and the kids in daycare. A lot of my coworkers are young parents and can't pick the kids up much themselves.

As for my job, I'm still in the same position at work and I'm actively hunting for a better department with tasks that are more close to my liking! ;)
2 hours agoNullMoonNullMoon
It's kind of funny (not really) I keep combining him with every month's AmiAmi order because I know he will keep delaying my total monthly order till the end of the month.
2 hours agoMaakieMaakie
SixUgly (2 days ago) #3837455Nah I think it's okay, mine is placed in a different way but I doesn't change much. x)
I love this mini diorama btw. =3

Hey! Thanks for the pictures back! :) Looks like it's just a weird design choice then, huh? xD

I also absolutely love this figure diorama, we need more diorama figures in general! :D The quality of this specific figure was also a lot better than I expected. Mine unfortunately came without a booklet, though. :(
2 hours agociatteociatteo
naikousei (2 hours ago) #3873056Any estimates on what shipping to the US might be, for her? (She's huge!) I feel like AmiAmi usually charges more; was thinking of going with a US-based retailer. Any thoughts?

2kg estimates from BiJ, so EMS is pretty sure.
2 hours agoEvangelioneEvangelione
Sooooo cuuuute~ I'm gonna receive mine soon :3
From Nendoroid More parts #2 : item #143956

OtomeLoveYou (8 hours ago) #3872557where are the ears and paws from?~
( ̄^ω^ ̄)
2 hours agokamiyuusankamiyuusan
BlackWolf (14 hours ago) #3872128So organized. This appeases my OCD, while also making me green with envy :P Great collection!

Ahah thank you ~
2 hours agoMarkingXMarkingX
Orgrimen (1 day ago) #3857231It's weird that they're not avaliable from GSC's shop... Or did I overlook them?

I don't see it on GSC too :(
2 hours agoaecoaeco
this is one awesome figure..

a good start of the new year ^_^
2 hours agoCienFleursCienFleurs
Thank you very much^_^

Reycoenma (8 hours ago) #3872556http://i.imgur.com/kQLRref.gif You have a lovely collection my dear friend http://i.imgur.com/CFtx0Fc.gif yay~ <333
2 hours agoDreamharvestingDreamharvesting
Selling mine. Might be missing a few parts, please PM if interested and ask for pictures! :)
2 hours agoBloodFlowerBloodFlower
It's the same thing with the Miku photos which I tried to give attention to in my alert(which was resolved because the alerted picture was deleted). All of the user's photos except the box photos are duplicate photos of officials. The only reason this user have uploaded them is for their ads.
2 hours agoDreamharvestingDreamharvesting
Selling mine for $50. Might be missing a few parts, please PM if interested and ask for pictures! :)

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